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  1. hey all, Wanted to share my good fortune really, so this is what has been happening with my career this year. Got my first professional web developer job laster year (in over 8 years after a break) with a small local firm in Devon (rural west england to those overseas), and it wasnt paying great at 17k, but that isnt a bad wage in that part of the country, but I was just grateful to be back in the business professionally after so long. At xmas this year, I made a point of changing and improving my situation, and moved to london, worked out 3 weeks at home and departed my old job. Updated my CV, put it online and omg, the phone did not stop ringing for over a week! so many recruiters and jobs around! So i had a few interviews, and after a bit of a cock up, accepted a job that I had originally turned down, and started work for a firm as a php developer with a 8K increase on my wage. I was totally happy, I had proven to myself I was worth more, gotten a good job with a good firm and settling into London life (again). However 2 weeks ago, they let me go, somewhat unfairly, but I wont go into that, and found myself on the market again! I was a bit pissed off with this as it was unexpected and meant I had to go through the job hunt all over again. Well it was just as good as last time, update my cv online at a few job sites and the phine starts going mental!! I just missed a role I really wanted at IPC media (publish every magazine in the UK pretty much), a close second I was told. Then another job I was also interviewing for offered me a role, which I wasn't as keen on (furniture company) but it was still good, and they offered me 35k!!! I bit their hand off of course and start on Tuesday! Still a bit shocked but have managed to double my salary in 6 months!! So I hope this story inspires others!
  2. i use Ion_auth for codeigniter
  3. i have vague memories of doing this with old classic asp because it didnt like echoing out </script> as a complete word, so maybe its someone with old habits
  4. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-18440979 a tax for using i.e 7
  5. and does the fact its different tables make any point?
  6. totally disagree with this (the OP statement)
  7. i will make my sites comply when the government bother to do the same to all of theirs
  8. alternatively you could store the message id into the session object on message viewing, and then retrieve it when on the reply page.
  9. in the past i have made a site that stored all the insects i had caught, and put them into the correct order/family/species/genus kinda of thing, but it was classic ASP, so long gone now! not sure if this chemical compound quiz counts as an app? its still in development, currently though im in the process of converting what i have done to codeigniter, as building my own mvc framework was too much effort!! : http://ethickink.co.uk/elemental/
  10. there is no code relating to sessions here for us to work with...
  11. radio buttons would be the obvious choice for a yes or no response, you should stick to them, or as sugggested just the one to 'opt in' and hae opt out as default
  12. ah i hadnt used the group by bit. that has fixed it, thanks again
  13. using double quotes is also a waste of server resources as it then has to check every string for embedded variables, using single quotes and concatenation is a better way of doing it, because it does not check strings with single quotes for embedded variables.
  14. ok so further investigation shows that this isnt working after all, if i have 2 users, it only shows 1 user, and puts both users' roles into 1 user, the first one. I am really not sure where to go next
  15. this is not uncommon, i have come across it myself at my work, it down to users closing the window before the page loads entirely, as far as I can tell. one thing is for sure, it isn't fraud.
  16. ah perfect, thanks a lot for your help, my sql definately needs some big improvement!
  17. ok so now i have this: SELECT *, GROUP_CONCAT(groups.name) as `roles` from users join users_groups on users.id = users_groups.user_id join groups on users.id = users_groups.user_id which works but i am getting the 'roles' all listed twice, do you know why that might be?
  18. Hi all, I am having trouble returning a recordset in the way i want. I have 2 tables, one is users, the other is user_groups any user can have 1 or more entrys in the user_groups table, hence the one to many relationship title. I am trying to return a recordset that only returns 1 row per user with an alias that has a comma seperated list of the groups that the user is in. In this particular instance there is an extra table joined to the user_groups, called groups which will give names to the int entrys in the users_groups. this is the query i have come up with but it seems to fall over near the XML path bit, but i am not sure how to fix it, my sql is rather weak sadly: SELECT *, Stuff((SELECT ','+ `name` FROM users_groups join groups on users.id = users_groups.user_id WHERE users.id = users_groups.user_id FOR XML Path('')),1,1,'') as `roles` from users limit 10 ; my table structures are: CREATE TABLE `users` ( `id` MEDIUMINT( UNSIGNED NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT, `ip_address` INT(10) UNSIGNED NOT NULL, `username` VARCHAR(100) NOT NULL, `password` VARCHAR(40) NOT NULL, `salt` VARCHAR(40) NULL DEFAULT NULL, `email` VARCHAR(100) NOT NULL, `activation_code` VARCHAR(40) NULL DEFAULT NULL, `forgotten_password_code` VARCHAR(40) NULL DEFAULT NULL, `forgotten_password_time` INT(11) UNSIGNED NULL DEFAULT NULL, `remember_code` VARCHAR(40) NULL DEFAULT NULL, `created_on` INT(11) UNSIGNED NOT NULL, `last_login` INT(11) UNSIGNED NULL DEFAULT NULL, `active` TINYINT(1) UNSIGNED NULL DEFAULT NULL, `first_name` VARCHAR(50) NULL DEFAULT NULL, `last_name` VARCHAR(50) NULL DEFAULT NULL, `company` VARCHAR(100) NULL DEFAULT NULL, `phone` VARCHAR(20) NULL DEFAULT NULL, PRIMARY KEY (`id`) ) COLLATE='utf8_general_ci' ENGINE=InnoDB AUTO_INCREMENT=2; CREATE TABLE `users_groups` ( `id` MEDIUMINT( UNSIGNED NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT, `user_id` MEDIUMINT( UNSIGNED NOT NULL, `group_id` MEDIUMINT( UNSIGNED NOT NULL, PRIMARY KEY (`id`) ) COLLATE='utf8_general_ci' ENGINE=InnoDB AUTO_INCREMENT=3; CREATE TABLE `groups` ( `id` MEDIUMINT( UNSIGNED NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT, `name` VARCHAR(20) NOT NULL, `description` VARCHAR(100) NOT NULL, PRIMARY KEY (`id`) ) COLLATE='utf8_general_ci' ENGINE=InnoDB AUTO_INCREMENT=3; an assistance would be greatly appreciated!
  19. i was about to suggest CK Editor
  20. as a uk resident i would say it really bugs me when address options only have zipcode and dont have postcode as well, especially if they are trying to be offering all options for global addresses, and the same for putting U.S. as the default country, its probably just me though
  21. its a shame that w3 schools is riddled with errors, i would never suggest that site to anyone
  22. its all run by jquery in the front end, and i think the layout cant all be credited to me since most of it is the periodic table.
  23. wow you might as well change the path to their credit card number while you are at it!
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