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  1. Hi thanks for the reply. I feel welcome already. The new game is a game about ancient rome. Ya know with roman legions, gladiators, chariot races and roman trade and a roman senate. I got the trade and senate done, but warfare and chariot races is still a work in progress.
  2. I am an amateur web developer from the Netherlands, a longtime geography student, and currently in the process of creating a new game. I created a website for a small unsuccesful browser based game about 3 years ago in march 2008. I've been coming on and off to these boards for the past 3 years now. Sometimes you don't see me for months and sometimes you see more of me. I come here for help for difficult problems that I can't seem to solve myself and I am stuck with and in return I help out others with the easy questions that I do know myself. So I figured it was about time that I finally introduced myself.
  3. well as far as I know xml isn't supposed to do that, what you're trying to do you can create it, and fetch from it and then edit it, but I don't think it works the other way around. I could be wrong though, as I am no expert on this I think what you want is an sql database, but you don't have it. Is my assumption correct?
  4. i don't see anything in the code what you're trying to describe. what exactly is your problem? can you be more specific?
  5. uhm sorry the title is a bit misleading I think, it supposed to display it in a <P> namely: <P id="ticker" class="ticker"></P> my apologies for that but i also tried it with just DIV on another page and it's not working in FF there either... so again what am I doing wrong? and what work around method is there to solve this problem? (preferable an easy and simple solution as unlike php, javascript is not really my strength) I don't want to use textfields as that would look ugly, but there has got to be something, right? I mean support of features in FF can't be really that bad, right?
  6. Hi all, I have a problem with my ajax script. It works fine in IE7 and IE8, but somehow fails in FF3. It supposed to fetch the words "no news" from this page: <!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN" "http://www.w3.org/TR/html4/loose.dtd"> <HTML> <HEAD> <TITLE>Roma</TITLE> <META NAME="description" CONTENT="ajax process"> <META NAME="keywords" CONTENT="ajax process"> </HEAD> <BODY> <?php //DATABASE CONNECTION VARIABLES $myserver ="myserver"; $myname = "myname"; $mypassword = "mypassword"; /*SQL CONNECTION*/ $con = mysql_connect("$myserver","$myname","$mypassword"); if (!$con) { die('Could not connect: ' . mysql_error()); } else { $mydb ="shugonl"; //DATABASE SELECTION $selector = mysql_select_db($mydb, $con); if (!$selector) { die('Could not select database: ' . mysql_error()); } else { /*COUNTING NEWS*/ $cresultnews = mysql_query("SELECT COUNT(*) AS newscount FROM news"); $crownews = mysql_fetch_array($cresultnews); $newsbank = $crownews[newscount]; if ($newsbank <1) { $response = "No news"; } else { /*FETCHING NEWS*/ $mresultnews = mysql_query("SELECT MAX(newsID) AS latest FROM news WHERE newscat ='1'"); $mrownews = mysql_fetch_array($mresultnews); $newsid = $mrownews[latest]; $resultnews = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM news WHERE newsID ='$newsid'"); $rownews = mysql_fetch_array($resultnews); $newstitle = $rownews['newstitle']; $newsdate = $rownews['newsdate']; $response ="<I>".$newsdate."</I> ".$newstitle; } //END DATABASE SELECTOR } } /*output response*/ echo $response; mysql_close($con); ?> </BODY> </HTML> and then display the words "no news" at this page: http://www.shugo.nl/rome/index.htm when you hover your mouse over the "News" head. Like I said it works fine with IE, but fails with FF. Apparently this is something that FF doesn't support, or I am doing something wrong. Does anyone have a solution to my problem? If so please share your solution with me. thanks again for your help
  7. though if he only uses it to shut down fox's o'reilly then i'm all for it because that man is evil
  8. usually i'd agree, but the criteria aren't hard, which means he can basically shut down anything if he says they're terrorists. He only has to say the word and he can shut it down exactly for economic reasons. Afterall Obama got a large amount of funding from large corporations, just like any other candidate. He can shut things down, because they're competitors of the corporations of those who financially supported Obama. Bottomline at best this makes Obama corrupt and at worst it makes him U.S. internet version of Silvio Berlusconi ...and don't care to know which one it is, because it's all bad don't get me wrong i'm not a big fan of the republicans, nor do i like the clintons, but I seriously wish so many americans weren't such gullable fools.
  9. none of the above don't use any of them i only use notepad and winsyntax
  10. sometimes it is, sometimes it isn't I've had one experience where a person tried to cheat, because he used a proxy to get a 2nd account (something that's against the rules). I became aware of it because I found an url in my host statistics to a German proxy site. I only had one account in my game that was traced to Germany, so it was very easy to find out what account was his 2nd account. This person used the same password and a similar username for both accounts, so it was very easy to see which 2 accounts were held by one and the same person. However I also traced one IP to an university in Singapore and this one was confirmed a proxy. I didn't delete that account, because I suspected that person was on some wireless internet at a university campus.
  11. corbin you are absolutely right and don't forget i mentioned this isn't a good and secure example but i wanted to give silverglade an example that doesn't use complex things like a gd library (remember he asked for that and said he is a novice) and since he said he doesn't understand sql, then that alternative is also unavailable to him also true, but these aren't nearly as developed yet as to be 100% accurate, in fact from what i hear they don't even get a 50% accuracy
  12. I have a browser based strategy game hosted on starthosting.nl It's a really cheap host, you can get it for as little as 1 euro a month (to be paid annually). The host offers php and sql. Premium allows for a maximum of 10 sql databases and as much mail accounts. Downtime is about 2 times a year and usually for a few hours. Downsides are that it offers no tech support whatsoever (not something i had problems with as everything works fine), you can't do cronjobs with the account and the server seems to be slow sometimes. The major downside however is the limited bandwidth you get (it's only 5 GB per month). I expect the activity of my site to pick up this september (when schools start, i have a lot of students playing my game) and i'll probably get close to my bandwidth limit. Right now the game allows for a maximum of 200 players (due to bandwidth), but i'm looking to expand my game. Right now I'm searching for a host that offers the following: -1 lots of bandwidth for a low price -2 allows for unlimited amount of sql databases -3 allows to do cronjobs -4 has a fast server capable of handling large amounts of users who login at the same time I've done some google searches and have looked and compared some dutch hosts. Right now i'm leaning towards simple-hosting because a basic account offers 40GB of bandwidth for 5 euro a month (= 60 euro a year, a price i can/willing to afford). However I have no idea how many sql databases i get with that account and i don't know if they allow to do cronjobs. also... The FTP upload of the account has to be basic and simple. Right now I'm using leechFTP to upload the pages (which works fine with my old computer (98se, yes not joking)). I realize i'm being very picky, but if any of you know a host that offers what i'm looking for, then i love to hear it
