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Found 7 results

  1. I have a very simple page, where I use the include statement that includes my connection string. The connection string and a variables are not being passed to my test server - (WAMP). My include file is below $server = "servername"; $username = "username"; $password = ""; $database = "dbname"; $portNumber = 3308; $link = mysqli_connect($server,$username,$password,$database,$portNumber); if(!$link) { echo "cannot connet to the server"; } else { echo "This works"; } echo "Hi"; I am including this file with the following code: include ("includes/connect.inc"); My site is not connecting to the database, and is not displaying "This works", or "Hi". Do you have any pointers on how to get this connect?
  2. I'm creating a report page and can't figure out how to retrieve multiple rows from a table and display them in html. There are 5 data elements in each row and I'm thinking that using a form in the html might be the best way as I'm totally ignorant about tables in html. I'm a newbie to php and can't figure out how to accomplish this. Here's the code that I have so far: <?php $filename = NULL; session_start(); // start of script every time. // setup a path for all of your canned php scripts $php_scripts = '../php/'; // a folder above the web accessible tree // load the pdo connection module require $php_scripts . 'PDO_Connection_Select.php'; //******************************* // Begin the script here // Connect to the database if (!$con = PDOConnect("foxclone")): { echo "Failed to connect to database" ; exit; } else: { $sql = 'SELECT COUNT(IP_ADDRESS) FROM download WHERE FILENAME IS NOT NULL'; $sql1 = 'Update download t2, ip_lookup t1 set t2.country = t1.country, t2.area = t1.area, t2.city = t1.city where ((t2.IP_ADDRESS) = (t1.start_ip) OR (t2.IP_ADDRESS) > (t1.start_ip)) AND ((t2.IP_ADDRESS) = (t1.end_ip) OR (t2.IP_ADDRESS) < (t1.end_ip)) AND (t2.FILENAME is not null and t2.country is null)'; $sql2 = 'SELECT (IP_ADDRESS, FILENAME, country, area, city) from download where FILENAME is not null'; // Update the table $stmt = $con->prepare($sql1); $stmt->execute(); // Get count of rows to be displayed in table $stmt = $con->prepare($sql); $stmt->execute() ; $cnt = $stmt->fetch(PDO::FETCH_NUM); // retrieve one row at a time $i = 1; while($i <= $cnt){ $stmt = $con->prepare($sql2); $row->execute(array('')); // Do I need an array here? // from here on, I'm lost $i++; I'd appreciate any guidance you can provide or understandable tutorials you can point me to. Larry
  3. My login script stores the user's login name as $_SESSION[ 'name'] on login. For some unapparent reason, i'm getting errors stating that $user and $priv are undefined variables, though I've attempted to define $user as being equal to $_SESSION['name'], using $user to look up the the user's privilege level (stored as the su column ) in the SQL table, and then where the result of the sql query is $priv which is then evaluated in an if statement. I can't seem to figure out why this might not be working. The code I'm using: <?php session_start(); function verify() { //verify that the user is logged in via the login page. Session_start has already been called. if (!isset($_SESSION['loggedin'])) { header('Location: /index.html'); exit; } //if user is logged in, we then lookup necessary privleges. $_SESSION['name'] was written with the login name upon login. Privleges // are written in db as a single-digit integer of of 0 for users, 1 for administrators, and 2 for special users. $user === $_SESSION['name']; //Connect to Databse $link = mysqli_connect("", "database user", "password", "database"); if (!$link) { echo "Error: Unable to connect to MySQL." . PHP_EOL; echo "Debugging errno: " . mysqli_connect_errno() . PHP_EOL; echo "Debugging error: " . mysqli_connect_error() . PHP_EOL; exit; } //SQL Statement to lookup privlege information. if ($result = mysqli_query($link, "SELECT su FROM accounts WHERE username = $user", MYSQLI_STORE_RESULT)) { //LOOP TO CYCLE THROUGH SQL RESULTS AND STORE Privlege information as vairable $priv. while ($row = $result->fetch_assoc()) { $priv === $row["su"]; } } // close SQL connection. mysqli_close($link); // Verify privleges and take action. Only a privlege of "1" is allowed to view this page. A privlege of "2" indicates special //accounts used in other scripts that have certain indermediate additional functions, but are not trusted administrators. if ($priv !== 1) { echo $_SESSION['name']; echo "you have privlege level of $priv"; echo "<br>"; echo 'Your account does not have the privleges necessary to view this page'; exit; } } verify(); ?>
