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  1. this is not php looks like js... but make sure your value is an init and not a string
  2. here is a decent function that may help you out http://php.net/manual/en/function.ucwords.php#96179
  3. when you loop the array use php case functions to change it EX: strtolower($value) this make it all lower no matter what the user has entred
  4. if $database is defined in the db file you could just call it as a global in the function like function test($one, $two, $three) { global $database; $database->query(...); /// doesn't work inside this function } some people dont like to do this but it does work
  5. `id` int(11) NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT, `userID` int(11) NOT NULL, `userName` varchar(64) COLLATE utf8_bin NOT NULL, `level` varchar(64) COLLATE utf8_bin NOT NULL, `dateTime` timestamp NOT NULL DEFAULT CURRENT_TIMESTAMP ON UPDATE CURRENT_TIMESTAMP, `text` text COLLATE utf8_bin, PRIMARY KEY (`id`)"); thats the table structure there is also a js part thats inserted to the header of the page for the use <script type=\'text/javascript\'> /* <![CDATA[ */ var wr = {"userID":"'.$id.'","userName":"'.$name.'","level":"'.$level.'" }; /* ]]> */ </script> this script auto polls the db to the request file index.php?send=true but i would recommend using a script file then the index to do this but the link for the example this was based off is a much easier way to get started
  6. im gona show you an example of a very basic chat app i designed the jquery $(document).ready(function(){ var IastID = 0; var noActivity = 0; var nextRequest = 5000; var update = updateChat(); $('#inputField').keypress(function(e) { if (e.keyCode == 13 && !e.shiftKey) { var text = $('#inputField').val(); if(text != "") { // Assigning a temporary ID to the chat: $.ajax({ type: "POST", url: "index.php?send=true", data: { 'function' : 'send', userID : wr.userID, userName : wr.userName, level : wr.level, text : text.replace(/</g,'<').replace(/>/g,'>') }, dataType: "json", success: function(r){ $('#inputField').val(''); updateChat(); }, }); return false; } } }); function updateChat() { $.ajax({ type: "POST", url: "index.php?hb=true", data: { 'function': 'heartbeat', IastID: lastmsgid() }, dataType: "json", success: function(r){ var h=[]; var g=[]; var z = r; //g.push(channel); for(var t=0;t<z.length;t++) { addChatLine(z[t]); } //alert(z.data.chats.length); if(z.length){ noActivity = 0; nextRequest = 4000; } }, }); if(noActivity > 3){ nextRequest = 5000; } if(noActivity > 10){ nextRequest = 10000; } // 15 seconds if(noActivity > 20){ nextRequest = 15000; } $('#activity').html('<p class="noChats">No chats yet '+noActivity+' hb time '+nextRequest+'</p>'); setTimeout(updateChat,nextRequest); } function render(template,params){ var arr = []; switch(template){ case 'loginTopBar': arr = [ '<span><img src="',params.gravatar,'" width="23" height="23" />', '<span class="name">',params.name, '</span><a href="" class="logoutButton rounded">Logout</a></span>']; break; case 'chatLine': arr = ['<div class="chat" id="chat-',params.id,'" style="color: ',color[params.level],'!important;"><span class="author">',params.userName, ' : </span><span class="text">',params.text,'</span></div>']; break; case 'user': arr = [ '<div class="user" title="',params.name,'"><img src="', params.gravatar,'" width="30" height="30" onload="this.style.visibility=\'visible\'" /></div>' ]; break; } // A single array join is faster than // multiple concatenations return arr.join(''); } function addChatLine(params){ // All times are displayed in the user's timezone var d = new Date(); if(params.time) { // PHP returns the time in UTC (GMT). We use it to feed the date // object and later output it in the user's timezone. JavaScript // internally converts it for us. d.setUTCHours(params.time.hours,params.time.minutes); } params.time = (d.getHours() < 10 ? '0' : '' ) + d.getHours()+':'+ (d.getMinutes() < 10 ? '0':'') + d.getMinutes(); var markup = render('chatLine',params), exists = $('#chat-'+params.id); if(exists.length){ exists.remove(); } if(!IastID){ // If this is the first chat, remove the // paragraph saying there aren't any: $('.noChats').remove(); } // If this isn't a temporary chat: if(params.id.toString().charAt(0) != 't'){ $('#chatroom').append(markup); } var sHeight = $('#chatroom')[0].scrollHeight; $('#chatroom').scrollTop(sHeight); } function lastmsgid() { getID = $('#chatroom').children('div').last().attr('id');//.replace('chat-',''); if (getID) { myarr = getID.split("-"); myvar = myarr[1]; IastID = myvar; } else { IastID = 0; } return IastID; } }); this is prity simple and has more features then you would want at the start thi s this uses timestamps avatars and usernames when chatting the html <div id="content" style="display: block;"> <div id="chatroom" class="chatrm"> </div> <div id="inputFieldContainer" class="inputbar"> <textarea id="inputField" class="mchatboxtextarea" title="Press SHIFT+ENTER to input a line break"></textarea> </div> </div> all the hard work is done by jquery so basic html the heartbeat checks the database for new messages the input sends the data to the processing page witch is like this... $function = $_POST['function']; switch ($function) { case 'heartbeat': $response = heartbeat(); break; case 'send': $response = add_message($_POST); break; } echo json_encode($response); function add_message($post) { global $roster, $addon; $sql = "INSERT INTO `".$roster->db->table('messages',$addon['basename'])."` ". "(`id`, `userID`, `userName`, `level`, `text`) VALUES ". "(NULL, '".$post['userID']."', '".$post['userName']."', '".$post['level']."', '".$post['text']."');"; $result = $roster->db->query( $sql ); if ($result) { return array('status' => true); } else { return array('status' => false,'sql' => $sql); } } function heartbeat() { global $roster, $addon; $sql = "Select * FROM `".$roster->db->table('messages',$addon['basename'])."`"; $result = $roster->db->query( $sql ); $mes = array(); while($d = $roster->db->fetch($result)) { $mes[] = $d; } return $mes; } and thats all there is to my app really i hope this helps a lil here is the guide it was based off of http://css-tricks.com/jquery-php-chat/
  7. i tryed your code i removed all the line brakes from the code and i have this $d = array("rowData"=> '<div class = "row" data-id = "'.$row['id'].'" ><div class = "row"><img src="data:image/jpeg;base64,'.base64_encode( $row['blob'] ).'"/></div><div class = "container"><div class = "name"><p>'.$row['name'] .'</p></div></div></div>'); echo json_encode($d); and the output looks like
  8. try using @mysql_free_result(); some good tips - dont name all your querys the same number or letter them like $query1,$query2 ect. this would also apply to the $result - free the $result not the query this releases the resource from the database give these tips a try and it should start working
  9. so i have a post in freelancing and its done BUT i cannot edit delete reply nothing no tools show up on this page at all for me and i am logged in to the site but i cannot do anything to it .. was this intended?
  10. setting the datatype "dataType (default: Intelligent Guess (xml, json, script, or html))" you can return what you want from the call
  11. excellent advice my out put is formatted in a json array and doing it all in 1 request should be easy for me as my script sends the relevant chat channels to the request file
  12. so im working on this chat app for a sit im working on .. the main feature is a 3 room tabbed chat window each room displays the chat text and the users in the room but this is not my issue as its working as intended. my issue is we are adding group and user chat where a user can start a group room and chat with users they add and we want to use 1on1 user chats ... the question is should i use a separate hartbeat for each chat div or have 1 update them all?
  13. http://php.net/manual/en/function.mysql-num-rows.php php.net your friend when lurning allways good code examples there
  14. $ in php marks the calling of a var weather it be array or what not if the $ is used improperly it will error out $query .= "($" . "rel_student_uid, '$detention_date')"; reads the $ as a var call with no var name $query .= "($rel_student_uid, '$detention_date')"; reads the $rel_student_uid as a var for php to call any $ inside " " will be treated as a php var to avoid this if you are thing $ as just a character use mysql escape or enclose it in ' ' this making any $ inside a ' ' reas as text unless code escaped with ' ' . $var . ' ' or for doubles " " . $var . " " i personally always code escape my var and use mysql escape i hope this helps
  15. @$_POST['enter'] is suppressing your errors remove the @ and run it again also try printing the post info and see whats being sent using print_r();
  16. seems i have solved the issue some what using eval( $(this).attr('data-tip')); it uses the data it needs too
  17. Thanks for the reply, the reason they are stored as such is because they contain html tho the code had the same result as befor iy just put tiplib_1 in the div not the value of it..
