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Table1:Revenue data in that table (dealerid,Description,excavator,grader,wheelloader,slm)all the fields in table1

Table2:Revenue Target in the table(Dealer_ID,Category_Name,Description)all the fields in table2.

I'm using (dealerid,Dealer_ID,Description) both the fields are same using this innerjoin for both the table but category_Name and description both the fields exceuting duplicate rows exctract..



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12 hours ago, requinix said:

I don't see any duplicate rows in that output.

1. What data do you have in the tables?
2. What is the query you are executing?
3. What results do you want to get, and why?



SELECT dbms.revenue_data.dealerid,dbms.revenuetarget.Category_Name,dbms.revenuetarget.Description, dbms.revenuetarget.Dealer_ID,dbms.revenue_data.Excavator,dbms.revenue_data.Grader,dbms.revenue_data.WheelLoader,dbms.revenue_data.SLM from dbms.revenue_data Inner join dbms.revenuetarget ON dbms.revenue_data.dealerid=dbms.revenuetarget.Dealer_ID WHERE dbms.revenuetarget.Dealer_ID='81019218';

In above the query for both revenuedata and revenue target but duplicates will exceuting can u help me plz.

I getting output from these query but how I got output means
for eg:


I am getting like this 


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There are no duplicates in that output either. Look at the Grader column: every value is different. That means every row is different.

You need to describe what data you want to get with a query. What rows do you want? What values do you want? What rows and values do you not want?

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