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  1. Add a call to the JS onclick event to your submit button. Point it to a JS function that asks the user to confirm, perhaps twice even.
  2. A good thing to NOT do in php is mix upper and lowercases. This is not JS. Stick to lower case. I'm guessing that you do not have error checking turned on and that you mis-typed or misspelled your user id variable.
  3. Not without seeing a contiguous set of code showing us what all is happening. Ps - It's "struggling".
  4. I see nothing there to help me understand. What is this "download" attribute it mentions?
  5. So - an anchor that points to a filename downloads that file? It doesnt' try and link to it? Something new to me!
  6. Hmmm.... My copy of the PHP.net manual does not have that function in it. But in most cases one has to provide the results var and you are not, which is what the message is telling you.
  7. So when the user clicks that (unseen) button what happens? Do you execute another script? The same script? What? When one clicks on an anchor tag usually it takes you somewhere. Of course this anchor does look quite different to me. If IT is doing the download for you I"m out of my depth here.
  8. You told us of your weakness. I simply told you that it was going to be difficult. I did look at the code a bit and aren't quite sure what you are describing. Looks like more date manipulation rather than a counter. And it has a lot of JQ in it which isn't part of this PHP forum's area of expertise.
  9. Look at the line it points you to and then check your code on that line.
  10. Well if you are not a coder but you are being asked to do stuff like this you're going to have a heck of a time doing your job. Does your boss know that you don't have the tools for the job he/she has assigned you?
  11. If all of this is happening in this script I don't understand why you are asking the question about doing a simple query. BTW - you don't need those colons on an if statement if you simply don't use an "endif". Just less typing that way
  12. Doesn't look like a button. Looks like an anchor tag, sometimes called a 'link. Anyway - what about my question? And where is the download code? BTW - by download do you mean server to client or client to server? Looking further - it appears that you are trying to "go" to the filename. Is that possible?
  13. Uh, where is this 'download button'? You want to execute a query when the user clicks on 'something'. Are you not wanting to go to the server to do this?
  14. So you're basically writing a transfer mechanism to take a file from someone who puts on the server and you want it on a client. What about an email with an attachment that you process using a script that handles that inbox?
  15. copied from the server pc to the folder - on what? What folder on what device are you talking about. If this item is being placed onto the server for you to then download to the client - yes you will have to execute the script on the client somehow. OTOH - if it is on the server just waiting to be processed by something, why not schedule a cron job to run on the server every x minutes to actually do that process? You could then do something on the client that does a check of what results have been produced.
  16. And why do you want to get into this? You don't code. Suddenly you want to run some code? Why?
  17. CAn you alter the char set on an ipad?
  18. Probably a different character set. YOu may need to do a type conversion for all the input from the ipad if it doesn't match your db set.
  19. PS - using addslashes is hard to verify since they don't show up visually. If you are doing this to add to a db go ahead and do it and then see if the data is completely returned in a query result.
  20. If you read the manual you'll see that you need to supply a result argument for the changed string.
  21. What didn't addslashes do? Please elaborate since "wasn't working" doesn't say shit. And as for using str_replace - is that your EXACT code?
  22. You could use str_replace I suppose. Test it out. That's what I would have done before writing here. And what is wrong with addslashes? What is it NOT doing?
  23. Curious question. Why do you have a field named "Oracleid"? Is this an oracle db? Do you work with Oracle people? Do you work for Oracle? For an id-type field a size of 150 chars seems rather large. Why so big? It's just an id, a key, a lookup value or user number or record number, isn't it? Do people have to remember their Oracleid? Why the field named 'theday'? What day is it. The day you created the record? Today? A day related to one of the six time fields you have stored? You should name it so that one knows what it represents at the very least. Not "theday". OR MORE you should not have it at all. You have all these time/timestamp fields which represent values that can easily produce the day from their values, so do that instead. Reason. 500 chars? Is this a free-form text field that describes something that can be read only? You can't use it to categorize any kind of actions among all of your people. That would require some kind of code that helped to identify various types of "reasons". Is that what you are trying to do by even recording a "reason" field? Fullday. Looks like a good place for a boolean-type field. Why a tinyint? Same for "isdone". And why would you remove the records for former employees? You would be losing valuable data that might come in handy for research or for answering questions about former employees. Why not just add a status code to the table with a lookup table to define the different codes you may have. When someone departs, you mark them "gone" or "retired" or "inactive" or "fired", etc. If these are truly employees does your government not require you to keep their records for a number of years?
  24. Have you ever written reports before?? For that matter - have you ever read a report? What you are showing looks like no other report I have ever seen. Really???
  25. And if you search the php manual for that function name what do you find? Doesn't show up in mine. Is this some package that has to be specifically included into your php install?
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