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  1. Nevermind...I got it. What I had to do was manually add in the BB PHP tags, then when I output it I search for those and replace with the highlight string. Let me know if anyone wants my code -Chris
  2. I tried that out and it did half of what it it supposed to do. How do I get rid of the extra tags that show up without messing anything else up Here is the screen shot [attachment deleted by admin]
  3. hmmm, I'm not really sure now. I'm assuming you are using up to date browsers. I don't really think that there is much you can do.
  4. I'm not really sure, can you give some screen shots of your configuration and the browser with the error message on it? I'm sure we are just missing something very small
  5. Have you set up the testing server in dreamweaver? Can you give a little more information?
  6. check this out and see if it works http://www.thenetter.com/scripts/css-opacity-filter.html
  7. I know it's an old topic, but oh well. Dreamweaver 8...great for PHP...even better with CSS! PHP designer for computers without Dreamweaver. -Chris
  8. Try this [code]<span style="filter:alpha(opacity=70);-moz-opacity:.70;opacity:.70;"> IMG HERE </span>[/code] Opacity is wierd in different browsers, you might be using the wrong setting in the wrong browser. -Chris
  9. I am working on adding some tutorials to my personal site. When I add in php (for example) I want it to be formatted like it is in here or in coding software with the different colors and everything. Currently I have tinyMCE as the editor for the tutorials. I have tried the php plugin for it...which doesn't do anything. Is there something that I can use, or make, in order to have the text output in the colors that they should? Thanks, -Chris
  10. yeah, thats a good idea too
  11. Nice site, very well done. As Steve said you need some rollovers and split up that [quote]SHARE | WATCH | FRIENDS[/quote] Looks good though -Chris
  12. Try changing: [quote]Testing folder: C:\Program Files\[/quote] should be C:\Program Files\xampp\ghani_website_test\shop\ ...the same as your local folder
  13. Hey, no problem. I was just making sure you guys didn't kill it or anything, I like the site a lot and I hope that more people get on there and contribute like this site.
  14. You need to put all of your websites in the xampp folder so this website would be C:\Program Files\xampp\ghani_website_test\shop. Under testing server in the site settings you need to set the: server model to "PHP MySQL" Access: "Local/Network" Testing server folder "C:\Program Files\xampp\ghani_website_test\shop" ...same as your local info folder URL Prefix: http://localhost/ghani_website_test/shop OR http://localhost:80/ghani_website_test/shop OR http://localhost:8080/ghani_website_test/shop depending on which one you configured xampp to be. Now when you preview a php file it should pop right up in your primary browser. Let me know if you run into anything else
  15. What happened to AJAXFreaks.com ?!?!? Are you guys working on it or something. Get it back up! ...please
  16. Well in order to see php on your local machine you need to set up a "testing server" as dreamweaver calls it. You can do this by installing apache, php, and mysql, or something like xampp which has everything put together for you. http://www.apachefriends.org/en/xampp.html there are lots of tutorials online to help you setting up a local server on your pc.
  17. Overall I like the design. The first thing that I noticed is when I rolled over your navigation. When you first go on the site when you rollover "home" the rollover text color is very close to the background color. After you go to another page and rollover "home" it turns to white. Also with the navigation, when you rollover the table cells the left half works as a rollover, but the right half does nothing. If you expand the cells that wide, expand the links that wide. Finally, add some sort of footer, it just looks like your page hits a brick wall at the bottom and just stops for no reason. I like your artwork section...nice photography and 3d images. -Chris
  18. I just decided to change it to cookie based instead...it works great!
  19. oh yeah...flash! duh! haha a lot more bulky then javascript...but it would work
  20. One thing that you can do (but won't really solve anything) is to see if the user has java script enabled...if they don't display an error message and give them instructions on how to change it. [code]<script type="text/javascript"> <!-- document.write("If this text is displayed, your browser supports scripting and has JavaScript enabled!") //--> </script> <noscript>JavaScript is NOT enabled!</noscript>[/code] Hope this helps, -Chris
  21. make sure your indent preferences are set above 0, if you just installed it sometimes it defaults to 0. I have mine set to 2 spaces
  22. To answer your first question...Yes if you disable javascript it will disable "Ajax" since ajax stands for Asynchronous JavaScript and XML ... if you take out the javascript...it kinda kills the rest. Remember that ajax is a mesh of technologies...not like php which is just one. For your second question...I really don't know what other programming language you can use, maybe coldfusion...but i don't really know a lot about that. Besided that my best guess would be that you are SOL. If I come up with anything else I'll let you know
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