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  1. This version of PHP is way too old (end-of-life was over 5 years ago!), and therefore insecure. Version 5.5 is going to reach end-of-life in a few months. You need to upgrade to one of the supported versions: https://secure.php.net/supported-versions.php
  2. You need to learn how to read errors and warnings, as these are perfectly clear: Why is the getProperty2 method setup to take an argument? It looks like you copy/pasted the function for setProperty2() and forgot to remove the argument.
  3. Use wordwrap on the output: https://secure.php.net/manual/en/function.wordwrap.php
  4. Congratulations! Your super-crappy host has updated PHP to a version that is no longer supported after last year. You need to find yourself a *real* host that supports at least 5.5, move your code there and do the updating required in your code.
  5. Please move your code to use something other than the deprecated mysql_ functions (mysqli or PDO) and use prepared statements. You are totally open to SQL injection attacks.
  6. The ; at the end of this line if(!preg_match('/[a-z]/',$title)); means the if statement will have no effect, and the line immediately following will always be executed.
  7. The answer is right in the documentation: You should be using the password_hash function.
  8. To get a valid WSDL from that location you need to append ?wsdl to the url: https://api.mindbodyonline.com/0_5/SaleService.asmx?wsdl
  9. You are making a mysqli instance here and assigning it to the variable $db: $db=new mysqli('localhost', 'DanCojocaru', 'danutzsrl', 'dan cojocaru'); Therefore, you should be calling the query method on *that* variable, $db.
  10. Don't use Pear; as you can see the last stable release was over 5 years ago. Use either Swiftmailer or PHPmailer.
  11. Try setting the curl option CURLOPT_FOLLOWLOCATION to true. Looks like there's a redirect occurring now.
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