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This question must have been asked before, but my inept use of the search function can't seem to find an appropriate answer. Feel free to answer with a link.

I'm displaying MySQL table results using a while loop to generate news on my homepage, [a href=\"http://www.superlatenight.com\" target=\"_blank\"]superlatenight.com[/a]. Currently rows display in the order which they were added. Of course, I'd like the most recent news to display first. How's this done?

Thanks in advance.

[b]Edit:[/b] So yeah I'm a moron. ORDER BY. Sorry for the time wasting.

[b]Edit2:[/b] Do I need to make the field DATETIME in order to correctly sort two news entries posted on the same date? Considering I won't want the output in its default 0000:00:00 0000:00:00 (I prefer the English DD-MM-YY), am I better off using a less specific column type?

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[code] $query = "SELECT whatever FROM wherever ORDER by date DESC";[/code]
depends on the date format you're using ... which is guess is yyyy-mm-dd so it's sortable without messing around

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