  13. so i used a .gif picture with transparent red this works fine in FF and IE, but not in Opera don't care if it's fast, it has to be good and opera isn't good at displaying pages so i really can't blame them, heck it's the most sensical piece of javascript i ever came across
  14. he only visited 1 russian site and that 1 russian site had a virus clearly to him all russian sites have viruses or is it site and virus?? ...in mother russia the internet is 1 website
  15. well you can do a captcha without needing to understand sql, but it wouldn't nearly be as secure. when you're way in over your head think in little step by steps and first consider what a captcha does and then try replicate it if you can't understand the code because it is too complex captcha randomly displays a picture that contains random letters and/or numbers design like 10 pictures with microsoft paint each picture containing a different word then with php script a function that gives a random number between 1 and 10, this number should correspond to one of the ten pictures. So say the script gives you a 1, then display picture 1, and if it is 2, display picture 2. for example: $picturenum = (rand(1,9)); switch ($picturenum){ case 1: echo "<P class='left'><IMG SRC='pictures/random1.gif' BORDER=0 WIDTH=100 HEIGHT=50>"; break; case 2: echo "<P class='left'><IMG SRC='pictures/random2.gif' BORDER=0 WIDTH=100 HEIGHT=50>"; break; case 3: echo "<P class='left'><IMG SRC='pictures/random3.gif' BORDER=0 WIDTH=100 HEIGHT=50>"; break; case 4: echo "<P class='left'><IMG SRC='pictures/random4.gif' BORDER=0 WIDTH=100 HEIGHT=50>"; break; case 5: echo "<P class='left'><IMG SRC='pictures/random5.gif' BORDER=0 WIDTH=100 HEIGHT=50>"; break; case 6: echo "<P class='left'><IMG SRC='pictures/random6.gif' BORDER=0 WIDTH=100 HEIGHT=50>"; break; case 7: echo "<P class='left'><IMG SRC='pictures/random7.gif' BORDER=0 WIDTH=100 HEIGHT=50>"; break; case 8: echo "<P class='left'><IMG SRC='pictures/random8.gif' BORDER=0 WIDTH=100 HEIGHT=50>"; break; default: echo "<P class='left'><IMG SRC='pictures/random9.gif' BORDER=0 WIDTH=100 HEIGHT=50>"; } In the login form or registration form or whatever form you are working with, have a hidden part of the form keep the random number and have this hidden feature (which is just plain html code of course) posted (yes POST, not GET for security reasons, don't want people to be aware of what is hidden, of course they can still see it when they open the source) along with whatever else is posted in the form. Then when you're validatind form data use an IF-ELSE construction to check if the answer they provided in the form matches with the correct hidden form variable. If it does match, then proceed to login, registration or whatever and if it doesn't then kick them or whatever else suits your needs remember this is like catching burglars with a camera with no film in it, it might ward of people who thinks the camera works, but as soon as people are aware it has no film, then they'll won't stop. Here is reaso why you need knowledge of sql to make captcha work. Remember that hidden variable can be seen in html code when open up the source view... well eventually someone will find out which number matches with what picture. spambots can then simply beat the captcha because they can read the hidden variable in html code and hence always have the right answer which of course defeats the purpose of your captcha. If you just store the random variable in a sql database instead of having to post it along with the other form variables, then the bots won't be able to get the right answer. The bots can read any html code, but not pictures (only human eyes can do that, though i hear spammers are busy developing bots that will be able to read text in say gif or jpeg pictures in the future, but luckily that's the future and not today)
  16. The more thoughtful and knowledgable reader will of course realize what is going on with these statistics. And If you happen to realize what is going on with these statistics and know a solution, then PLEASE tell me the first 404 errors from my hosting account statistics defenitely show that someone is trying to hack into the phpadmin database, as he or she is trying to find the url. There was this Norwegian guy who oddly enough registered without a password. I checked the script of the registration and couldn't find an error in it. I suspect it is him who made this sad hacking attempt. Trouble is I don't know for sure, because the stats that came with the account don't track who caused the 404 error. The last 404 error is someone who linked the url of a picture i uploaded on my site to some eastern european forum. This is bad because he is mooching of bandwidth and i have very limited bandwidth with this account (its a really cheap reseller virtual webhost). Ever since i detected this i deleted the pictures and relocated them to a different directory. However I need a more permanent solution. The rows i showed from the bug tracking table, are people who open up multiple windows, either because of ease, or in an attempt to lag the server (don't know for sure). My site hosts a small browser based game i designed myself as a hobby, the downside of the game is that turns are only refreshed once a day and in some cases there is an advantage to whoever attacks first. This causes people to rush login at midnight local time, when the turns refresh. I can't do a cronjob with this account, so refreshing more times a day is out of the question. The last table shows account information. I store the IP adresses of the users who login. Whenever the IP changes it is stored in another sql table. I sorted these IP's and found out that some of these IP's matched with other accounts on 3 occasions, indicating that 1 person holds 3 accounts in my game. I've traced these IP's to Winnipeg Manitoba in Canada. the IP adress keeps changing, but whenever i trace it, it traces to Winnipeg Manitoba. I've contacted the person and he contacted me on my forum. He says the Oda account is him, the Satake account is his roommate and the Akamatsu account is a friend who happens to live in the same town. Is he lying? And if so how do I prove he's a liar (i.e. how do i show the accounts are held by one and the same person)?
  17. I'm not sure where to put this is, as I've looked around the forum and couldn't find the category where this belongs to, but here goes... first some statistics of my site.... 404 ERRORS url; times occured; from url //phpmyadmin/main.php; 3; unknown //admin/main.php; 1; unknown //php-my-admin/main.php; 1; unknown //myadmin/main.php; 1; unknown //mysql/main.php; 1; unknown //pma/main.php; 1; unknown //dbadmin/main.php; 1; unknown /crests/ishida.gif; 8; http://kcm.456room.org/index.php BUG TRACKING INFORMATION account; IP; bugtype Shimazu;; 1 Shiba;; 1 Togashi;; 1 Asakura;; 1 Bessho;; 2 Wada;; 2 Shimazu;; 2 Ito;; 2 Togashi;; 8 ACCOUNT INFORMATION ID; account; IP 266; Oda; 30; Satake; 226; Satake; 242; Akamatsu; 65; Oda; 275; Akamatsu;
  18. yes that is it. This works neatly. Man you wouldn't how pleased I am with that. This saves me a lot of work with making the table. Thanks Axeia!
  19. sorry but that doesn't work at all, now only 1 of the grid pictures displays, not all 100 of them. It supposed to be a 10 by 10 grid with all of the 100 pictures neatly packed together. hmm I guess firebug is just no good at displaying these things it will just have to suffice with some room between the image links i guess, it doesn't look as pretty but at least it works somewhat.
  20. http://www.shugo.nl/draft/somegrid.htm i've been altering it again and I can get the image links in a grid, but not next to eachother. There needs to be no room between the pictures in the grid. Anyone want to tell me how I do that?
