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Our new site. What do you think?


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Hello all.

After planning a forum site for nearly a year, I decided to go for php as it was the forum with the most positive feedback from my investigations.

Please have a quick look and let me know what you reckon.



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It works very well. Good layout. The only huge problem I have with it is the red color. Note that some people have vision problems and red seems to the be the most problematic color. I don't know what this is called, but since you use such a bright red, I wanted to warn you. You can also add a nice black border around the images. The bottom navigation doesn't make sense. You cover up "forum links" while the copyright information stand out.


I personally like it. Most of what I said is tiny picks at the design.

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I really like the look of the front page, but the large white box with the "cherished registrations number plate chat and discussion forum" looks out of place....like it's missing an image, bgcolor or something. 


Skinning the forums to match the site would be nice, but it can be a pain in the butt. A simple solution would be to add the "CherishedRegistrations.net" and car photo boxs to the top of the forum template.


Don't forget to validate:





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Just an update. :)

Site is now doing great. Over 350000 hits last month alone.

We have now given the front page a more generic domain name.

Lots of very popular topics.

Thanks for the earlier advice.

Check it out at www.cherishedregistrations.net

Comments welcome. ;)



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