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web hosting question


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hey guys i want to get a reseller account and im looking at so many deals !man every body has different plans and some rape big time!lol


so i found one with very good rating and pretty cheap to


10 gigs with 150gigs bandwidth..


no my question is bandwidth.when is the bandwidth used the most is it good 150gigs?

have a look at what they are offering.is there more for cheap..lol im not confident anymore there is to mutch out there....

and my regular hoster offers it to but a good price diffrence..

and my hoster


there for the help!

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Okay, I'm going to provide the link I always provide, but you're more than welcome to shop around. It is the point i'm trying to get across:




If you can swing for it, get yourself a VPS.  From there, install whatever hosting panel you like, ZPanel is light and easy, and do reselling hosting from your VPS.  You handle all sales, you handle all packages, you have control of your server, nameservers, mail servers, etc.


With reseller accounts you have to be stuck with their versions of software, if they upgrade their software you don't have a choice and it could break client sites, you don't have control of the mail or nameservers, etc.


You really lose a lot of your control if you go reseller account over vps. This is something you think you have figured out but that you might want to really really consider before you buy.


Also consider the fact that, apart from hardware, you have total control over server failure.  If something happens with the server and you have a reseller you have to wait for the host to fix it (restart a service, reboot server, etc.)  With a vps anything that goes wrong, with the exception of hardware, is totally fixable by you. 

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