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  1. So you are basically saying that the people who HAVE learned stuff and HAVE written the php functions to perform hashing for us users already have NOT done a good enough job for you? Interesting....
  2. Why don't you simply download the PHPMailer app and use that? SOOOOO much easier to send mail with attachments.
  3. Don't understand what you are building with that call to sprintf. Even looking at your query statement without using sprintf (you know that you don't have to write a statement using sprintf?) the statement doesn't make sense. What are the two functions you are using doing for you? What is autocomplete? SelectLiimit? Perhaps you could echo out the final sql statement before you run it and show us what your query looks like so we can see what the error message is telling us?
  4. What error? I don't see no error..... (people here don't necessarily like clicking on links that they aren't familiar with. That's why we like to use the code links and POST IT HERE!)
  5. Really? A community of coders providing help to newbies has to put up with this kind of idiocy? Thanks for the headsup!
  6. I have to ask - Why are you even DOING this thing with storing html in a db? One stores DATA in a db. Then one reads it and sends it to the client or processes it in a script and sends the results of that to the client. Saving html code in a db is mind-boggling to me. Never done it. Probably never will. As a beginner - why are you making this project so completely complicated by coming up with this idea?? Did you see a recommendation that told you to do it?
  7. When you 'format' a numeric value it no longer is a number - it's a STRING!
  8. Your first post described something entirely different from your last post. Can you not see that?
  9. Sounds like an AWFUL LOT OF WORK because "it will get very slow". Who or what is providing you email services right now? A shared host? Your own setup? If the former, have you told them of your concerns? If your own setup, maybe you need to think about using a different setup. How about switching to a POP3 account instead of IMAP? You are going to have an awful lot of work to do in re-inventing the email wheel here. I'd certainly try to resolve the issue instead of trying to emulate it.
  10. Perhaps you need to examine your long-running process for better ways to perform whatever task you are doing. Are you using repetitive queries instead of one over-all one? Are you looping with an embedded query? These are things to avoid. A process that takes "a few minutes" to execute is either working on hundreds of thousands of records or is not written properly.
  11. Spelling error here.... style="text-decortion:none;"
  12. You're not really showing us any code. Just some calls to unique functions that we aren't aware of. Show us an actual query statement that uses a where clause that would do this limit thing that you need.
  13. They are entirely unnecessary. PS - it is generally not recommended to use the "select *" query format. Always select the fields that you truly want to obtain from the query and not just do the catchall "*" operand. This way you (and those behind you) know what field names you have acquired from the query and in what order they are in should you choose to use numeric indices.
  14. What's with this line and the parens??? $query_sect = ("SELECT * FROM a_sectionals_bkb");
  15. I'm guessing that the 500 is a sign that you had a php error in your improvements. Have to debug that.
  16. One problem you have is the failure to quote your indices and string values. In the above line, the words box, image, lightbox, border and $row[image'] need quotes aroun them. echo "<td><div class='box'><a href='$row[\"image\"]' rel='lightbox' title='$row[\"image\"]'><img class='border' src='$row[\"image\"]'>"; Now you have to explain what "breaks" means to you. Do you have error checking turned on at least? Do you get any messages? A white screen? Anything?
  17. So you are asking "Can PHP read a PDF file"? Did you google that yet?
  18. I don't know what sources told you that combining two distinct activities into one form is the "best" way to do it. IMHO - register your people first. Get them to respond to an email in order to confirm everything is accurate. THEN let them begin the payment process/ordering steps, whatever. Doesn't make sense that someone tells you otherwise.
  19. You state that you don't want to lose anything or leave the form. How important is it that this email needs to be sent right now?? Have you done any data validation (of the form's data fields) prior to sending off the email? How do you know that what you are (perhaps) sending in that mail is valid/correct? You can easily return the user to the same screen and its form contents by simply saving the values in php vars that are then place into the html code of the form using simple php code. That way your php script can check the inputs, verify they are correct and then send the email OR return all of the data to the user to be corrected. Check the "value=" attribute of an html 'input' tag.
  20. I am curious as to what exactly "fixed" your issue. Hopefully you learned that you should wrap those "t" and "scr" indices with quotes and not left them stranded with no definition, causing php to have to work to understand what you are doing. True?
  21. Obviously the 't' is meant as an index into the array that is in $path. One should ALWAYS use quotes around an index value unless it is a php variable name. Since you are using something called just "t" you need to figure out what belongs there - most likely a dollar sign. Clearing that up and avoiding what php is defaulting your index to (from the error message it may be simply the value "t") an incorrect value. Do you know what $path actually contains? You can do a bit of debugging by simply displaying it.
  22. You have to be kidding. This post is meaningless to almost anyone who reads it. I understand that there is a language problem but you don't even attempt to make clear what you are using, what you are doing nor what any of your code even looks like. Questions: What is "getevent()"? What is "Mage"? Where is this printing taking place? What is "checkout_cart_product_add_after"? A function you wrote? Part of a package you are trying to learn about?
  23. I'm curious as to why you have this need to create individual spreadsheet (files) when you already have the data in a database from which you are able to draw this info from. Are you creating these files for others to use outside of this data-gathering app? And do they do updates within these spreadsheets that you then have to somehow apply to your nice-and-neat already-maintained database?
  24. AND in my first post - did you RTFM on those two functions that you are mis-using?
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