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Function not returning variable


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Hey Guys,

I have no idea why this function is not returning the variable $new_cats, it's echoing correctly, but nothing is getting returned. Am I missing something??? Thanks!


Category Function:

function getCategories($cat_id, $level=0, $cats='') {  
	global $db;

	if($level == 0){
		$cats = array();

	$sql = "SELECT parentid, name FROM categories WHERE id = $cat_id";
	$result = $db->query($sql);
	list ($p, $n) = $db->fetchRow($result);

	$cats[] = $n;

	if ($p != '0') $this->getCategories($p, $level+1, $cats);

	if($p == '0'){
		$new_cats = '';
		foreach($cats as $cat){
			$new_cats .= "$cat » ";

		$new_cats = substr($new_cats, 0, -9);

		echo $new_cats;

		return $new_cats;


test page:

if($cats = $catalog->getCategories(62)){
	echo $cats;
	echo '<br /><br />No cats!';

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