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  1. I"ll leave the OP to your assistance. IF he ever show you some code
  2. MInd my wording? I am just frustrated at the lack of responsiveness from you. It has been pointed out twice to post your code (the part that matters if you have found it) yet you still haven't. How can it be made more clear? Please - try again. Please.
  3. What is this? A picture? Can you not choose the area where you think the problem is and help us focus in on actual code that needs looking at - not peering at with a magnifier? Have you not posted on any forum before? Show Us The Code please. And not all of it! BTW - what debugging have you done? Any echos to show the query that you have built to do this? Echos to show where your logic is taking you? An echo to show the success or failure of the query? Anything?
  4. I really don't think you are working with that code in the format as you posted. Please don't expect us to read it then.
  5. Your while statement is incorrect. The FALSE is not in the while statement. Drop it - you don't need it. As for the input data, perhaps you should research how to create the csv file correctly instead of trying to fix it afterwards? One question. If you have a csv file why do you need to run this script just to create another one?
  6. I have given you several suggestions. All you want to do is debate them. Good luck. I've obviously been wasting my time and energy.
  7. Debugging sometimes is best done by you putting outputs into your script to track the path your logic is taking. As well as to confirm your assumptions. In my experience forms never receive mail, hence my confusion. Using the term PHPMail is so close to name of the PHPMailer product that there was confusion. I've never seen anyone capitalize the PHP mail function that way before - hence the confusion. I do believe that if anyone else were to jump in here (and in 48 hrs. it doesn't seem to be happening) the first thing they would suggest is to download and use PHPMailer, a different and well-respected mailing package. And anytime you want to post some code in the general area of concern with this problem, I"m sure you would get some additional help.
  8. I am not educated in this knowledge, but if Xampp is running on Windows, Google say that you can setup a BAT job and schedule it. Do a google search for 'cron on xampp'.
  9. All have helped you out I see. But - I really thought that my solution worked perfectly well for you using the data as you have it currently defined.
  10. You are running that loop with the index values already represented as $i . Why do you want to mention an explicit index value? foreach($tools as $i => $val) { if ($i == 'broken') echo "We have $val $i tools at {$val['broken_price']} each"; if ($i == 'good_quality') echo "We have $val $i tools at {$val{'good_price']} each"; }
  11. I think you are in the wrong business. You don't even WANT to do any coding and this is a one word fix. Jeez! And pulling the chain of someone you expect help from is not the way to get more help. And you definitely need it.
  12. You don't seem to be offering us anything to work on. At least one person responded with a guess. As for what you are asking us to do - your opening post makes absolutely no sense to me and apparently nobody else since they haven't responded either. What is "phpmail"? Never heard of that one. Maybe you meant phpmailer? A typo then. What is "MTP"? Perhaps you meant to say SMTP? What does "receiving is disabled" mean? Got me. What is a "new-mail form"? Got me What is an "ap-call for mail()"? Have no idea what you are trying to convey with this one. So many (apparently) mis-typed references here I can't follow what you are trying to say. Have you done any debugging of your process to see what it is doing? Any error messages you haven't read yet? You certainly haven't passed any on to us? But that was already mentioned.
  13. And - num_rows is an integer. Don't compare it to a string.
  14. The checkbox is right there in your posted code. Add the attribute to it. Simple.
  15. From looking at a manual it would appear that you need to set the checked value of the checkbox element you define for this "toggle" button.
  16. @Gizmola - careful. You're starting to sound like me! @Revolusio(?) - you do need to do some reading - of the tips you are being given and in a manual of some kind that helps you to learn PHP. I actually wanted to respond earlier today about that dangling statement in your loop that did ABSOLUTELY NOTHING but held off. Figured it wouldn't really help to comment on it or to even ask why. So - you need to learn if you want to do this stuff. It's takes some work but the amazing thing is once you start to understand what you are trying to do, it will that much easier to actually do it!
  17. While using divs is the more modern way of doing tables, the old stand-by html table still works - when coded well. Your sample only shows one item being output on each row since you have commented out 2 of the td elements. This is what your html table really looks like: while ($row = mysqli_fetch_assoc($result)): { echo "<tr> <td style='text-align:center'>{$row['Game_Name']}</td> </tr>"; } Note how much easier it is to read when you don't switch in and out of php mode all the time.
  18. If you have setup an html table I don't know how you can't be getting them to display across. Perhaps you can show us the table layout? Are you perhaps using too many <tr> tags?
  19. How are you displaying it currently? How many fields do you have to display? Have you any CSS in use for your current display?
  20. Thanks Barand. Learned how to download a file the quick way. As for the OP tho - it doesn't solve his question. And I don't have an answer for him.
  21. Actually the way to write that is echo "<form action='deletestaff.php?GetId=$userid' method='POST'>"; Stop using the in and out of php mode style.
  22. Is your array really $request1 or $request2, etc.??? Why the numbers? Why not simply $request [1][....] and $request[2][....] ?
  23. Well - how ARE you doing the delete? A PHP script, no? So use a form with a submit button and not a <button> and call the script that does the delete.
  24. I am completely unfamiliar with the syntax you are using.
  25. On your submit button do this <input type='submit' name='btn' value='Submit' onclick='return confirmDelete()'> Then in your script section create this function: function confirmDelete() { if (!confirm('Are you sure you want to do this delete?')) return false; else return confirm('Are you REALLY sure?'); }
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