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  1. Sounds kinda complicated, doesn't it? Having to store the current balance for each row. And it's only correct at the moment in time when the row was entered. So if you want to make a change you have to go find the most recent transaction to see what the balance was after it finished. Don't do it. For the moment, the balance is the sum of all transactions. As in do a query that gets a SUM(add) of all the transaction. That's your balance.
  2. Too bad there aren't any places on the internet where you can upload files, huh?
  3. According to the README, the constants are called "MARGIN_LEFT" and "MARGIN_RIGHT".
  4. Use your operating system's package manager. If their repositories are not up to date, find a third-party repo that is.
  5. Well for one, var json = JSON.parse(JSON.stringify(data)); don't do that. You're starting with an object, turning it into a JSON string, and then turning it right back into an object. There's no point. That aside, one improvement would be to use object syntax instead of array syntax for accessing members. Array syntax with [ ]s is fine when the name is in a variable, or it has some weird name you know but can't write out (like it has hyphens or symbols), but for names like "students" there's no need. Example: for (var key in data.students) { (note that this is using the original data variable you started with) An easy second thing is semicolons. Control structures, like for loops, don't need semicolons after the body.
  6. I'd be nice if there was a permission option specific to the thread creator. Replies from other people could be disabled but replies from the author could be allowed.
  7. My intention is to find a way to put a warning on the reply page itself, but I'm not sure there's a solution for IPB that (1) doesn't require buying a damn addon and (2) doesn't require hacking the page template (too much).
  8. Due to the number of people attempting to reply to threads, despite the instructions at the top of the forum page that says not to, replies have been disabled. This may be revisited in the future.
  9. What is the URL in your address bar when you browse to index.php directly? What is the URL in your address bar when you go to the page containing that form? Do you see any differences between the two other than the name of the file at the very end - and I do mean literally anything different other than that?
  10. Get from cookie, if not set then start at 0. If value is >=2 then don't show popup. If value is <2 then increment, save to cookie, and show popup.
  11. If you aren't already involving PHP in this process then there's no need to bring it in now just for cookies. maxxd linked js-cookie. You can install and use it that way - look at the CDN section of the readme, it's just a matter of adding a <script>. Otherwise the page I linked has, somewhere on it, a couple functions to read and write cookies. You would copy and paste that into your code somewhere so that you can use it.
  12. Unfortunately, cookies in Javascript are difficult to deal with. Still. After all these years... Check this.
  13. The "check" is actually the result of the animation. Look at the animation itself for where you can change the color.
  14. If you have problem getting your code to work then a good first step would be to post said code.
  15. Sounds like what you really need is to use the cookie when deciding what list of deals to show...
  16. It's a little more than just changing the code. Right now your site is basically the same for all countries. That's fine, but it doesn't really lend itself to there being multiple URLs for the variations. If you were to significantly change parts of the page, then new URLs would make sense. Honestly, I think what you have now is fine: use a cookie to track the localization being applied to the page. Why do you want to have different URLs?
  17. echo $row->$a['currency']['available']['reserved']; I don't know where you're getting "$a" from but it doesn't belong there. If you print_r($row) you'll see what the value is. It's an object with "currency", "available", and "reserved" properties. Like any other object, you access them like ->currency.
  18. We won't slap your wrist, but we'd prefer you didn't post it and would remove it if you did. To help not spread those things around, you know? It does sound like malware, but it's possible it is merely obfuscated code (like if it came with a paid license and the author didn't want anyone to mess with it). Does the file say anything about eval or base64_decode or gunzip/deflate? Does it look the slightest bit readable? You can PM it to me if you'd like me to confirm. If it is malware then obviously you need to contact your client so they can begin damage control. Hopefully the file hasn't been there for long. It would help them if you could check webserver access logs for requests to that file so see if/how often it ran.
  19. If you changed the footer, how about posting what it was before when everything worked and what it is now that it isn't working. And a more precise description about exactly what isn't working would be nice. We aren't as familiar with your site as you are.
  20. May I ask how long you've been trying to figure this out? And whether you've actually read Barand's post?
  21. Note that is for the fixed-width fonts that GD supports out of the box. With TTF fonts, character widths vary so calculating the right offset is a bit harder.
  22. The coordinates are pixel offsets. 0,0 is the top-left corner, then you count pixels towards the right and bottom. Not magic. So the answer to what the coordinates are for the bottom-right is to find out the dimensions of the image. When you figure that out and try to write the text, you'll probably find out that it didn't write. Except it did. You just can't see it. Try moving the offset something like 20 pixels up and right from the corner and see what happens.
  23. +1. But for me it's just the design that's extremely reliant on magic behavior and mixins at runtime and class aliases and all sorts of other crap that IDEs can't follow.
  24. Note that they're talking about changing default settings. Make the recommended changes on your server and see what happens. Really. That's going to be the most effective way to gauge the impact.
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