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Script update php 8 compatibility


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Hi folks, i'm Jonny, very amateur coder on the learning path.

I have inherited a web script that fails on anything above php 7.4, creating lots of 500 errors.

Although it works i WAMP localhost on PHP 8.0.26 it will not function correctly on any live server above php 7.4 (this has been reported by many users across different hosting providers.

So as it is no longer supported by the developer, i am going to attempt to make it compatible.

My question to the community is, is there any kind of programmes that will assist me in doing so ?

Maybe something that will find deprecated code and suggest a better way of coding for forward compatibility ?

I look forward to hearing your thoughts and suggestions.

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1 - Do you have error checking enabled in this script?  That could help point out some errors

2 - Would you be able to show some of this code - perhaps the first 100 lines - so we can see how it was styled and what obvious problems there might be?  Don't want to see pages and pages of code.  Just a portion to show how it begins and what may need to be altered right there.

When posting code do a cut and paste and place it in the block that is opened up when you click on the <> logo in the post box.  We can't do anything with a jpg or snapshot.

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