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  1. I did not find these shortcuts I mention in the FM. Did you ?
  2. Oh! But I wrote the mysqli_prepare in the 2nd line. You saying that is incorrect as mysqli_prepare should be in the 1st line with the $query ? If so, then how come you aswell as others here and in other forums like the Devshed forum never brought this to my attention ever before ? Because what you see here is how I have been doing prepared statements in all my threads and posts on many forums including this one and DevShed for over a yr now and no-one said (not even Requinix and Barand who been helping me out here and Devshed like you) what you are saying now to bring this issue to my att
  3. Long Version Associative Array: /* associative array */ $row = mysqli_fetch_array($result, MYSQLI_ASSOC); echo $row["name"]." ".$row["author_name"]." ".$row['price']; Short Version Associative Array: ($row = mysqli_fetch_assoc($result)) As in: while ($row = mysqli_fetch_assoc($result)) { echo $row["name"]." ".$row["class"]." ".$row['roll_no']."<br />"; Q1. Correct ? Q2. Long Version Numeric Array: /* numeric array */ $row = mysqli_fetch_array($result, MYSQLI_NUM); echo $row[0]." ".$row[1]." ".$row[2];
  4. I think this line found in the tutorial is an error: $total_pages = $conn->query('SELECT * FROM browsing_histories')->num_rows; It should not have been $total_pages but $total_records. Correct ? Tutorial here: https://codeshack.io/how-to-create-pagination-php-mysql/
  5. If you look closely then you will see I originally did what you suggested. However, saying all this, I am stuck on this line and so care to help me convert that ? $total_pages = $conn->query('SELECT * FROM browsing_histories')->num_rows; //I NEED HELP TO SUBSTITUTE THIS TO PROCEDURAL STYLE
  6. I commented-out their lines and added mine beneath their lines that I substituted.
  7. Folks, Look what I found here: https://codeshack.io/how-to-create-pagination-php-mysql/ It is oop pagination using mysqli. I only know mysqli and procedural. So, teach me to convert it to procedural. My procedural style code is this alongside their OOP: <?php if (!$conn) { $error = mysqli_connect_error(); $errno = mysqli_connect_errno(); print "$errno: $error\n"; exit(); } // Get the total number of records from our table "students". $total_pages = $conn->query('SELECT * FROM browsing_histories')->num_rows; //I NEED HELP TO SUBSTITUTE TH
  8. Folks, I got this pagination without PREP STMT working ABSOLUTELY FINE: <?php //Required PHP Files. include 'header_account.php'; //Required on all webpages of the Account. ?> <?php if (!$conn) { $error = mysqli_connect_error(); $errno = mysqli_connect_errno(); print "$errno: $error\n"; exit(); } //Grab Username of who's Browsing History needs to be searched. if (isset($_GET['followee_username']) && !empty($_GET['followee_username'])) { $followee_username = $_GET['followee_username']; if($followee_username !=
  9. I spotted my error the other day. Should've been: if($followee_username != "followee_all" OR $followee_username != "followee_All"")
  10. Correction: This url should work: browsing_histories_v1.php?followee_username=followee_all&page_number=1 It should trigger: $query = "SELECT * FROM browsing_histories"; It should show all rows from the tbl. Correct ? What's wrong ? Puzzled!
  11. Neither the IF from here shows all rows: if($followee_username == "followee_all" OR "Followee_All") { $query = "SELECT * FROM following_histories"; echo "all"; $query_type = "followee_all"; $followed_word = "followee_all"; $follower_username = "$user"; } else { $query = "SELECT * FROM following_histories WHERE username = \"$followee_username\""; echo "$followee_username"; $query_type = "$followee_username"; $followed_word = "$followee_username"; $follower_username = "$user";
  12. Hi, I want to pull data from db, where sometimes all rows and sometimes rows matching given "username". Here is my code: //Grab Username of who's Browsing History needs to be searched. if (isset($_GET['followee_username']) && !empty($_GET['followee_username'])) { $followee_username = $_GET['followee_username']; if($followee_username != "followee_all" OR "Followee_All") { $query = "SELECT * FROM browsing_histories WHERE username = \"$followee_username\""; $query_type = "followee_username"; $followed_word = "$followee_u
  13. Cos, I thought maybe what I thought the answer was probably was not correct somewhere as I was still getting the error. I think I forgot to refresh my browser. You got a grip like a vice, haven't ya ? Yaa, won't let it go! Lol! May my backside be excused from your rottweiler bite ? Lol! But don't go away as I want to complete this script I have been working on since feb 2017 and release it tomorrow. I might have more questions on upcoming new threads. Stay tuned with me tonight.
  14. Yeah. I know. If you notice my scripts, the variables get created for first time in the bind_result. Anyway, good thing you still mentioned it to make sure I am aware of it. Am sure other newbies, who aren't aware of this, will learn from your comment.
  15. Error gone on my original script now. Thanks! $stmt_1 = mysqli_prepare($conn,"SELECT COUNT(sponsor_username) from users WHERE sponsor_username = ?"); mysqli_stmt_bind_param($stmt_1,'s',$sponsor_username); mysqli_stmt_execute($stmt_1); //Show error if 'users' tbl was not successfully queried". if (!$stmt_1) { echo "ERROR 1: Sorry! Our system is currently experiencing a problem loading this page!"; exit(); } else { m
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