  21. OK back again. I'd tried a different approach this time. Again the images are displayed fine in quircks mode with IE6, but as soon as I open the page with firefox it gives me troubles. Setting a DTD to for example: <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN" "http://www.w3.org/TR/xhtml1/DTD/xhtml1-transitional.dtd"> will make it worse, because then the page doesn't display the images in IE6 as it should be and will give the same troubles as if you opened it in Firefox. here is the link to the page: http://www.shugo.nl/draft/newsengoku.htm The stylesheet is internal so that you can also see in the source of the css. I've looked at positioning divs with this tutorial. http://css-resources.com/Div-Box-Positioning-with-Absolute-and-Relative-Positioning.html and quircks mode works both fine for FF and IE there, but it only explains divs and not images or image links. I'm really beggining to think that positioning images or image links is not supported in firefox and the new css recommendations.
  22. <HTML> <HEAD> <TITLE>shugo map</TITLE> <META NAME="keywords" CONTENT="Japan map"> <script type="text/javascript"> function loadImages() { if (document.getElementById) { document.getElementById('hidepage').style.visibility = 'hidden'; } } window.onload = loadImages; function scrollWindow() { window.scrollTo(500,800) } </script> <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="styles/mapstyle.css"/> </HEAD> <BODY onload="scrollWindow()" value="Scroll"> <div id="hidepage" style="background-color: #FFFFCC; layer-background-color: #FFFFCC; width: 100%;"> <table width="100%"><tr><td>Map is loading ... Please wait.</td></tr></table></div> <IMG SRC='pictures/bluecap.gif' class='3' BORDER='0' WIDTH='10' HEIGHT='10'><IMG SRC='pictures/blue.gif' class='10' BORDER='0' WIDTH='10' HEIGHT='10'><IMG SRC='pictures/blue.gif' class='27' BORDER='0' WIDTH='10' HEIGHT='10'><IMG SRC='pictures/blue.gif' class='39' BORDER='0' WIDTH='10' HEIGHT='10'><IMG SRC='pictures/bluecas.gif' class='184' BORDER='0' WIDTH='10' HEIGHT='10'><IMG SRC='pictures/red.gif' class='1' BORDER='0' WIDTH='10' HEIGHT='10'><IMG SRC='pictures/red.gif' class='4' BORDER='0' WIDTH='10' HEIGHT='10'><IMG SRC='pictures/red.gif' class='5' BORDER='0' WIDTH='10' HEIGHT='10'><IMG SRC='pictures/red.gif' class='7' BORDER='0' WIDTH='10' HEIGHT='10'><IMG SRC='pictures/red.gif' class='8' BORDER='0' WIDTH='10' HEIGHT='10'><IMG SRC='pictures/red.gif' class='9' BORDER='0' WIDTH='10' HEIGHT='10'><IMG SRC='pictures/red.gif' class='12' BORDER='0' WIDTH='10' HEIGHT='10'><IMG SRC='pictures/red.gif' class='13' BORDER='0' WIDTH='10' HEIGHT='10'><IMG SRC='pictures/red.gif' class='14' BORDER='0' WIDTH='10' HEIGHT='10'><IMG SRC='pictures/red.gif' class='15' BORDER='0' WIDTH='10' HEIGHT='10'><IMG SRC='pictures/red.gif' class='16' BORDER='0' WIDTH='10' HEIGHT='10'><IMG SRC='pictures/red.gif' class='18' BORDER='0' WIDTH='10' HEIGHT='10'><IMG SRC='pictures/red.gif' class='19' BORDER='0' WIDTH='10' HEIGHT='10'><IMG SRC='pictures/red.gif' class='20' BORDER='0' WIDTH='10' HEIGHT='10'><IMG SRC='pictures/red.gif' class='21' BORDER='0' WIDTH='10' HEIGHT='10'><IMG SRC='pictures/red.gif' class='24' BORDER='0' WIDTH='10' HEIGHT='10'><IMG SRC='pictures/red.gif' class='25' BORDER='0' WIDTH='10' HEIGHT='10'><IMG SRC='pictures/red.gif' class='26' BORDER='0' WIDTH='10' HEIGHT='10'><IMG SRC='pictures/red.gif' class='28' BORDER='0' WIDTH='10' HEIGHT='10'><IMG SRC='pictures/red.gif' class='29' BORDER='0' WIDTH='10' HEIGHT='10'><IMG SRC='pictures/red.gif' class='30' BORDER='0' WIDTH='10' HEIGHT='10'><IMG SRC='pictures/red.gif' class='31' BORDER='0' WIDTH='10' HEIGHT='10'><IMG SRC='pictures/red.gif' class='32' BORDER='0' WIDTH='10' HEIGHT='10'><IMG SRC='pictures/red.gif' class='33' BORDER='0' WIDTH='10' HEIGHT='10'><IMG SRC='pictures/red.gif' class='34' BORDER='0' WIDTH='10' HEIGHT='10'><IMG SRC='pictures/red.gif' class='36' BORDER='0' WIDTH='10' HEIGHT='10'><IMG SRC='pictures/red.gif' class='40' BORDER='0' WIDTH='10' HEIGHT='10'><IMG SRC='pictures/red.gif' class='41' BORDER='0' WIDTH='10' HEIGHT='10'><IMG SRC='pictures/red.gif' class='42' BORDER='0' WIDTH='10' HEIGHT='10'><IMG SRC='pictures/red.gif' class='43' BORDER='0' WIDTH='10' HEIGHT='10'><IMG SRC='pictures/red.gif' class='44' BORDER='0' WIDTH='10' HEIGHT='10'><IMG SRC='pictures/red.gif' class='46' BORDER='0' WIDTH='10' HEIGHT='10'><IMG SRC='pictures/red.gif' class='47' BORDER='0' WIDTH='10' HEIGHT='10'><IMG SRC='pictures/red.gif' class='48' BORDER='0' WIDTH='10' HEIGHT='10'><IMG SRC='pictures/red.gif' class='49' BORDER='0' WIDTH='10' HEIGHT='10'><IMG SRC='pictures/red.gif' class='50' BORDER='0' WIDTH='10' HEIGHT='10'><IMG SRC='pictures/red.gif' class='52' BORDER='0' WIDTH='10' HEIGHT='10'><IMG SRC='pictures/red.gif' class='54' BORDER='0' WIDTH='10' HEIGHT='10'><IMG SRC='pictures/red.gif' class='55' BORDER='0' WIDTH='10' HEIGHT='10'><IMG