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Just a few small suggestions.


1. Move the search box off the header image and over the news/blog style column. It sort of looks out of place up there.


2. Move the "about us" link bar just above the header maybe a white color right aligned would look nice.


I do like your framework and would be interested in taking a look in the future when you are finished with the blog and other features.

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It is nice, but I dont think the buttons work. They are too large as mcspringer said and I dont think the font is very professional. I would perhaps make some nicer CSS style buttons rather than using image. The same goes for the font for the header, it doesnt really look all that professional.

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overall i like the simple design.  i agree with the comments above that the buttons are too big...easy to fix.  There are two other things i noticed:


1.  The images are broken on this page: http://www.wwpknights.com/class/2010/


2.  You used the SAME template on http://thefilmgod.com/ (which i found by following your rather interesting email address link).  I would go with a somewhat more "professional" email address for the school page.  What you do with your own template (i assume you designed the template yourself) is your own business.


3.  The heading(s) might use a larger font or other styling to make them stand out a bit more.  Example is the word "News" at the top of the right column.  I almost missed it.  Maybe it could be taken out cmpletely.  I am sure most people can figure out that it is news afterall. 


Keep it up.  Good work so far.

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