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  1. Looks good overall. - Some of your longer text sticks out of the red sections. - When you look at it in a smaller resolution your boxes seem out of order. - After you click on something, when you are at your "please wait" page your footer doesn't stay on the bottom. -Chris
  2. cmgmyr


    I checked my CPU usage on my PC at home and it went up to 60-70%...and on a duel core...thats not good :-)
  3. Instead of where you have the iframe put this: [code]<div id="top_5" style="width:100;height:100;overflow:auto;"><?php include "your_top_five_script.php"; ?></div>[/code] change the height and width to whatever you want. -Chris
  4. Very nice, I didn't see any problems right off. I don't think you'll have any problems finding work :-) -Chris
  5. What you wrote first should work for you [code]echo(" <span class='STYLE_NAME'><A HREF=\"{$view_link}\" TARGET=\"_blank\">{$topic_title}</A> <br> Posted on {$topic_time}</span><BR>\n");[/code] -Chris
  6. That wouldn't be something that css would do really. That would be just php. You should look into packages like OSCommerce they have a few languages in there that maybe you can pick up a few ideas from. You would basically make your layout and have 2 different language packs...english and Navajo you would have to type up both. But as far as Navajo on the web...i'm a little rusty in that language so I don't really know where abouts to start with the language itself. hope this helped a little -chris
  7. cmgmyr


    [quote]As a side note, who's the hottie with the kid? [/quote] I was kinda wondering that too...i assume it's your wife or girlfriend?
  8. On my cards I just have the services that I offer listed and contact information/website. I do not have the technologies offered because what if I add one? What if I find something better to use then whats listed. I just tell them to visit the website for more details. -Chris
  9. It sounds like you would have to global the variable in the page that you have in the iframe.
  10. from what I can see you aren't checking the database to see if the e-mail address exists. Also why are you using e-mail address as the primary key, you can just use and int as a primary key and just have e-mail address in the table and query that when ever you need to, it will do the same thing, but ne a little neater.
  11. If you want that to validate just change border=0 to style=\"border:0;\" [code]<?php if (isset($ref)) { echo '<A href="signup.php?ref=$ref"><IMG src="images/join.gif" style="border:0;">'; } else { echo '<A href="signup.php"><IMG src="images/join.gif" style="border:0;">'; } ?>[/code]
  12. Can you please post some code so we actually know what the problem is? Just copy the first viewable page or two from your editor. -Chris
  13. cmgmyr


    you can also throw this into an .htaccess file [code]AddType application/x-httpd-php .php .htm[/code] this will parse html as php.
  14. cmgmyr

    Help plzzzz

    1st, this would be more of freelancing...so it's probably going to get moved into there. 2nd. There are TONS of tutorials online for ANYTHING you want to do, especially html and/or php. I would recommend putting it back into photoshop, slicing it up, save for web and mess around with what comes out, at least that will be a start. -Chris
  15. When you set up the div, assign it an id and in your css make the output that you want with that id. That will over ride whatever css it is reading from now. -Chris
  16. [code]if ($cost_check != $status) {     echo "error"; }else {     echo "$cost_check"; }[/code]
  17. 1. You should try setting this up in a div and using and include instead of an iframe. 2. You can change the colors in the css files that were included in your forum 3. If you use a div and include it should get rid of any extra space IE is putting in there. Hope that helped. -Chris
  18. It wouldn't show an error if there was one.
  19. Wow, the site looks great. Just a few things: - Need some sort of rolloever on the navigation - "latest games" doesn't work You should try making a skin for your forums to make it a little more like your site. Other then that I like it a lot. -Chris
  20. hey, no problem, i'm glad it worked out for you. -Chris
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