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Hello out there!


I want critique on this page. Simple, yes, that's what I wanted it to be. I am kind of minimalistic, and don't like big fancy überphotoshopped websites. (By the way, all graphics on my site is done in Gimp.)


Thank you, I hope you like it.


-- aQ

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I've made it all myself, I have used a blog-script though, but that is just for the back-end, not the layout / design.


Thank you ober!


More critique would be great, there is always something that I could have done better.  :)

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You could use a "visited" link color... maybe hide the ad header if there are no ads... I'm not sure what else to say... colors are good, layout is blog-like... everything looks proportional... eh?

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Haha, you're using an adblocker, eh? Well, there is a google-ad there, check the source.  ;)


Thank you for critique, I'll have a look at my links.



I've added a "visited-change". The menu-links will turn a darker color, and the blog-post links will turn darker, and get an underline. Looks better?

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Its broken in IE6.




Your header could do with a title. Or, perhaps you could stick the post "Welcome to...." at the top of the blog, so it will be seen first.


The right menu is a bit wide, but thats just been picky!


Also, you might want to require people to register before they comment. Or install akismet or a captcha or something.


Looks good though.



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