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405 - Method not alowed.


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I am creating a contact form using php. 

This is what the app.js code looks like 

const form = document.querySelector('form');
statusTxt = form.querySelector('.button__area span');

form.onsubmit = (e) => {
  statusTxt.style.display = "block"

  var xhttp = new XMLHttpRequest(); // create xml object
  xhttp.open("POST", "message.php", true);

  xhttp.onload = () => {
    if (xhttp.readyState == 2 && xhttp.status == 200) {
      let response = xhttp.response;

the php code is just supposed to echo sth:


 echo "This message is from message.php"

However, I am getting this error: I understand it has to do with the headers, but I have no idea how to edit them to allow a post request.


app.js:18          POST 405 (Method Not Allowed)

How do i about it? 


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That's not headers. You have something in place that is preventing the request, and you're the only one who would be able to find out what it is. Check your server or PHP logs for a hint.

In the meantime,

1. Why use POST if you're not sending anything? Use GET.
2. XMLHttpRequest is so last decade. Use fetch.

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