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  1. Hey guys, I am working on a project which requires users to listen to .pls streams from a shoutcast server to their phones. Some phones don't work out of the box with .pls files. I know my pre does I have found apps for these phones so far: -Android -Blackberry Not sure if iPhone works, can't find a app either. Please help me add to the list, if your phone does not work out of the box with pls streams, please post it here. Post possible phones as well, or even apps. -Thanks for the help!
  2. This is true, I know about the power saver and whatnot. I did not know they did the wireless connectivity.
  3. I seriously doubt it. It could be your OS, but from the popular OS's that I know of, they don't do that.
  4. Oh, okay. Well I banned your new account. Give it a go. -Thanks again!
  5. Well I have a column in the database that checks for a ban flag. I know this is all server side, but what is your browser and OS? How did you login? did you type in your email and password?
  6. Dang, I need to look into the ban system. My code is full of bugs, gosh.
  7. It looks pretty neat. I like it. I notice something, not sure if is suppose to be like that or not. The search bar hangs over a little onto the user name, and password box. Picture is attached. I am running Firefox 3.5 on Ubuntu 9.10. I like it, it looks great! [attachment deleted by admin]
  8. My host allows unlimited, and I have been with them for over three years now.
  9. Hey Guys, I watched one of the best documentary I have seen in a long while. It is very interesting. It is called Revolution OS. It starts off with Richard Stallman in a Artificial Intelligence lab at MIT (not sure, I think it was MIT), where they where developing an Operating System. When the administration wanted passwords, which they hated all around. So he leaves and decides to create an operating system like Unix. He calls it GNU (Ga-Noo), it stands for GNU Not Unix. He allowed the software to be free, and open. He wrote the C complier, and immediately received responses, and revisions. Later on, when he was towards the end of finishing up the OS, he needed the final piece, the kernel. Meanwhile Linus Travolds was writing a kernel that was similar to Unix, because he was use to using it (Unix), and so on. He called it Linux. Since the kernel was open-source and free, the GNU project took a hold of it and a few years later finished their GNU\Linux operating system. This is packed with all sorts of information, it is very very interesting. I recommend you guys rent a copy, or buy it. It opened my eyes to all sorts of things. http://www.netflix.com/WiMovie/Revolution_OS/60025132?strackid=4598f39e910df252_0_srl&strkid=974928412_0_0&trkid=438381 http://www.opensource.org/ http://www.gnu.org/ http://www.fsf.org/ http://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl.html Any feedback? Do you guys have any other Docs. that are related to this? Please share!
  10. Ya, I am still working on it. You where able to log in?
  11. Lamez

    xkcd classics

    http://xkcd.com/1/ http://xkcd.com/11/ http://xkcd.com/22/ http://xkcd.com/25/ http://xkcd.com/31/ lol
  12. Lamez

    xkcd classics

    I love it, it is so "random": http://xkcd.com/221/
  13. <?php function checkEmail($email){ if(filter_var($email, FILTER_VALIDATE_EMAIL)){ return true; }else{ return false; } } ?>
  14. lol I was just making sure. Also, try to log back into your account.
  15. Thanks. is .htaccess only with apache right?
  16. Thanks, I am soon going to put a index in those folders, but because I am testing I am going to leave them open for ease. Is there a way where they can access them via the address? I bet I would have to use .htaccess
  17. I use this function on any variable that is about to be check with, or added to the database. I think it might help you as well. function clean($str){ $str = @trim($str); if(get_magic_quotes_gpc()){ $str = stripslashes($str); } return mysql_real_escape_string($str); } //Example $username = clean($_GET['username']); $q = mysql_query("SELECT password FROM users WHERE username = '$username'"); $n = mysql_num_rows($q); if($n > 0){ echo "User found!"; }else{ echo "Error"; }
  18. Sounds good. How are you doing the e-mail verification? Cron jobs? Or something simple? As in emailing? I am using Pear's powerful SMTP class. I love pear!
  19. I would almost consider that advertising.
  20. thorpe actually helped me setup my first Linux server. My first interaction with Linux was with Ubuntu. I love Ubuntu as a desktop. I run Debian on both of my servers. I have a web development\ file sharing server. I also have a proxy server running. I have never touched any other distro for a server. I have played around with mandrake, and other various distros. For kicks and giggles, here is a tutorial file I put together, I have not updated it. It might have some random notes, but oh well.
  21. ya, like this echo '<form action="?username="'.$_GET['username'].'" />;
  22. $q = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM table WHERE name = '$name'"); $n = mysql_num_rows($q); if($n > 0){ echo $name; }else{ echo $name." not found."; }
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