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Recommend Me A Suitable Vps Host & Pack


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Web Developers,

Can you recommend me a vps host that provides unlimited & unmetered bandwidths ?
Will be running my own searchengine. Currently, building one.

Bear in mind that, gonna start small and so do not want to rent a dedicated server just yet as need to see first if my venture picks up or not. Otherwise, waste of money.
Not interested in cloud hosting as of yet.

Which vps host and their pack do you recommend ?

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One question though.

Had I simply quoted your previous post and not tagged you in this post, would you have got notified of the reply to you or not ? Or, would you have only seen my reply (to you) if you had made your way to this thread again ? Asking because want to know how this forum functions technically.

And, which vps hosts have you found to be good and which ones nightmares ?

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