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  1. A soap "sequence" doesn't mean a collection of things. It means that the child elements are present and in the order given. So Date should be a single thing containing a Day, Month, and Year.
  2. If someone doesn't want to be seen they'll just hide from the camera. Or worse, they'll take their own picture of the person they want to log in as and use that. Know that this is not real security. But as said, yes: you can use Javascript to get a still from the camera, then upload that like any other file.
  3. Go back over the installation instructions to see what you missed. For example, you may have missed where it said that you extract whatever source you had into htdocs directly and not inside a subfolder.
  4. Not in any way that someone who would want to lie about their identity couldn't circumvent.
  5. Well, the table structure isn't really good to work with. That's your real problem. Because as far as I can read that table, Kent has a total cost 200 and total payment 100, and Iya has total cost 160 and total payment 60. You need a concept of separate orders and payment. One table stores the 100 cost for Kent, then another table stores the 50 cash payment and 50 card payment.
  6. Is this not already going through PHP? That request.done suggests you're doing AJAX...
  7. If you insist on using /auth/login then go back over the installation instructions to see what you missed.
  8. htdocs is the root of the website. Since you put all the files in that "schoolApp-master" directory, try http://localhost/schoolApp-master/auth/login.
  9. Can you create a PHP website connected to a database... using Access or Excel? No... Well actually yes, but don't. "Never" isn't as important as "it's running when people need to use it". So far it sounds like a standard PHP-website-with-a-database setup. There are plenty of tutorials out there to help you get to that starting point, so if there's a particular place you've gone to before that you liked then you should give them a shot too. Only particular requirements I would suggest looking for are that the tutorial talks about PDO and it uses PHP 7.0 or later.
  10. You probably won't get a whole lot of help if people have to download something from Mediafire... Are you sure that /auth/login is the right path? Is the PHP stuff set up properly? Are there other students or teachers (you know, people who've worked with this) who might know what's wrong?
  11. If you won't have reliable internet access, MDN has a good write-up about a couple common tools you can use through Javascript.
  12. What they're getting at is, do you want a survey tool or do you want to make a survey tool? Because if you have internet access then there's plenty of free options you can use without needing to create something new.
  13. substr If $teams[0] or $teams[1] is less than 25 characters, substr() will return the whole value.
  14. You may be able to use CURLOPT_DNS_INTERFACE or CURLOPT_DNS_LOCAL_IP4 to force DNS over your external interface. That would be best. Not sure if it will bypass the system's own resolution though. If that doesn't do it, leave the hostname in the URL and use CURLOPT_RESOLVE to specify the IP address. For getting the address, PHP doesn't have a built-in way to resolve an address using a custom nameserver, so it'll probably be easiest to use nslookup or dig and run a quick regex on the output to extract the address.
  15. requinix

    simple file copying

    Oh, the problem isn't files themselves but code inside files? You want the code to run locally but not on the live site?
  16. requinix

    simple file copying

    Isn't that kinda just covering up the problem, though? If you have all these files you don't want, why do they exist at all? Consider using Git. For multiple reasons, but two relevant reasons are: 1. You can see exactly what changes have been made since the last time, so I'd think it would be easier to delete what you don't want to keep. 2. If these files are being created for some reason that makes sense, you could have Git ignore those files so they stay on your machine. Either way, you make the changes you want, commit and push, then go onto the live server and pull them down. It's a cheap and easy deployment strategy too - certainly better than copying files over FTP or something like that.
  17. requinix

    simple file copying

    Is this a one-time thing? I hope not. You're intending to write this file and then make changes over time? Add or remove things? How is this being used? Why is this being used?
  18. Hmm, not quite complete. And getting a better backtrace will take some effort. PHP 7.1 isn't supported anymore. In fact 7.2 is old as well. Can you update to PHP 7.3?
  19. That backtrace would really be nice to see...
  20. $subject="Registers Info for: ".$values["classname"]." ".$values["attendance_date"].""; while ($msg = mysqli_fetch_array($result)) { $values isn't available to use until you get to the while loop. You didn't post the part of the code that shows what query is being run so I don't know whether you're doing a query that makes sense for that subject line - that is, whether it's a query for a specific class and attendance date. (Which used to be the student name in your original version...?) So if you want the classname and attendance_date, you should get those values from, presumably, the same place that the query was getting them from. Either that, or you send one email each. You'd be sending multiple emails, but only one for each classname/attendance_date combination. Again, not sure since you haven't posted the code that would help explain what's going on. Hint.
  21. It's "PHP". All caps. You're calling data.addRows in the version that works and data.addRow in the version that does not.
  22. Get rid of those references. At best you don't need them, at worst you should not have them. References are about reusing variables, so unless you actually want all those $named things to be the same variable then you don't want references. Note I said "variables", not "values". PHP will already reuse object values for you. Run it from the CLI and post a backtrace.
  23. With just that code? No. If it was working 2/25 and then not working 2/28 the obvious question is: what changed?
  24. Look for Javascript errors, and for God's sake log that $response somewhere you can inspect it!
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