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About Me

I started studying html and css in 1998. I spent several years of spare time learning these languages. I moved to javascript and vbscript from there but never really mastered either language. I looked at PHP in early 2000 but i didn't quite grasp it at the time. I looked at cpp a bit and compiled simple hellow world console apps for fun. I stopped coding in the mid 2000s. A few years ago i decided to start building a website for nature and biology. I revisited html and css which is now at html 5 and css 3. I've relearned html and css. I finally learned enough PHP to start building my website. I'm now regularly coding html, css and php. I'm trying to learn more sql and i'd like to move into a compiled language in the future. Along the way (in the early 2000s), I also learned ASP and QBasic languages.

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