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To MVC or not to MVC?


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I've been reading up on MVC though some posts on here and some other site with tutorials on them. I also downloaded CodeIgniter and have been playing around with that a little. I was wondering how many people use these frameworks and why? I would rather make my own once I know how they work a little more, any insight on this? Pro's/Con's with using MVC?




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Well my code right now is structured well and is easy to maintain and reuse. Usually I have something like this:












--includes.php <- this is to include all of the classes and config file







but it's not as dynamic as it could be

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You've asked two questions.


1) Should I use a framework?

If you're more comfortable working in your own format/style, and don't mind implementing a lot of common, possibly tricky/difficult routines yourself then don't bother with a framework.


2) Should I try to organize my code along the MVC pattern?

Probably yes.  At least it's worth having a separation of concerns so that you can more easily make changes to one section without effecting another section of code.  A possible third question is how much separation?  I think the answer to that needs to be made case-by-case.  For most things you do less is probably enough.  If you anticipate many people working with the code you're writing then air on the side of more separation.

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