SRC='pictures/red.gif' class='56' BORDER='0' WIDTH='10' HEIGHT='10'><IMG SRC='pictures/red.gif' class='57' BORDER='0' WIDTH='10' HEIGHT='10'><IMG SRC='pictures/red.gif' class='58' BORDER='0' WIDTH='10' HEIGHT='10'><IMG SRC='pictures/red.gif' class='60' BORDER='0' WIDTH='10' HEIGHT='10'><IMG SRC='pictures/red.gif' class='62' BORDER='0' WIDTH='10' HEIGHT='10'><IMG SRC='pictures/red.gif' class='64' BORDER='0' WIDTH='10' HEIGHT='10'><IMG SRC='pictures/red.gif' class='65' BORDER='0' WIDTH='10' HEIGHT='10'><IMG SRC='pictures/red.gif' class='66' BORDER='0' WIDTH='10' HEIGHT='10'><IMG SRC='pictures/red.gif' class='68' BORDER='0' WIDTH='10' HEIGHT='10'><IMG SRC='pictures/red.gif' class='69' BORDER='0' WIDTH='10' HEIGHT='10'><IMG SRC='pictures/red.gif' class='71' BORDER='0' WIDTH='10' HEIGHT='10'><IMG SRC='pictures/red.gif' class='77' BORDER='0' WIDTH='10' HEIGHT='10'><IMG SRC='pictures/red.gif' class='79' BORDER='0' WIDTH='10' HEIGHT='10'><IMG SRC='pictures/red.gif' class='81' BORDER='0' WIDTH='10' HEIGHT='10'><IMG SRC='pictures/red.gif' class='82' BORDER='0' WIDTH='10' HEIGHT='10'><IMG SRC='pictures/red.gif' class='83' BORDER='0' WIDTH='10' HEIGHT='10'><IMG SRC='pictures/red.gif' class='85' BORDER='0' WIDTH='10' HEIGHT='10'><IMG SRC='pictures/red.gif' class='86' BORDER='0' WIDTH='10' HEIGHT='10'><IMG SRC='pictures/red.gif' class='87' BORDER='0' WIDTH='10' HEIGHT='10'><IMG SRC='pictures/red.gif' class='89' BORDER='0' WIDTH='10' HEIGHT='10'><IMG SRC='pictures/red.gif' class='90' BORDER='0' WIDTH='10' HEIGHT='10'><IMG SRC='pictures/red.gif' class='91' BORDER='0' WIDTH='10' HEIGHT='10'><IMG SRC='pictures/red.gif' class='92' BORDER='0' WIDTH='10' HEIGHT='10'><IMG SRC='pictures/red.gif' class='93' BORDER='0' WIDTH='10' HEIGHT='10'><IMG SRC='pictures/red.gif' class='94' BORDER='0' WIDTH='10' HEIGHT='10'><IMG SRC='pictures/red.gif' class='96' BORDER='0' WIDTH='10' HEIGHT='10'><IMG SRC='pictures/red.gif' class='98' BORDER='0' WIDTH='10' HEIGHT='10'><IMG SRC='pictures/red.gif' class='102' BORDER='0' WIDTH='10' HEIGHT='10'><IMG SRC='pictures/red.gif' class='105' BORDER='0' WIDTH='10' HEIGHT='10'><IMG SRC='pictures/red.gif' class='107' BORDER='0' WIDTH='10' HEIGHT='10'><IMG SRC='pictures/red.gif' class='108' BORDER='0' WIDTH='10' HEIGHT='10'><IMG SRC='pictures/red.gif' class='109' BORDER='0' WIDTH='10' HEIGHT='10'><IMG SRC='pictures/red.gif' class='111' BORDER='0' WIDTH='10' HEIGHT='10'><IMG SRC='pictures/red.gif' class='115' BORDER='0' WIDTH='10' HEIGHT='10'><IMG SRC='pictures/red.gif' class='116' BORDER='0' WIDTH='10' HEIGHT='10'><IMG SRC='pictures/red.gif' class='117' BORDER='0' WIDTH='10' HEIGHT='10'><IMG SRC='pictures/red.gif' class='118' BORDER='0' WIDTH='10' HEIGHT='10'><IMG SRC='pictures/red.gif' class='120' BORDER='0' WIDTH='10' HEIGHT='10'><IMG SRC='pictures/red.gif' class='121' BORDER='0' WIDTH='10' HEIGHT='10'><IMG SRC='pictures/red.gif' class='122' BORDER='0' WIDTH='10' HEIGHT='10'><IMG SRC='pictures/red.gif' class='123' BORDER='0' WIDTH='10' HEIGHT='10'><IMG SRC='pictures/red.gif' class='124' BORDER='0' WIDTH='10' HEIGHT='10'><IMG SRC='pictures/red.gif' class='125' BORDER='0' WIDTH='10' HEIGHT='10'><IMG SRC='pictures/red.gif' class='126' BORDER='0' WIDTH='10' HEIGHT='10'><IMG SRC='pictures/red.gif' class='128' BORDER='0' WIDTH='10' HEIGHT='10'><IMG SRC='pictures/red.gif' class='130' BORDER='0' WIDTH='10' HEIGHT='10'><IMG SRC='pictures/red.gif' class='131' BORDER='0' WIDTH='10' HEIGHT='10'><IMG SRC='pictures/red.gif' class='133' BORDER='0' WIDTH='10' HEIGHT='10'><IMG SRC='pictures/red.gif' class='134' BORDER='0' WIDTH='10' HEIGHT='10'><IMG SRC='pictures/red.gif' class='135' BORDER='0' WIDTH='10' HEIGHT='10'><IMG SRC='pictures/red.gif' class='136' BORDER='0' WIDTH='10' HEIGHT='10'><IMG SRC='pictures/red.gif' class='139' BORDER='0' WIDTH='10' HEIGHT='10'><IMG SRC='pictures/red.gif' class='140' BORDER='0' WIDTH='10' HEIGHT='10'><IMG SRC='pictures/red.gif' class='141' BORDER='0' WIDTH='10' HEIGHT='10'><IMG SRC='pictures/red.gif' class='144' BORDER='0' WIDTH='10' HEIGHT='10'><IMG SRC='pictures/red.gif' class='145' BORDER='0' WIDTH='10' HEIGHT='10'><IMG SRC='pictures/red.gif' class='147' BORDER='0' WIDTH='10' HEIGHT='10'><IMG SRC='pictures/red.gif' class='148' BORDER='0' WIDTH='10' HEIGHT='10'><IMG SRC='pictures/red.gif' class='150' BORDER='0' WIDTH='10' HEIGHT='10'><IMG SRC='pictures/red.gif' class='151' BORDER='0' WIDTH='10' HEIGHT='10'><IMG SRC='pictures/red.gif' class='152' BORDER='0' WIDTH='10' HEIGHT='10'><IMG SRC='pictures/red.gif' class='153' BORDER='0' WIDTH='10' HEIGHT='10'><IMG SRC='pictures/red.gif' class='154' BORDER='0' WIDTH='10' HEIGHT='10'><IMG SRC='pictures/red.gif' class='155' BORDER='0' WIDTH='10' HEIGHT='10'><IMG SRC='pictures/red.gif' class='156' BORDER='0' WIDTH='10' HEIGHT='10'><IMG SRC='pictures/red.gif' class='157' BORDER='0' WIDTH='10' HEIGHT='10'><IMG