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  1. I want to just get the first result from each block input: ["funny games","64,700,000 results","0"] output: funny games etc..
  2. What is the best way to seperate this array? ["funny games","64,700,000 results","0"], ["funny jokes","20,200,000 results","1"], ["funny quotes","29,200,000 results","2"], ["funny pictures","141,000,000 results","3"], ["funny facebook status","20,100,000 results","4"], ["funny videos","72,000,000 results","5"], ["funny sayings","3,210,000 results","6"], ["funny exam answers","100,000,000 results","7"], ["funny names","99,400,000 results","8"], ["funny","262,000,000 results","9"]
  3. With the rewrite i currently have: RewriteRule ^Movies=view&search=(.*) index_films.php?search=$1&type=Movies [L,QSA] All these urls work fine: Movies=view&search=terminator Movies=cast&search=jim+carrey Movies=view&search=dante\'s+inferno So your saying none of these should work? I still cant get my head around RewriteConds , can you give me a simple example of how it works?
  4. I have this rewrite RewriteRule ^Movies=view&search=(.*) index_films.php?search=$1&type=Movies [L,QSA] But if the url is: /Movies=view&search=test/ The page returns a 404 I should just need some regex to fix this but im not sure what to do
  5. I have this small javascript that works with Internet explorer but wont work on firefox or chrome browsers. Can someone suggest an alternative? <SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript"> function go(loc) { window.location.href = loc; } </script> <input type="radio" name="loc" onClick="go('/index.php?type=url');" >
  6. http://www.findtail.com/Movies?search=amityville+horror
  7. Sweet thanks! I also cant seem to hit my enimies, the sword just swings and swings and occasionally it will hit an enemy (1 hit in every 10 - 15 swings). Is this a bug?
  8. Its a BIG place it took me 5+ hrs to explore vivec alone
  9. Im a little bit into morrowind 3: elder scrolls and im supposed to sleep and have a bad dream before seeing the informants at Vivec, but i cant sleep anywheres, ive tried for 12 hrs to find a bed that the game will allow me to rest in but NOO!. If i dont get anywhere after tonight its going in the bin! There must be a morrowind fanatic out there, PLZ help!
  10. do you get a white screen? I would start by fixing these 2 errors if ($user && $pass){ if ($logged_in_user = $user){ setup_page("Already logged in", "Whoops"); echo "{$user}, You are already logged in. <BR /><BR />"; echo $links; exit; } doConnect();
  11. Look fine. Make sure you have session_start(); above the script and $_SESSION['url']; has a value Another way is to get the page url and redirect to the users previous page login.php?next=<?php echo $_SERVER["REQUEST_URI"]; ?>
  12. change header("Location: http://www.*****.com/development/login.html?id=$id"); to if (! headers_sent( ) ){ header( "Location: http://www.*****.com/development/login.html?id=$id" ); exit( 0 ); } echo "<script language=Javascript>document.location.href='http://www.*****.com/development/login.html?id=$id';</script>"; exit( 0 );
  13. RewriteRule ^city/(.*)\.html city.php?CityName=$1 [L,QSA]
  14. use a base relative path eg: /style.css insread of style.css
  15. Why are you parsing the url to begin with? This is the wrong approach - use curl instead http://www.wizecho.com/nav=scripts&s=spider
  16. The rewrite looks ok, try removing the query and adding a second rewrite, if that doesnt work its nor your code Options +FollowSymLinks RewriteEngine on RewriteRule ^user/(.*)/(.*) user.php?name=$1 [L,QSA] and make sure url rewrite is on in your sever panel
  17. $callno = mysql_real_escape_string(urldecode($_GET['call_number'])); $query_call = "SELECT * FROM documents WHERE call_number = '$callno'"; $call = mysql_query($query_call) OR die ('Cannot retrieve record information.'); $row_call = mysql_fetch_assoc($call);
  18. I would use the simpliest form , then clean the $_GET in php app Options +FollowSymLinks RewriteEngine on RewriteRule ^user/(.*)/?$ user.php?name=$1 [L,QSA]
  19. http://www.wizecho.com/nav=extra&s=bits#3
  20. $compare1_sql = "SELECT DISTINCT * FROM `filters` WHERE `cat_id2` = '{$cat_id2}' group by `manufacturer_id` ";
  21. curl headers will do it: curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_HEADER, true); echo out the header redirects to find the flv location
  22. <?php session_start(); $user = $_SESSION['user']; if ($user){ if ($_POST['submit']){ $oldpassword = md5($_POST['oldpassword']); $newpassword = md5($_POST['newpassword']); $repeatnewpassword = md5($_POST['repeatnewpassword']); echo "$oldpassword/$newpassword/$repeatnewpassword"; include 'connect.inc'; $queryget = mysql_query("SELECT pass FROM users WHERE name='$user'"); $row = mysql_fetch_assoc($queryget); echo $oldpassworddb."<br>"; echo $oldpassword."<br>"; $oldpassworddb =$row['password']; if ($oldpassword==$oldpassworddb){ if ($newpassword==$repeatnewpassword) { echo "pass changed"; }else{ die("pass dont match!"); } }else{ echo "<form action='newpass.php' method='POST'> Old password: <input type='text' name='oldpassword'><br> New password: <input type='password' name='newpassword'><br> Repeat password: <input type='password' name='repeatnewpassword'><br> <input type='submit' name='submit' value='change password'> </form>"; } } } ?>
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