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  1. Probably need quotes around the value. Of course, the proper way to write your query is to NOT use the * but rather specify the column names (fields) that you want to retrieve. $q = "select * from table_1 where id='$id'";
  2. You certainly need to do some reading to get a grip on how these things work. PHP runs on the server and prepares the web page and the server then sends it to the client - with only HTML and JS/JQ code (and perhaps some other newer stuff) present. PHP code embedded in html tags is just there (on the server) to provide some data for the html to display (although I prefer to embed php vars rather than actual code). The webpage may have some js/jq code that gets triggered by events that happen at the client level. Eventually the html gets triggered to submit the page and its entries back to the server, triggering perhaps another PHP script (or the same one again) to run on the server and process the inputs received from the client. Don't confuse the two. Basically it's "PHP on the server; JS/JQ on the client".
  3. YOu have a mysqlI call and a mysql call. That's the problem. (among others I expect). You should read up on prepared query statements
  4. Good luck. I don't understand anything you said in post #2
  5. Is this truly a "class" (as in 'classroom') project? Is this how you intend to solve all of your homework? What you have described really is difficult to follow. Why did you not just give us the text of the assignment?
  6. If that is ALL it is, then we should let the OP do her homework herself. Does no good for us to do it. She is on the first page of a long learning process that involves actual research to become proficient at it.
  7. It still makes no sense to be altering the filename extension. Once you do that most applications will not be able to decipher the file since it won''t be in the format indicated by whatever extension you use. Think about it - you change in image file name to end with ".txt". Then when you click on it your text editor tries to open it and all it gets is gibberish.
  8. Have you read the manual on the "str_replace" and "implode" functions?
  9. When the user selects a plan, do you not save that in his "record" for future reference? Once you do that you can always look it up when he logs in and save it as a session var and not have to 'hide' it on the web page.
  10. So you are basically saying that the people who HAVE learned stuff and HAVE written the php functions to perform hashing for us users already have NOT done a good enough job for you? Interesting....
  11. Why don't you simply download the PHPMailer app and use that? SOOOOO much easier to send mail with attachments.
  12. Don't understand what you are building with that call to sprintf. Even looking at your query statement without using sprintf (you know that you don't have to write a statement using sprintf?) the statement doesn't make sense. What are the two functions you are using doing for you? What is autocomplete? SelectLiimit? Perhaps you could echo out the final sql statement before you run it and show us what your query looks like so we can see what the error message is telling us?
  13. What error? I don't see no error..... (people here don't necessarily like clicking on links that they aren't familiar with. That's why we like to use the code links and POST IT HERE!)
  14. Really? A community of coders providing help to newbies has to put up with this kind of idiocy? Thanks for the headsup!
  15. I have to ask - Why are you even DOING this thing with storing html in a db? One stores DATA in a db. Then one reads it and sends it to the client or processes it in a script and sends the results of that to the client. Saving html code in a db is mind-boggling to me. Never done it. Probably never will. As a beginner - why are you making this project so completely complicated by coming up with this idea?? Did you see a recommendation that told you to do it?
  16. When you 'format' a numeric value it no longer is a number - it's a STRING!
  17. Your first post described something entirely different from your last post. Can you not see that?
  18. Sounds like an AWFUL LOT OF WORK because "it will get very slow". Who or what is providing you email services right now? A shared host? Your own setup? If the former, have you told them of your concerns? If your own setup, maybe you need to think about using a different setup. How about switching to a POP3 account instead of IMAP? You are going to have an awful lot of work to do in re-inventing the email wheel here. I'd certainly try to resolve the issue instead of trying to emulate it.
  19. Perhaps you need to examine your long-running process for better ways to perform whatever task you are doing. Are you using repetitive queries instead of one over-all one? Are you looping with an embedded query? These are things to avoid. A process that takes "a few minutes" to execute is either working on hundreds of thousands of records or is not written properly.
  20. Spelling error here.... style="text-decortion:none;"
  21. You're not really showing us any code. Just some calls to unique functions that we aren't aware of. Show us an actual query statement that uses a where clause that would do this limit thing that you need.
  22. They are entirely unnecessary. PS - it is generally not recommended to use the "select *" query format. Always select the fields that you truly want to obtain from the query and not just do the catchall "*" operand. This way you (and those behind you) know what field names you have acquired from the query and in what order they are in should you choose to use numeric indices.
  23. What's with this line and the parens??? $query_sect = ("SELECT * FROM a_sectionals_bkb");
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