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  1. Thanks a lot for your indepth answer. I will try to get more into this matter then. Also another question, we used an excel export code, now that I converted most of the code I came along this following part of code which does no longer exist in PHP 7. I searched for alternatives and I am not sure how to implement them in this specific example, I hope im not asking too much but Im kinda lost.. mysql_field_name Tia
  2. If I were to remove the or die function - it would be able to run on 7. right? While Im thinking of how to implement the stuff you just sent.
  3. I wanted it to return me a string of the error if there's one - how can I adjust it.. Im kinda lost.
  4. Hello guys. Im not familiar with PHP but I was asked to convert our Homepage which uses a Database to store tickets from 5.x to 7.3.9 . Now I get this error: I'd appreaciate any help from you guys, tia. :)
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