  4. I have used this program for many years without problems. My ISP urged me to upgrade PHP to 7.2 and it was working OK. Just went to use it and I get an error when parsing my FPDF file. Here is the error: Connected (added this to check if connected) Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to undefined method PDF::FPDF() in /homepages/30/d593365489/htdocs/Prnpdf.php:78 Stack trace: #0 /homepages/30/d593365489/htdocs/Prnpdf.php(108): PDF->PDF('L', 'mm', 'A4') #1 {main} thrown in /homepages/30/d593365489/htdocs/Prnpdf.php on line 78 I have not altered the file in any way, so why is this happening? Is it to do with PHP upgrade?😖 Here is the file: <?php include("connect_Verses4Cards.php"); $conn=get_db_conn_verse(); session_start(); $display_block =""; $color=""; $r =""; $g =""; $b =""; $image =""; //Get the Card Variables $Get_Size_sql = "SELECT * FROM `CSize` WHERE `Size` ='".$_POST["CSize"]."'"; $Get_Size_res = mysqli_query($conn, $Get_Size_sql) or die(mysqli_error($conn)); if (mysqli_num_rows($Get_Size_res) < 1) { //this Card does not exist $display_block = "You have selected an invalid Card size. Please try again."; } else { //get the print variables while ($Size_info = mysqli_fetch_array($Get_Size_res)) { $BoxX = stripslashes($Size_info['BoxX']); $Cellw = stripslashes($Size_info['Cellw']); $Cellh = stripslashes($Size_info['Cellh']); $SizeI = stripslashes($Size_info['Size']); $SID = stripslashes($Size_info['SID']); $floatx = stripslashes($Size_info['floatx']); $floaty = stripslashes($Size_info['floaty']); $floatw = stripslashes($Size_info['floatw']); $floath = stripslashes($Size_info['floath']); $ort = stripslashes($Size_info['ort']); } //create the display string $display_block = "$ort"; } //verify the Event exists //$the_id = mysqli_real_escape_string($mysqli, $_SESSION[VID]); $Get_Verse_sql = "SELECT id, Event, Sub_Type, Verse FROM verses WHERE id='".$_SESSION['Test']."'"; $Get_Verse_res = mysqli_query($conn, $Get_Verse_sql) or die(mysqli_error($conn)); if (mysqli_num_rows($Get_Verse_res) < 1) { //this Event does not exist $display_block = "You have selected an invalid Event. Please try again."; } else { //get the Event ID while ($Verse_info = mysqli_fetch_array($Get_Verse_res)) { $Verse = stripslashes($Verse_info['Verse']); } //create the display string $display_block = "$Verse"; //free results mysqli_free_result($Get_Verse_res); mysqli_free_result($Get_Size_res); //close connection to MySQL } mysqli_close($conn); require('fpdf.php'); class PDF extends FPDF { var $B; var $I; var $U; var $HREF; function PDF($orientation='P', $unit='mm', $size='A4') { // Call parent constructor $this->FPDF($orientation,$unit,$size); // Initialization $this->B = 0; $this->I = 0; $this->U = 0; $this->HREF = ''; } function SetStyle($tag, $enable) { // Modify style and select corresponding font $this->$tag += ($enable ? 1 : -1); $style = ''; foreach(array('B', 'I', 'U') as $s) { if($this->$s>0) $style .= $s; } $this->SetFont('',$style); } } $color = $_POST['color']; $r = substr($color,0,3); $g = substr($color,3,3); $b = substr($color,6,3); $image=$_POST['image']; $pdf = new PDF($ort,'mm','A4'); $pdf->AddPage(); $pdf->AddFont('French Script MT','','/frscript.php'); $pdf->AddFont('Batavia','','Batavia_.php'); $pdf->AddFont('Algerian','','Alger.php'); $pdf->AddFont('Bladerunner','','BLADRMF_.php'); $pdf->AddFont('Brush Script','','BRUSHSCI.php'); $pdf->AddFont('Helterskelter','','Helte___.php'); $pdf->AddFont('Justice','','Justice_.php'); $pdf->AddFont('Magneto','','MAGNETOB.php'); $pdf->AddFont('Old English','','OldEngl.php'); $pdf->AddFont('Sneakerhead Outline','','Sneabo__.php'); $pdf->AddFont('Trendy','','Trendy__.php'); $pdf->AddFont('Vladimir Script','','VLADIMIR.php'); $pdf->SetLeftMargin('float0'); $pdf->SetTextColor($r,$g,$b); $pdf->SetFont($_POST['fontface'],'',$_POST['font']); $pdf->SetXY($BoxX, $_POST['Top']); $pdf->Image($image,$floatx,$floaty,$floatw,$floath,'',''); $pdf->MultiCell($Cellw,$Cellh,$display_block,'' ,'C'); //$pdf->SetDisplayMode('fullpage',''); $pdf->SetFont(''); $pdf->Output('verse.pdf','D'); //end: ?>
  5. I am new to PHP, ereg_replace is deprecated so need to convert ereg_replace to preg_replace, I can't figure out how to put "delimiters and escape character" on $TEST_FILE below, can someone help me on this. function KernelBase(){ $i=0; $TEST_FILE="fdKernel/Init.php"; $TEST=$TEST_FILE; while(!file_exists($TEST)){ $TEST="../".$TEST; if($i>15) break; $i++; } return trim(ereg_replace($TEST_FILE,NULL,$TEST))."fdKernel/"; }
  6. Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to undefined method FPDF::TextWithRotation() in C:\laragon\www\arx\fpdf\rot.php:8 Stack trace: #0 {main} thrown in C:\laragon\www\arx\fpdf\rot.php on line 8 this issue is coming in my file don't knw i want to rotate my text in pdf <?php require('rpdf.php'); $pdf=new FPDF(); $pdf->AddPage(); $pdf->SetFont('Arial','',40); $pdf->TextWithRotation(50,65,'Hello',45,-45); $pdf->SetFontSize(30); $pdf->TextWithDirection(110,50,'world!','L'); $pdf->TextWithDirection(110,50,'world!','U'); $pdf->TextWithDirection(110,50,'world!','R'); $pdf->TextWithDirection(110,50,'world!','D'); $pdf->Output(); ?> please help me
  7. Hello guys. Im not familiar with PHP but I was asked to convert our Homepage which uses a Database to store tickets from 5.x to 7.3.9 . Now I get this error: I'd appreaciate any help from you guys, tia. :)
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