SRC='pictures/red.gif' class='161' BORDER='0' WIDTH='10' HEIGHT='10'><IMG SRC='pictures/red.gif' class='162' BORDER='0' WIDTH='10' HEIGHT='10'><IMG SRC='pictures/red.gif' class='163' BORDER='0' WIDTH='10' HEIGHT='10'><IMG SRC='pictures/red.gif' class='164' BORDER='0' WIDTH='10' HEIGHT='10'><IMG SRC='pictures/red.gif' class='165' BORDER='0' WIDTH='10' HEIGHT='10'><IMG SRC='pictures/red.gif' class='168' BORDER='0' WIDTH='10' HEIGHT='10'><IMG SRC='pictures/red.gif' class='169' BORDER='0' WIDTH='10' HEIGHT='10'><IMG SRC='pictures/red.gif' class='170' BORDER='0' WIDTH='10' HEIGHT='10'><IMG SRC='pictures/red.gif' class='172' BORDER='0' WIDTH='10' HEIGHT='10'><IMG SRC='pictures/red.gif' class='174' BORDER='0' WIDTH='10' HEIGHT='10'><IMG SRC='pictures/red.gif' class='175' BORDER='0' WIDTH='10' HEIGHT='10'><IMG SRC='pictures/red.gif' class='176' BORDER='0' WIDTH='10' HEIGHT='10'><IMG SRC='pictures/red.gif' class='177' BORDER='0' WIDTH='10' HEIGHT='10'><IMG SRC='pictures/red.gif' class='178' BORDER='0' WIDTH='10' HEIGHT='10'><IMG SRC='pictures/red.gif' class='182' BORDER='0' WIDTH='10' HEIGHT='10'><IMG SRC='pictures/red.gif' class='183' BORDER='0' WIDTH='10' HEIGHT='10'><IMG SRC='pictures/red.gif' class='186' BORDER='0' WIDTH='10' HEIGHT='10'><IMG SRC='pictures/red.gif' class='188' BORDER='0' WIDTH='10' HEIGHT='10'><IMG SRC='pictures/red.gif' class='189' BORDER='0' WIDTH='10' HEIGHT='10'><IMG SRC='pictures/redcas.gif' class='2' BORDER='0' WIDTH='10' HEIGHT='10'><IMG SRC='pictures/redcas.gif' class='6' BORDER='0' WIDTH='10' HEIGHT='10'><IMG SRC='pictures/redcas.gif' class='11' BORDER='0' WIDTH='10' HEIGHT='10'><IMG SRC='pictures/redcas.gif' class='17' BORDER='0' WIDTH='10' HEIGHT='10'><IMG SRC='pictures/redcas.gif' class='22' BORDER='0' WIDTH='10' HEIGHT='10'><IMG SRC='pictures/redcas.gif' class='23' BORDER='0' WIDTH='10' HEIGHT='10'><IMG SRC='pictures/redcas.gif' class='35' BORDER='0' WIDTH='10' HEIGHT='10'><IMG SRC='pictures/redcas.gif' class='37' BORDER='0' WIDTH='10' HEIGHT='10'><IMG SRC='pictures/redcas.gif' class='38' BORDER='0' WIDTH='10' HEIGHT='10'><IMG SRC='pictures/redcas.gif' class='45' BORDER='0' WIDTH='10' HEIGHT='10'><IMG SRC='pictures/redcas.gif' class='51' BORDER='0' WIDTH='10' HEIGHT='10'><IMG SRC='pictures/redcas.gif' class='53' BORDER='0' WIDTH='10' HEIGHT='10'><IMG SRC='pictures/redcas.gif' class='59' BORDER='0' WIDTH='10' HEIGHT='10'><IMG SRC='pictures/redcas.gif' class='61' BORDER='0' WIDTH='10' HEIGHT='10'><IMG SRC='pictures/redcas.gif' class='63' BORDER='0' WIDTH='10' HEIGHT='10'><IMG SRC='pictures/redcas.gif' class='67' BORDER='0' WIDTH='10' HEIGHT='10'><IMG SRC='pictures/redcas.gif' class='70' BORDER='0' WIDTH='10' HEIGHT='10'><IMG SRC='pictures/redcas.gif' class='72' BORDER='0' WIDTH='10' HEIGHT='10'><IMG SRC='pictures/redcas.gif' class='73' BORDER='0' WIDTH='10' HEIGHT='10'><IMG SRC='pictures/redcas.gif' class='74' BORDER='0' WIDTH='10' HEIGHT='10'><IMG SRC='pictures/redcas.gif' class='75' BORDER='0' WIDTH='10' HEIGHT='10'><IMG SRC='pictures/redcas.gif' class='76' BORDER='0' WIDTH='10' HEIGHT='10'><IMG SRC='pictures/redcas.gif' class='78' BORDER='0' WIDTH='10' HEIGHT='10'><IMG SRC='pictures/redcas.gif' class='80' BORDER='0' WIDTH='10' HEIGHT='10'><IMG SRC='pictures/redcas.gif' class='84' BORDER='0' WIDTH='10' HEIGHT='10'><IMG SRC='pictures/redcas.gif' class='88' BORDER='0' WIDTH='10' HEIGHT='10'><IMG SRC='pictures/redcas.gif' class='95' BORDER='0' WIDTH='10' HEIGHT='10'><IMG SRC='pictures/redcas.gif' class='97' BORDER='0' WIDTH='10' HEIGHT='10'><IMG SRC='pictures/redcas.gif' class='99' BORDER='0' WIDTH='10' HEIGHT='10'><IMG SRC='pictures/redcas.gif' class='100' BORDER='0' WIDTH='10' HEIGHT='10'><IMG SRC='pictures/redcas.gif' class='101' BORDER='0' WIDTH='10' HEIGHT='10'><IMG SRC='pictures/redcas.gif' class='103' BORDER='0' WIDTH='10' HEIGHT='10'><IMG SRC='pictures/redcas.gif' class='104' BORDER='0' WIDTH='10' HEIGHT='10'><IMG SRC='pictures/redcas.gif' class='106' BORDER='0' WIDTH='10' HEIGHT='10'><IMG SRC='pictures/redcas.gif' class='110' BORDER='0' WIDTH='10' HEIGHT='10'><IMG SRC='pictures/redcas.gif' class='112' BORDER='0' WIDTH='10' HEIGHT='10'><IMG SRC='pictures/redcas.gif' class='113' BORDER='0' WIDTH='10' HEIGHT='10'><IMG SRC='pictures/redcas.gif' class='114' BORDER='0' WIDTH='10' HEIGHT='10'><IMG SRC='pictures/redcas.gif' class='119' BORDER='0' WIDTH='10' HEIGHT='10'><IMG SRC='pictures/redcas.gif' class='127' BORDER='0' WIDTH='10' HEIGHT='10'><IMG SRC='pictures/redcas.gif' class='129' BORDER='0' WIDTH='10' HEIGHT='10'><IMG SRC='pictures/redcas.gif' class='132' BORDER='0' WIDTH='10' HEIGHT='10'><IMG SRC='pictures/redcas.gif' class='137' BORDER='0' WIDTH='10' HEIGHT='10'><IMG SRC='pictures/redcas.gif' class='138' BORDER='0' WIDTH='10' HEIGHT='10'><IMG SRC='pictures/redcas.gif' class='142' BORDER='0' WIDTH='10' HEIGHT='10'><IMG