  18. ok im working on making a tooltip script using jquery... my tooltips are stored un this type of fashion.. <script type="text/javascript"> <!--//--><![CDATA var tiplib_1 = "Search items and recipes in the database"; var tiplib_2 = "Roster Configuration Panel"; var tiplib_3 = "Add a new guild and synchronize<br \/>the memberlist with Blizzard\'s Armory"; var tiplib_4 = "Image screenshot database"; //--><!]]> </script> this is located at the bottom of my page .. my question is how would i call this info so i can place it in a div container <div data-tip="tiplib_1" >This is link #4</div> $(document).ready(function(){ simple_tooltip("[data-tip]","tooltip"); }); starts mt script function simple_tooltip(target_items, style){ $(target_items).each(function(i){ var Tip_name = $(this).attr("data-tip"); //$("body").append("<div id='"+$(this).attr("data-tip")+"'>"+$($(this).attr("data-tip"))+"</div>"); var myar = Tip_name.split('_'); alert("id "+i+"- "+$(this).attr("data-tip")+"-"+myar[1]+""); $("<div id='"+Tip_name+"'>"+$(this).attr("data-tip")+"</div>").appendTo("body") $("#"+Tip_name).html(Tip_name); var my_tooltip = $("#"+Tip_name); Tip_name has the name of the var i wana call but for the life of me i cannoe make use get the value of the var and put it in the div any help?
  19. im gona make your life way easier..... basic check box array usage <input type="checkbox" name="delete[]" id="id#" value='id#' /> id# being your cid number then you pass it using a form post heres the magic in php if (isset($_POST['delete'])) { foreach ($_POST['delete'] as $c => $id) { $d = "DELETE FROM `yourtablename` WHERE `cid` = '".$id."';"; } } and you can now delete many boxes at the same time !
  20. um yea thats because id allready fixed it and for got to say so opps..
  21. ive been 3 days trying to figure out what the issue is with this menu you can see it here http://beta.wowroster.net/index.php?p=char-achievements&a=c:251 the problem is if you click to expand "quests" then when you try and hover over "Exploration" you get some funky issue this is the css #rp_menu ul{margin:0;display:block;padding:0 0 0 10px;background:url(images/achv_lnav_bg.jpg) repeat-y;list-style-type:none;list-style-position:outside;width:165px; float:left; position:relative;line-height:22px;} #rp_menu ul li { display:block;color:#e7d6b8; margin:1px 5px 1px 5px;text-indent:5px;width:158px;} #rp_menu ul li.selected { background:url(images/achv_lnav_sel.png);text-indent:5px;width:158px;color:#C79C6E;} #rp_menu ul li.selected a { color:#C79C6E;} #rp_menu ul li:hover { color:white; background:url(images/achv_cat_hover.png) right repeat-y;text-indent:5px;width:158px; height: 22px;} #rp_menu ul li a { background:none;zoom:1; } #rp_menu ul li ul{display:none; background:url(images/achv_sel_sub_bg.png) bottom left no-repeat;width:152px;padding:4px 0px 6px 6px; margin:0 0 10px 0;} #rp_menu ul li ul li { display:block;color:#ABD473; margin:1px 5px 1px 5px; width:144px;text-indent:3px;} #rp_menu ul li ul li a{ color:#ABD473;} #rp_menu ul li ul li.selected2 { background:url(images/achv_lnav_sel.png);text-indent:5px;width:148px;color:#ABD473;} #rp_menu ul li ul li.selected2 a{ color:#ABD473;} #rp_menu ul li ul li:hover {background:url(images/achv_sub_hover.png)repeat-y; color:#AA5303;height: 22px;width:148px;} and thsi is the jquery code $(document).ready(function () { $('#menu li').children('ul').slideUp('fast'); $('#amain > div#s81').show(); var parent; $('#menu li').click(function(e) { if ($(this).parents('li').size() > 0 ) { //Has parent LI, so this is a child comment $(this).siblings().removeClass("selected2"); //Remove any "active" class $(this).addClass("selected2"); //Add "active" class to selected tab $('div#amain > div').hide(); $("#amain > div#"+this.id).show(); parent = true; return true; } else { if (!parent) { //Has no parent LI, top level comment $('div#amain > div').hide(); $("li.menu_head").removeClass(" selected"); //Remove any "active" class $(this).addClass(" selected"); $('#menu li').children('ul').slideUp('fast'); $("#amain > div#"+this.id).show(); $('li.menu_head#'+this.id+' > ul#sub').slideDown('400').show(); } parent=false; } }); }); any one have any ideas?
  22. we dont dl attachements post the code in ]code] brackets but you most likely need to name each button with its own id and pot it in its own form but you can use checkboxes and approve them that way
  23. $this->number will be null because you have not set it change $number = $_POST['number']; to $this->number = $_POST['number']; and try agian
  24. first make a forum to upload the image run upload script on finish run resize then display
  25. the thing is the session_user_id should be 0 because of it being a guest session but its using 3 and its not set any where in the script and its not posted from any where... im at aloss i think i have a temp fix im running the query directly in the query() insted of using a var..
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