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GA4 - showing 2 versions of my homepage

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I noticed on my website Custom Made Casino that when we moved from universal analytics to GA4, it now shows 2 versions of my homepage. custommadecasino.com/ and custommadecasino.com/index.php?route=common/home. I tried to fix this with a redirect but it messed up my entire website. Is there a reason that ga4 shows it this way, does it effect seo? If so, how can it be fixed? We use opencart for our site and it seems to use these php directories but we much prefer the seo friendly urs. 

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It'll be finding two versions because you do have two versions: it can't tell that the index.php one is "the homepage" and you're (I assume) using URL rewriting in the backend to map / to /index.php?route=common/home.

Redirects are the answer, however they have to be very carefully done: redirect from the ?route= thing if that was the actual URL requested. Because if you don't have that little condition at the end, your server will redirect back and forth between them.

How are your redirects set up now?

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