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Critique Please


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I have just launced a new portfolio site, I wanted to keep it simple so I haven't used flash or js or anything else like that, it is just pure XHTML and CSS.


What do you guys think?




Email comments using the contact form on there if you wish.



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Alright... off to the races:


1) the lack of upper-cased words isn't working with your current style.  It doesn't look professional.

2) the hover effect in the menu is far too simple.  change the background color on hover... drop the underline... make the links bold.

3) why do you put your website address all over the place?  If people are on your website, they're going to know the address and how to get there.

4) *shudder* at the contact form.  Congrats... you're using a table!  You don't need to show the stupid borders to everyone!  And "query" is going to confuse the average user.  You might want to say "comment" or something instead.  And your boxes for the "name" and "email" are kind of small compared to the data that might end up in them.

5) "client zone"... sounds like you're 10 and if I login it's going to give me some cheezy javascript flash screen that does some worthless countdown or "tricky" login thing.  How about "client login"?



That should get you started.

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