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disable xdebug without uninstall

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$ apt show php-xdebug | head -n 2
Package: php-xdebug
Version: 3.1.2+2.9.8+2.8.1+2.5.5-4

OK, xdebug is installed.


$ php -d xdebug.mode=off -r "xdebug_var_dump(123);"

Strange that it works (to notice xdebug.mode=off). I was expecting something like this

Call to undefined function xdebug_var_dump()


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Posted (edited)

And to avoid loading the extension?

There are those who suggest giving the command

$ phpdismod xdebug

There are those who suggest (for those like me who have Ubuntu 22.04.4) to open the file /etc/php/8.1/cli/conf.d/20-xdebug.ini and comment the line



inserting ';' at the beginning

And there are those who suggest other oddities, that I don't want to implement so as not to cause damage.

Everyone has their say, but what is the correct, safe and official method?

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For certain needs I want to use it; for others not. Instead of uninstalling and reinstalling it, I wanted to know if there is a way to turn it off, or rather, among those I proposed, which is the most correct one (or if both are equivalent).

Nothing more, nothing lessexit!!!

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