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http://www.national-graffiti.com/ -- new layout-- how does it look?


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do you hate it or can you find nothing wrong??????


only ONE post in 3 days... i am saddened.


and, the ads are tastefully placed, they aren't in the way or take up too much space.


the bad ad is the one in the JAVA, but that'll go away once we pay.

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I didnt find the Google Ads a problem!


I have to say when i first went on the website I was slightly confused as to what was going on. It would be really good if you had some kind of navigation structure or system to make this clear!


The design is not bad, and follows the graffiti theme, however I do deteste Times New Roman, as it such a default font... so changing that into a different font into Arial, Tahoma, Verdana etc could be a good idea.


Keep it up!


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