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    FF issues

    Thank you. I put those in, but now it made spaces where there weren't any before. And the login area is still messed up. Any other ideas? Thanks, -Chris
  2. cmgmyr

    FF issues

    *bump* anyone?
  3. If you just want to output an average there is AVG() for MySQL.
  4. what are you trying to order? can you give some more details?
  5. cmgmyr

    FF issues

    Hey all, I'm re-designing one of my sites (www.syracusebands.net) I have the new design at http://syracusebands.net/new/temp.html IE looks fine (Like how I want it to look) But FF is all messed up. I'm sure it is something simple, but I'm just missing it. CSS is here: http://syracusebands.net/new/css/style.css Thanks, -Chris
  6. - Add border:dashed #FF99CC; (Or whatever color you used) to get your border. - Put a background color of white in your container. - Add background-color:inherit; in a, div#navigation, div#extra, div#content Check here for your CSS validation: http://jigsaw.w3.org/css-validator/validator?uri=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.PaigeJohnston.com%2Fcss%2Fmysite.css&usermedium=all A little hint: if you have the div id's set up in your HTML you only have to put #divid in your CSS (#content) for example. Looking good so far! -Chris
  7. With divs you can easily style them with css, they are also a lot lighter (less scripting) which makes your page load faster. With tables there is a lot more code then is needed, also with images and tables, there has been a lot of spacing and padding problems. See what you can do with css and divs and trying to make a tableless layout. -Chris
  8. I use MD5 hashing for my passwords $password = "pass"; $md5_pass = md5($password); (insert this into your database) After your user goes through the login convert the inputed password to md5 (like above) and query your database with it. (SELECT * FROM users where username = $username AND password = $md5_pass) Something like that. Hope that helped, -Chris
  9. cmgmyr


    usually the server would be localhost
  10. cmgmyr


    yes, fill it in like this: mysql_connect("server", "username", "password") -Chris
  11. Thanks guys I will try that out. Here is my query if that helps any. [code]$query = "SELECT users.userid, users.name, profile.type, profile.url, profile.url_description, profile.image, profile.image_description, profile.mp3 FROM users INNER JOIN profile on (users.userid = profile.userid) ORDER BY users.name ASC";[/code] Thanks, -Chris
  12. cmgmyr


    You didn't close your "else" statement with a } try that and see what happens. -Chris
  13. 1. Sorry for the kinda stupid question, but I have been coding all weekend and I can't really think very well any more...so here it goes. I have a database of users that I want an alphabetically separated list of... 0-9 ----- name name A ----- name name and so on... What would the best thing to do this with? I was thinking with an array of 0-Z and seeing if the name of the user falls under it, but I don't know. Any ideas? Thanks, -Chris
  14. A footer would be good, and your contact page is messed up. When you get your site completed you should post this in the website critique forum. -Chris
  15. You can easily convert your site to css. Just do a search in google for css tableless layout or something like that. Also CSS samples and examples. You should find tons of stuff to help you out. -Chris
  16. That makes sence. Plus search engine spiders don't do too well with extracting text from images (they can't do it) so it would be very good to get some actual text in there. Please let us know when you get some more done with the site. This looks like a good start! -Chris
  17. My initial feeling of the site was pretty good, I like your design and the colors that you used. Home: - Seems good to me Cartoons: - What's with the bad background images, they just look messy. Just put a heading on each of the sections to say whos work they are. - Very messed up in FireFox (footer) Art: - I don't know...I wouldn't call that art Cartoon Database: - It looks like a totally different site. Try and skin your forum so that it looks like your regular site Circle Question: - Looks fine Ye Olde News: - Why don't you make your own news script? It is a good start but there is still a lot of work that needs to be done. Stick with your main design and bring that through to the other parts of your site. -Chris
  18. Not too bad, your background kinda bothers my eyes if I look at it for more then a few seconds. Your gallery and flash links go to a 404 page. Try and make your forum look a little more like your site. -Chris
  19. [quote]time is a bi*ch :/[/quote] I hear you there, between working full time, computer stuff on the side, school, and playing in 2 bands...I know what you mean. HA!
  20. I know this doesn't have anything to do with PHP at all, but I was just wondering what you all do for a living, if it has to do with php or no. Also what other technologies you work with. I guess I'll start :) I work full time at a local distribution company as a System Manager, handling all of the IT business. Some things that I deal with on an every day basis is AIX, VB, Prophet 21, Excel, Access, Word, and I also work on their website occasionally. I also all of the networking/hardware stuff too. Plus whatever else happens to come up. And when I get home I have my own web design/computer consulting business that keeps me fairly busy. What do you do? -Chris
  21. Can you please post the code that is giving you the problem? -Chris
  22. try adding this to your table tag: cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0" -Chris
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