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Improving my site speed further.


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So I am a carpenter in Amsterdam and I had a website made 2 years ago. When I got it it was extremely slow and unresponsive so I leant to edit and looked into this. I now feel I have come as far as I possibly can with my knowledgeand understanding of all the jargon, and want to ask for help here if anyone would be able to point me in the right direction &/ or give me feedback on their use as of now.

My url website is https://www.bespokeworks.nl/

Im curious to know what you all think.

All the best


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Given that the website is about a company whose work is based on physical presence, namely "interior renovation" and "bespoke carpentry", concentrate your efforts on knowing whether the site is fast enough for potential customers in the area.
In other words, it doesn't really matter much to me on the US west coast that your site takes 1-2 seconds to load a page because I'm not going to be requesting your services.

I do see a number of assets loaded - Javascript and CSS and such - and each one takes a noticeable fraction of a second to load, however they load in parallel so that doesn't add much time to the overall page load. And they do appear to be properly cached so they'll only need to get loaded one time.
That said, you could look into a CDN. Especially for common things like jQuery, where all you have to do is point to one of the free CDNs instead of having it load from your own servers.

Beyond that, the first question to answer for yourself is how much money you want to spend on improving performance; for example, doing things like hosting your site in multiple geographic zones will speed up international and overseas traffic, but it isn't necessarily cheap to do.

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Thanks for your response requinix. You make a really good point about checking with people in my area. 

I will look into the CDN i had noticed that I am able to subsribe else where but again I didnt know how important that would be. Ill take a look at that.

I really am just focusing on my local base. 

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