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Do not echo empty field from Mysql


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I have the following for not printing an empty field in the MYSQL table:

if (trim($option_second) == "") { echo ""; } else { echo "<strong>Option:</strong> $option_second"; }

I have a search page now that displays the records for the MYSQL table, but I do not know how to hide the records that are empty like the above code. Here is what I have:

Option: <?= $items['option_second']; ?>

I would like this to not print if empty like the first code.

Thank you


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Why not post the code that is not working and let us see what you are trying?

PS - the better way of doing this is:

echo "Option: " . $items['option_second']; 


echo "Option: {$items['option_second']}";

That way you can avoid using php tags all over the place

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2 hours ago, Barand said:

If you want to hide them, why include them in the query in the first place?

There are times that it needs to be done, for example if a game has multiple choices and there are only 2 possible answers.

This is a JavaScript pulling data from a database table using fetch ->

        // This line sets the text content of the button to the corresponding answer (ans1, ans2, ans3, ans4)
        // with a "📷" character at the beginning.
        button.textContent = `📷 ${[ans1, ans2, ans3, ans4][index]}` || "";

        // If there's no corresponding answer, the button is disabled (its pointer events are set to "none").
        // Otherwise, the button is enabled (its pointer events are set to "auto").
        if (![ans1, ans2, ans3, ans4][index]) {
            button.style.pointerEvents = "none";
        } else {
            button.style.pointerEvents = "auto";

Though I have of admit most of the time is a waste of time coding for empty fields.

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I need to include the Option because this is an order and many times it is not selected, so I need it not to print.

This is what does not work:

if (trim($option_second) == "") { echo ""; } else { echo "<strong>Option:</strong> $option_second"; }

Though the contents of the field does not print if it is empty. "Option:" does print whether it is empty or not.

I am using (trim($option_second) == "") because this is a result of search in MYSQL.

Thank you.

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I agree with Barand.  The code you gave us only shows something if the value is not empty.

Here is your code setup to do a couple of tests:

echo "Test #1:<br>";
$option_second = '';
echo "Test #2:<br>";
$option_second = 'abc';
function show_option($option_second)
  echo "option second is now '$option_second'<br>";
  if (trim($option_second) == "")
      echo "";
      echo "<strong>Option:</strong> $option_second<br>";

When you run it you will see one test result only

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