SRC='pictures/redcas.gif' class='143' BORDER='0' WIDTH='10' HEIGHT='10'><IMG SRC='pictures/redcas.gif' class='146' BORDER='0' WIDTH='10' HEIGHT='10'><IMG SRC='pictures/redcas.gif' class='149' BORDER='0' WIDTH='10' HEIGHT='10'><IMG SRC='pictures/redcas.gif' class='158' BORDER='0' WIDTH='10' HEIGHT='10'><IMG SRC='pictures/redcas.gif' class='159' BORDER='0' WIDTH='10' HEIGHT='10'><IMG SRC='pictures/redcas.gif' class='160' BORDER='0' WIDTH='10' HEIGHT='10'><IMG SRC='pictures/redcas.gif' class='166' BORDER='0' WIDTH='10' HEIGHT='10'><IMG SRC='pictures/redcas.gif' class='167' BORDER='0' WIDTH='10' HEIGHT='10'><IMG SRC='pictures/redcas.gif' class='171' BORDER='0' WIDTH='10' HEIGHT='10'><IMG SRC='pictures/redcas.gif' class='173' BORDER='0' WIDTH='10' HEIGHT='10'><IMG SRC='pictures/redcas.gif' class='179' BORDER='0' WIDTH='10' HEIGHT='10'><IMG SRC='pictures/redcas.gif' class='180' BORDER='0' WIDTH='10' HEIGHT='10'><IMG SRC='pictures/redcas.gif' class='181' BORDER='0' WIDTH='10' HEIGHT='10'><IMG SRC='pictures/redcas.gif' class='185' BORDER='0' WIDTH='10' HEIGHT='10'><IMG SRC='pictures/redcas.gif' class='187' BORDER='0' WIDTH='10' HEIGHT='10'><IMG SRC='pictures/redcas.gif' class='190' BORDER='0' WIDTH='10' HEIGHT='10'><IMG SRC='pictures/uma.gif' class='3B' BORDER='0' WIDTH='5' HEIGHT='10'><IMG SRC='pictures/uma.gif' class='184B' BORDER='0' WIDTH='5' HEIGHT='10'><IMG SRC="pictures/nihon.gif" BORDER=1 WIDTH=1200 HEIGHT=1600 USEMAP="#japan" class="pos_abs" ALT="Map of Japan"> <MAP NAME="japan"> <AREA SHAPE="rect" HREF="town.php?town=1" COORDS="505,1196,514,1207" ALT="Aki" title="Aki"> <AREA SHAPE="rect" HREF="town.php?town=2" COORDS="960,258,968,266" ALT="Akita" title="Akita"> <AREA SHAPE="rect" HREF="town.php?town=3" COORDS="163,1272,174,1282" ALT="Akizuki" title="Akizuki"> <AREA SHAPE="rect" HREF="town.php?town=4" COORDS="518,1023,526,1032" ALT="Ako" title="Ako"> <AREA SHAPE="rect" HREF="town.php?town=5" COORDS="704,910,713,920" ALT="Anegawa" title="Anegawa"> <AREA SHAPE="rect" HREF="town.php?town=6" COORDS="1066,849,1074,858" ALT="Arai" title="Arai"> <AREA SHAPE="rect" HREF="town.php?town=7" COORDS="782,734,791,743" ALT="Arakawa" title="Arakawa"> <AREA SHAPE="rect" HREF="town.php?town=8" COORDS="426,1231,435,1240" ALT="Asakura" title="Asakura"> <AREA SHAPE="rect" HREF="town.php?town=9" COORDS="694,950,705,960" ALT="Azuchi" title="Azuchi"> <AREA SHAPE="rect" HREF="town.php?town=10" COORDS="141,1263,150,1272" ALT="Dazaifu" title="Dazaifu"> <AREA SHAPE="rect" HREF="town.php?town=11" COORDS="1065,787,1074,797" ALT="Edo" title="Edo"> <AREA SHAPE="rect" HREF="town.php?town=12" COORDS="367,1055,376,1065" ALT="Fuchu" title="Fuchu"> <AREA SHAPE="rect" HREF="town.php?town=13" COORDS="656,1026,666,1035" ALT="Fujidera" title="Fujidera"> <AREA SHAPE="rect" HREF="town.php?town=14" COORDS="869,748,878,757" ALT="Fukashi" title="Fukashi"> <AREA SHAPE="rect" HREF="town.php?town=15" COORDS="968,860,977,869" ALT="Fukazawa" title="Fukazawa"> <AREA SHAPE="rect" HREF="town.php?town=16" COORDS="674,821,683,830" ALT="Fukui" title="Fukui"> <AREA SHAPE="rect" HREF="town.php?town=17" COORDS="178,1216,187,1225" ALT="Fukuoka" title="Fukuoka"> <AREA SHAPE="rect" HREF="town.php?town=18" COORDS="825,828,834,837" ALT="Fukushima" title="Fukushima"> <AREA SHAPE="rect" HREF="town.php?town=19" COORDS="393,1079,403,1088" ALT="Fukuyama" title="Fukuyama"> <AREA SHAPE="rect" HREF="town.php?town=20" COORDS="260,1295,269,1304" ALT="Funai" title="Funai"> <AREA SHAPE="rect" HREF="town.php?town=21" COORDS="660,974,669,983" ALT="Fushimi" title="Fushimi"> <AREA SHAPE="rect" HREF="town.php?town=22" COORDS="875,928,883,938" ALT="Futamata" title="Futamata"> <AREA SHAPE="rect" HREF="town.php?town=23" COORDS="764,877,773,886" ALT="Gifu" title="Gifu"> <AREA SHAPE="rect" HREF="town.php?town=24" COORDS="1002,748,1011,758" ALT="Hachigata" title="Hachigata"> <AREA SHAPE="rect" HREF="town.php?town=25" COORDS="1050,123,1059,131" ALT="Hachinohe" title="Hachinohe"> <AREA SHAPE="rect" HREF="town.php?town=26" COORDS="1024,798,1033,808" ALT="Hachioji" title="Hachioji"> <AREA SHAPE="rect" HREF="town.php?town=27" COORDS="235,1114,244,1124" ALT="Hagi" title="Hagi"> <AREA SHAPE="rect" HREF="town.php?town=28" COORDS="113,1265,122,1275" ALT="Hakata" title="Hakata"> <AREA SHAPE="rect" HREF="town.php?town=29" COORDS="300,1042,309,1051" ALT="Hamada" title="Hamada"> <AREA SHAPE="rect" HREF="town.php?town=30" COORDS="867,954,876,962" ALT="Hamamatsu" title="Hamamatsu"> <AREA SHAPE="rect" HREF="town.php?town=31" COORDS="128,1387,137,1397" ALT="Hara" title="Hara"> <AREA SHAPE="rect" HREF="town.php?town=32" COORDS="486,952,495,962" ALT="Hidaka" title="Hidaka"> <AREA SHAPE="rect" HREF="town.php?town=33" COORDS="524,1099,533,1108" ALT="Hikita" title="Hikita"> <AREA SHAPE="rect" HREF="town.php?town=34" COORDS="701,939,711,949" ALT="Hikone" title="Hikone"> <AREA SHAPE="rect" HREF="town.php?town=35" COORDS="566,999,575,1009" ALT="Himeji" title="Himeji"> <AREA