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I'd appreciate some feedback on the clarity of concept and usability of this site.

[a href=\"http://www.depacto.com\" target=\"_blank\"]www.depacto.com[/a]

The welcome page is in Spanish by default (I'm targeting it to Latin america and Spain) , but you can switch it to English to review it (top right corner).

Is the purpose of the site clear right from the home page?
Is the sign up page easy to fill out?
Although most are in spanish, are the posts ("view recent posts" or "browse") easy to read?

I welcome any comments on design as well.

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Guest askjames01
OK, let's assume that we are in the real world and i'm your customer.
and this are the words that i'm going to tell you. first,

1. UGLY!
2. Very simple layout (I think you have not sweat from this site at all.)
3. Is that a joke?
4. Are you really a professional web developer?
5. You are stupid "Web Developer"! (Yelling at you.)
6. Are you crazy do you want me to pay for that?
7. I'll check out the next programmer.
8. How old are you? (laughing at you.)

these are just an example critique words that your customer will surely say about you.

although the language from spanish to english is a little professional, i suggest you add
more languages version.

and the big gap is the layout, work on it & enhance more be creative.
Put more garnish on it using CSS.


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Hi - I think its ok.

Once after switching to English - I knew from your Logo - that your website is a "Freelance Courier" or providing some sort of associated service.
On the About Page - it would be nice to see a flow diagram of how this system (ordering etc.) process works.

The Send This Page - This is an open relay for SPAM in my opinion. Although its not easy to send the email to more than 1 person (via email address format checking) a simple loop can run off tons and tons of emails to various people.
I recommend you limit the Emails/Send This Page emails sent by IP in a day. So every IP can send just 1 email every day (max) - get the idea?

When signing up - if I get a mistake and it takes me back nicely - thats fine - BUT WHY DO YOU CHECK -> "I wish to be notified by email when I receive messages from other users." - This is just a PAIN. I unclicked it - I dont want to have to go reading through the whole form to see if Im going to get tons of emails. - get the idea?
The same with Main City - I selected it the first time - if I make a mistake - I am sent back to the form - but why isnt the city I selected still slected. Its just user friendleness IMO. It could have been cause I chose Europe - and that Mightnt be a city - but its in your list - so its VAGUE on your side.

Part of the sign-up message is not in English ->
"You have registered correctly. Tu registro se ha efectuado correctamente. We have sent you an email with a link to activate your account to sburke.."

When I went to my email on a different computer - I went to the activiation URL - but the page was not in English. I though it might have been English cause I signed up with english.

Also I signed up with UserID -> o'reilly
Because you have magic_quotes on - I get o\'reilly . It doesnt seem to break too much when I sign in - but its something to watch out for.

When signed in - It says "Mi Account" - I think tahts meant to be My Account!!
Also - I see a blank page with only the navigation. I think I should see some welcome message or something to say "here is your profile" etc. get the idea?

Actually something may be broken - Im going through all the links on the left NAV when signed in and I dont see anything appear on the main white div area.

My Username is: o\'reilly
pass: 123456

you can check it out for yourself.
Ah - I see now - I have to go up to "POST". WHY DIDNT I SEE some text saying "No Entries" or Please make a POST???
- NoT very user friendly.

Im going to leave it at that.
Basic front is ok and fairly user friendly.
Once logged in and trying to make posts etc. - this is not very user friendly.
For times and dates - I would prefer to see a calender rather than scrolling to dates. From using a nice user friendly calender I can see what date is what day of the week. Get the idea?

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Thanks for your comments Steve.

I've taken out the parts that still were in Spanish...I completely missed those. You're right about the other points as well, specially the part on "My Account": I need some sort of message for first time posters and not just a blank space in the middle.

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I think your forms could use a little design help, and it needs a little smoothing over, but overall I really like the simplicity. As for functionality, I have not gone through it, but I have to say this was the first site down the list (I'm bored and sitting looking at critique me sites) that actually raised my eyebrow. I've been a proffessional developer for 8 years, worked all over the country, and seen a TON of design. I have seen better and worse, but I really like it. Kinda has a google feel to it :).

Tweak the design a little, smooth it out, and I personally think you'll have a great design.

As for the business idea, well, good luck with that ;).

Best regards,
Zach M.
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