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I'll look into the name thing.


Yeah, I noticed the age thing, I'll find out why it's knocking an age off.


Are you sure? I havent had any problems with city or state at all. Did you pick a state when you signed up, and it said "select state" on the edit profile page? that still means it updated.

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You might want to run a spell check before opening it to the public.

Oh, and there was a MYSQL error when I registered, but um, I accidentally forgot to copy it. Sorry!

It had something to do with age though, so I think you may've messed something up when fixing that bug. ;)

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Matt :: when you get back online, I totally fixed it! I was missing a ' in my SQL query which then killed the script that created your upload folder, which is why uploading didnt work for you. haha im good. well anyway you can make a  new account and its all good. thanks for that one, i owe you! im soo close to opening.. .and with registration not working.. wow thatd be BAD! thanks!

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If you mess up entering your details when registering, you have to start all over again. I think you should make the form repopulate and don't navigate away from the rego page till the user has got everything right.


I also think the design is a bit too similar to facebook.


Theres a lot of html bugs too.


Good Luck with the site  :)

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Iv gotta say I think it's way too much like facebook, which is going to be your downfall! Anyone who's seen facebook will instantly recognise the similarity, as i did, and then they will probably leave.


I'd suggest creating a new design and then you'll probably pull in more users..



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First thing I liked was the Adobe CS3 icon; I also thought the header was clean and very un-obnoxious.


I couldn't immediately see the sign-up link, not good for you; Also, I don't like the link that changes my cursor, it's unnerving and irrelevant.


Other than that, very modern and clean. I give it a 6/10

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This thread is more than a year old. Please don't revive it unless you have something important to add.

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