SHAPE="rect" HREF="town.php?town=36" COORDS="25,1286,35,1296" ALT="Hirado" title="Hirado"> <AREA SHAPE="rect" HREF="town.php?town=37" COORDS="953,117,962,125" ALT="Hirosaki" title="Hirosaki"> <AREA SHAPE="rect" HREF="town.php?town=38" COORDS="332,1111,341,1120" ALT="Hiroshima" title="Hiroshima"> <AREA SHAPE="rect" HREF="town.php?town=39" COORDS="248,1176,256,1185" ALT="Hofu" title="Hofu"> <AREA SHAPE="rect" HREF="town.php?town=40" COORDS="635,978,644,987" ALT="Homoyama" title="Homoyama"> <AREA SHAPE="rect" HREF="town.php?town=41" COORDS="640,995,649,1004" ALT="Ibaraki" title="Ibaraki"> <AREA SHAPE="rect" HREF="town.php?town=42" COORDS="51,1321,60,1331" ALT="Iimori" title="Iimori"> <AREA SHAPE="rect" HREF="town.php?town=43" COORDS="390,1155,398,1164" ALT="Imabari" title="Imabari"> <AREA SHAPE="rect" HREF="town.php?town=44" COORDS="768,901,777,910" ALT="Inuyama" title="Inuyama"> <AREA SHAPE="rect" HREF="town.php?town=45" COORDS="1116,676,1125,685" ALT="Ishioka" title="Ishioka"> <AREA SHAPE="rect" HREF="town.php?town=46" COORDS="301,1158,310,1167" ALT="Iwakuni" title="Iwakuni"> <AREA SHAPE="rect" HREF="town.php?town=47" COORDS="853,877,863,886" ALT="Iwamura" title="Iwamura"> <AREA SHAPE="rect" HREF="town.php?town=48" COORDS="1046,780,1055,789" ALT="Iwatsuki" title="Iwatsuki"> <AREA SHAPE="rect" HREF="town.php?town=49" COORDS="132,1245,143,1256" ALT="Iwaya" title="Iwaya"> <AREA SHAPE="rect" HREF="town.php?town=50" COORDS="632,1052,641,1061" ALT="Izumi" title="Izumi"> <AREA SHAPE="rect" HREF="town.php?town=51" COORDS="173,1500,183,1510" ALT="Kagoshima" title="Kagoshima"> <AREA SHAPE="rect" HREF="town.php?town=52" COORDS="899,941,908,950" ALT="Kakegawa" title="Kakegawa"> <AREA SHAPE="rect" HREF="town.php?town=53" COORDS="1052,838,1061,847" ALT="Kamakura" title="Kamakura"> <AREA SHAPE="rect" HREF="town.php?town=54" COORDS="737,997,746,1007" ALT="Kameyama" title="Kameyama"> <AREA SHAPE="rect" HREF="town.php?town=55" COORDS="599,957,608,967" ALT="Kameyama" title="Kameyama"> <AREA SHAPE="rect" HREF="town.php?town=56" COORDS="960,799,969,808" ALT="Kamiizumi" title="Kamiizumi"> <AREA SHAPE="rect" HREF="town.php?town=57" COORDS="681,869,690,879" ALT="Kanagasaki" title="Kanagasaki"> <AREA SHAPE="rect" HREF="town.php?town=58" COORDS="1020,734,1029,743" ALT="Kanagawa" title="Kanagawa"> <AREA SHAPE="rect" HREF="town.php?town=59" COORDS="869,706,878,716" ALT="Kanawakajima" title="Kanawakajima"> <AREA SHAPE="rect" HREF="town.php?town=60" COORDS="935,746,944,755" ALT="Kanayama" title="Kanayama"> <AREA SHAPE="rect" HREF="town.php?town=61" COORDS="702,737,710,745" ALT="Kanazawa" title="Kanazawa"> <AREA SHAPE="rect" HREF="town.php?town=62" COORDS="951,887,961,896" ALT="Kanbara" title="Kanbara"> <AREA SHAPE="rect" HREF="town.php?town=63" COORDS="701,960,710,970" ALT="Kannonji" title="Kannonji"> <AREA SHAPE="rect" HREF="town.php?town=64" COORDS="1052,605,1060,614" ALT="Karasawayama" title="Karasawayama"> <AREA SHAPE="rect" HREF="town.php?town=65" COORDS="122,1252,131,1262" ALT="Karatsu" title="Karatsu"> <AREA SHAPE="rect" HREF="town.php?town=66" COORDS="1031,764,1040,774" ALT="Kawagoe" title="Kawagoe"> <AREA SHAPE="rect" HREF="town.php?town=67" COORDS="827,801,836,811" ALT="Kiso" title="Kiso"> <AREA SHAPE="rect" HREF="town.php?town=68" COORDS="763,915,772,924" ALT="Kiyosu" title="Kiyosu"> <AREA SHAPE="rect" HREF="town.php?town=69" COORDS="440,1192,450,1201" ALT="Kochi" title="Kochi"> <AREA SHAPE="rect" HREF="town.php?town=70" COORDS="934,814,943,823" ALT="Kofu" title="Kofu"> <AREA SHAPE="rect" HREF="town.php?town=71" COORDS="717,962,727,972" ALT="Koka" title="Koka"> <AREA SHAPE="rect" HREF="town.php?town=72" COORDS="245,1283,254,1293" ALT="Kokokufu" title="Kokokufu"> <AREA SHAPE="rect" HREF="town.php?town=73" COORDS="217,1521,227,1531" ALT="Kokubu" title="Kokubu"> <AREA SHAPE="rect" HREF="town.php?town=74" COORDS="150,1216,160,1225" ALT="Kokura" title="Kokura"> <AREA SHAPE="rect" HREF="town.php?town=75" COORDS="1078,765,1087,775" ALT="Konodai" title="Konodai"> <AREA SHAPE="rect" HREF="town.php?town=76" COORDS="689,780,698,789" ALT="Komatsu" title="Komatsu"> <AREA SHAPE="rect" HREF="town.php?town=77" COORDS="340,1078,349,1087" ALT="Koriyama" title="Koriyama"> <AREA SHAPE="rect" HREF="town.php?town=78" COORDS="163,1354,173,1364" ALT="Kumamoto" title="Kumamoto"> <AREA SHAPE="rect" HREF="town.php?town=79" COORDS="960,728,969,738" ALT="Kuragano" title="Kuragano"> <AREA SHAPE="rect" HREF="town.php?town=80" COORDS="408,978,418,987" ALT="Kurayoshi" title="Kurayoshi"> <AREA SHAPE="rect" HREF="town.php?town=81" COORDS="142,1290,151,1300" ALT="Kurume" title="Kurume"> <AREA SHAPE="rect" HREF="town.php?town=82" COORDS="1092,823,1101,832" ALT="Kururi" title="Kururi"> <AREA SHAPE="rect" HREF="town.php?town=83" COORDS="898,775,906,784" ALT="Kuwabara" title="Kuwabara"> <AREA