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Alright i run a graphics site,and i would like to have a tutorial section to where i or an admin of my site can add tutorials to the site..i would like it to break it down into catagories(kinda like pixel2life.com) and have an image with a description with a link to the tutorial,i was wondering if any of you knew if any "tutorial scripts" existed or is this something we have to build on our own?

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If you want someone else to build it for you, please post your request in the Freelancing area. It's better to try to make your own script and stumble on every step of the way than to copy and paste a code off of a cra*py tutorial and expect it to work. ;)

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Hitman yeah i have thought of using a CMS but i didnt want an entire site with a CMS just an easy to manage tut section if you know what i mean.


and john i wasnt requesting a script i was simply seeing if a script like the one i described existed and a script wouldnt be a "copy and paste" code..a script is something you install that uses MySQL DB to hold the info..you should know this?

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This thread is more than a year old. Please don't revive it unless you have something important to add.

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