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mysql comparison

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I finally delved into the world of databasing, as always I start comparing what is available and I run across this. Again, I am obsessed with standards compliant, I believe compliant on anything related to web design that can follow some sort of standard, I try to follow. About mysql, I do some searches and I find this.
[a href=\"http://www.geocities.com/mailsoftware42/db/\" target=\"_blank\"]http://www.geocities.com/mailsoftware42/db/[/a]
now keep in mind it only compares open source, so it doesn't do the other databases.
But this is what I have a problem with I want advice on.
I don't like MaxDB, Firebird, Ingres
I just don't like the way they look, but on Mysql, and Postgresql, I had a few problems here I wanted advice on
it seems to be a throwdown, there is one thing I am confused about I will get to that, but when I look through it I see.
Mysql supports more platforms
Mysql has a possibility of High speed, while postgresql doesn't
Mysql seems to have a higher ability for stability
mysql security features seem to be higher
Mysql has more programming interfaces
more storage engines
Load balancing
The thing that turned me off to mysql and hte main thing bothering me is the
The post gre sql is higher on that that mysql. Isn't that a bad thing, or compared does that mean nothing, I am really confuseda bout this, should I sacrifice some compliancy, for the benefit of extra functionality.
[b]Edit- also would MySql be acid compliant.

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Don't get too hung up on the standards; how often are you switching DBs? Besides, MySQL 5 has a "strict mode" which is quite, well, strict about standards adherence, and let's you decide how much you want. In general, MySQL's approach has been speed, and letting the DBA decide what to do with "border-line" data. As for ACID compliance, InnoDB is the way to go.

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