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upgraded php version will not run phpmyadmin

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I have two versions of php (7.2 & 8.1) installed along with Apache server on Ubuntu 18.04 that I can switch back & forth from.

If I enable 7.2, Phpmyadmin works fine but if I enable 8.1 & try to open Phpmyadmin, then I  get the " HTTP ERROR 500"  along with "localhost is currently unable to handle this request" message. 

  Any ideas?

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I have tried investigating but have come up dry. 

Error 500 is pretty generic & doesn't give any specific details & I don't know where to start looking.

Even if it's a permission issue I still don't know what to do to fix it.   

I've tried a couple edits on config files the other day but they didn't work & I can't even remember what I tried now. 

My next step was to copy all the phpmyadmin config files while I have 7.2 running & then compare them with the config files with 8.1 running.

That's probably a waste of time but I figured before I do that I would post here & see if anyone was familiar with the problem.  

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