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Found 3 results

  1. Hello to everyone! I've got a script written in php4 and would like to convert it to php5, I can't find either a paid or open source version of any script similar. I don't know enough to do this myself, but can work it all out if someone could give me a hand with this first part, how would this be written in php5? <?php session_start(); // Require standard files include("./require/config.php"); require("./require/authmember.php"); require("./require/functions.php"); include("./include/get_config.inc.php"); $content="./include/index.inc.php"; if(session_is_registered("valid_user")) { $menu="./include/menu_v.inc.php"; } else { $menu="./include/menu_u.inc.php"; } //Page Description $page_title="Welcome to $site_name"; //Meta description tag $description=""; //Meta keywords tag $keywords=""; include("./include/header.inc.php"); include("./include/body.inc.php"); include("./include/footer.inc.php"); ?> Your help would be most appreciated, thanks in advance.
  2. Hi All, I've been interested in writing a PHP pdo configuration file so that I can include connections in various files on my site. While I was looking up some possible solutions I stumbled across an interesting post on stack overflow http://stackoverflow.com/questions/11369360/how-to-properly-set-up-a-pdo-connection The first responder suggested the code below. However, I don't understand how to access the connection and make query calls. I'm confused by how it's possible to return a variable name as an object { return new $name( $this->connection ) }. Also, If someone could explain what the author means by { $something = $factory->create('Something');}. Wouldn't the "Something" need to be a class? And how would that class get the db connection? All the best, Karma $provider = function() { $instance = new PDO('mysql:......;charset=utf8', 'username', 'password'); $instance->setAttribute(PDO::ATTR_ERRMODE, PDO::ERRMODE_EXCEPTION); $instance->setAttribute(PDO::ATTR_EMULATE_PREPARES, false); return $instance; }; class StructureFactory { protected $provider = null; protected $connection = null; public function __construct( callable $provider ) { $this->provider = $provider; } public function create( $name) { if ( $this->connection === null ) { $this->connection = call_user_func( $this->provider ); } return new $name( $this->connection ); } } $factory = new StructureFactory( $provider ); $something = $factory->create('Something'); $foobar = $factory->create('Foobar');
  3. Can anyone suggest how to build web app like http://www1.lost-in-val-sinestra.com/ without flash. We want to pull the data from facebook and using pulled data edit the sample video and play in the browser. I was thinking to use image magick with ffmpeg to edit the video but unable to do it successfully. I tried to edit video using below steps 1. Extract all frames from the video using ffmpeg. 2. Identify the frames need to be customized. 3. Identify the coordinates of placeholders where we need to place the facebook data. 4. Using image magick customized frames with facebook image (facing difficulty here as the video moves continously taking coordinate of each frames is tedious) 5. Create final video with edited frames using ffmpeg.
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