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Methods to Count number of rows in a SELECT


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I know how to do this, but my question is I have come across 3 ways.


First is


SELECT count(*)



Second is




Third is


$result = mysql_query(...)





So what is the norm? What is best practice these days? I know that count(*) is the older method and I think its depreciated,  SQL_CALC_FOUND_ROWS is for version 4 and up I believe.

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there isn't really a norm to it.

You just find the one that works best for you and stick with it.


I personally like to count them at query time...using COUNT(*) as whatever...then I can just access that variable later.


If you know you're gonna need that count a lot in your code I'd recommend using COUNT(*) to save code

if you just need only one time...then use mysql_num_rows()

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SELECT count(*) is fastest


Not always... it really depends what you're trying to accomplish, and have the LIMIT & OFFSET are like.  Sure, it's easier just to write a single query and "cheat" with calc_rows, sometimes it's better and sometimes it's worse... depends on all sorts of things, group bys, having clauses, etc.  No hard and fast rule.

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