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Raffle refund function


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Hi guys,

I have a raffle script that I'd like to write a "refund" function. The "complete" function will distribute the the raffle pot size to one user at random.

What I'm trying to do is create a function that will return the amount a user paid for a raffle ticket to each user that bought one.

I've tried this $accountService->createTransaction($winningTicket, $raffle->ticket_price); and it would refund the amount to the user who has the "winning" ticket but I'm not sure how to go about refunding to all users who bought a ticket.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. :)

     * Buy raffle ticket(s)
     * @param int $quantity
     * @throws \Exception
    public function buy(int $quantity = 1)
        if ($quantity < 1) {
            throw new \Exception('Quantity can not be less than 1.');

        $accountService = new AccountService($this->user->account);

        for ($i=1; $i <= $quantity; $i++) {
            // create a RaffleTicket model
            $raffleTicket = $this->raffle->tickets()->create([
                'raffle_id'     => $this->raffle->id,
                'account_id'    => $this->user->account->id

            // create account transaction
            $accountService->createTransaction($raffleTicket, -$this->raffle->ticket_price);

        event(new RaffleTicketsBought($this->raffle, $this->user, $quantity));

     * Complete raffle
     * @param Raffle $raffle
    public static function complete(Raffle $raffle)
        // if some tickets were purchased
        if ($raffle->pot_size > 0) {
            // draw a random ticket
            $winningTicket = $raffle->tickets->random();

            // update raffle
            $raffle->win = $raffle->pot_size;

            // create account transaction
            $accountService = new AccountService($winningTicket->account);
            $accountService->createTransaction($winningTicket, $raffle->pot_size);

        // complete the raffle
        $raffle->status = Raffle::STATUS_COMPLETED;
        // set end date for raffles that don't have end date (finish after all tickets are purchased)
        $raffle->end_date = $raffle->end_date ?: Carbon::now();

        // clone recurring raffle
        if ($raffle->recurring) {

        event(new RaffleCompleted($raffle));


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Not a whole lot here to work from so it'll be hard to provide more than just an educated guess...

I take it when you say "refund" you mean as an alternative to "complete"ing the raffle? You're cancelling the entire raffle and refunding the tickets, not just refunding a single ticket? I suggest picking a different verb that more accurately reflects that the raffle is not active anymore - such as "cancel".

The pieces you need are:
1. Getting all the tickets in the raffle
2. Refunding all of them
3. Closing out the raffle

#1 is apparently in $raffle->tickets. I don't know exactly what that is but I'm confident you can use it to identify all the tickets. You'll likely want a foreach loop.
#2 is going to be something in the AccountService. Possibly createTransaction as well. Inside your loop, you create a new AccountService for every ticket's account (since it depends on the account) and then calling whatever method you need according to the price of the ticket.
#3 is likely going to be a copy of the second half of your complete() except (1) using a different Raffle::STATUS, and (2) maybe or maybe not "replicate"ing the raffle, and (3) firing an event that may or may not be RaffleCompleted but should obviously be somehow different than a regular "raffle completed" event.

Side note: in this new method as well as your complete() you should make sure that the raffle is still active before continuing - wouldn't want to accidentally refund the same raffle multiple times, or one that's been completed and paid out, right? Similarly for buy() that your code shouldn't allow buying a ticket for something that isn't running anymore.

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