SHAPE="rect" HREF="town.php?town=84" COORDS="657,959,666,968" ALT="Kyoto" title="Kyoto"> <AREA SHAPE="rect" HREF="town.php?town=85" COORDS="584,908,594,917" ALT="Maizuru" title="Maizuru"> <AREA SHAPE="rect" HREF="town.php?town=86" COORDS="478,1111,487,1121" ALT="Marugame" title="Marugame"> <AREA SHAPE="rect" HREF="town.php?town=87" COORDS="678,803,688,813" ALT="Maruoka" title="Maruoka"> <AREA SHAPE="rect" HREF="town.php?town=88" COORDS="365,971,373,980" ALT="Matsue" title="Matsue"> <AREA SHAPE="rect" HREF="town.php?town=89" COORDS="857,726,865,735" ALT="Matsumoto" title="Matsumoto"> <AREA SHAPE="rect" HREF="town.php?town=90" COORDS="386,1181,395,1190" ALT="Matsuyama" title="Matsuyama"> <AREA SHAPE="rect" HREF="town.php?town=91" COORDS="363,1112,372,1121" ALT="Mihara" title="Mihara"> <AREA SHAPE="rect" HREF="town.php?town=92" COORDS="691,975,700,985" ALT="Minakuchi" title="Minakuchi"> <AREA SHAPE="rect" HREF="town.php?town=93" COORDS="581,1076,590,1086" ALT="Minami" title="Minami"> <AREA SHAPE="rect" HREF="town.php?town=94" COORDS="933,701,943,710" ALT="Minowa" title="Minowa"> <AREA SHAPE="rect" HREF="town.php?town=95" COORDS="1130,711,1139,720" ALT="Mito" title="Mito"> <AREA SHAPE="rect" HREF="town.php?town=96" COORDS="1069,264,1077,273" ALT="Morioka" title="Morioka"> <AREA SHAPE="rect" HREF="town.php?town=97" COORDS="699,924,708,933" ALT="Nagahama" title="Nagahama"> <AREA SHAPE="rect" HREF="town.php?town=98" COORDS="906,603,915,612" ALT="Nagaoka" title="Nagaoka"> <AREA SHAPE="rect" HREF="town.php?town=99" COORDS="70,1379,79,1388" ALT="Nagasaki" title="Nagasaki"> <AREA SHAPE="rect" HREF="town.php?town=100" COORDS="752,946,761,955" ALT="Nagashima" title="Nagashima"> <AREA SHAPE="rect" HREF="town.php?town=101" COORDS="837,938,847,948" ALT="Nagashino" title="Nagashino"> <AREA SHAPE="rect" HREF="town.php?town=102" COORDS="778,937,787,946" ALT="Nagoya" title="Nagoya"> <AREA SHAPE="rect" HREF="town.php?town=103" COORDS="217,1255,226,1265" ALT="Nakatsu" title="Nakatsu"> <AREA SHAPE="rect" HREF="town.php?town=104" COORDS="733,679,742,688" ALT="Nanao" title="Nanao"> <AREA SHAPE="rect" HREF="town.php?town=105" COORDS="486,1203,495,1212" ALT="Nankoku" title="Nankoku"> <AREA SHAPE="rect" HREF="town.php?town=106" COORDS="689,1033,698,1043" ALT="Nara" title="Nara"> <AREA SHAPE="rect" HREF="town.php?town=107" COORDS="890,557,899,566" ALT="Niigata" title="Niigata"> <AREA SHAPE="rect" HREF="town.php?town=108" COORDS="995,642,1003,651" ALT="Nikko" title="Nikko"> <AREA SHAPE="rect" HREF="town.php?town=109" COORDS="1004,886,1012,895" ALT="Nirayama" title="Nirayama"> <AREA SHAPE="rect" HREF="town.php?town=110" COORDS="278,1397,287,1407" ALT="Nobeoka" title="Nobeoka"> <AREA SHAPE="rect" HREF="town.php?town=111" COORDS="643,904,652,914" ALT="Obama" title="Obama"> <AREA SHAPE="rect" HREF="town.php?town=112" COORDS="273,1499,282,1509" ALT="Obi" title="Obi"> <AREA SHAPE="rect" HREF="town.php?town=113" COORDS="698,893,707,902" ALT="Odani" title="Odani"> <AREA SHAPE="rect" HREF="town.php?town=114" COORDS="1014,846,1023,855" ALT="Odawara" title="Odawara"> <AREA SHAPE="rect" HREF="town.php?town=115" COORDS="735,906,744,916" ALT="Ogaki" title="Ogaki"> <AREA SHAPE="rect" HREF="town.php?town=116" COORDS="486,1063,495,1072" ALT="Okayama" title="Okayama"> <AREA SHAPE="rect" HREF="town.php?town=117" COORDS="803,934,812,943" ALT="Okazaki" title="Okazaki"> <AREA SHAPE="rect" HREF="town.php?town=118" COORDS="779,921,789,931" ALT="Okehazama" title="Okehazama"> <AREA SHAPE="rect" HREF="town.php?town=119" COORDS="713,843,723,853" ALT="Ono" title="Ono"> <AREA SHAPE="rect" HREF="town.php?town=120" COORDS="627,1010,636,1019" ALT="Osaka" title="Osaka"> <AREA SHAPE="rect" HREF="town.php?town=121" COORDS="1125,809,1134,818" ALT="Otaki" title="Otaki"> <AREA SHAPE="rect" HREF="town.php?town=122" COORDS="870,644,879,653" ALT="Otate" title="Otate"> <AREA SHAPE="rect" HREF="town.php?town=123" COORDS="678,971,687,981" ALT="Otsu" title="Otsu"> <AREA SHAPE="rect" HREF="town.php?town=124" COORDS="1024,778,1033,787" ALT="Ozawahara" title="Ozawahara"> <AREA SHAPE="rect" HREF="town.php?town=125" COORDS="366,1235,376,1245" ALT="Ozu" title="Ozu"> <AREA SHAPE="rect" HREF="town.php?town=126" COORDS="840,518,849,527" ALT="Sado" title="Sado"> <AREA SHAPE="rect" HREF="town.php?town=127" COORDS="111,1302,120,1311" ALT="Saga" title="Saga"> <AREA SHAPE="rect" HREF="town.php?town=128" COORDS="301,1312,310,1322" ALT="Saiki" title="Saiki"> <AREA SHAPE="rect" HREF="town.php?town=129" COORDS="251,1461,261,1471" ALT="Saito" title="Saito"> <AREA SHAPE="rect" HREF="town.php?town=130" COORDS="631,1033,640,1042" ALT="Sakai" title="Sakai"> <AREA SHAPE="rect" HREF="town.php?town=131" COORDS="1083,729,1092,739" ALT="Sakasai" title="Sakasai"> <AREA SHAPE="rect" HREF="town.php?town=132" COORDS="953,408,962,417" ALT="Sakata" title="Sakata"> <AREA SHAPE="rect" HREF="town.php?town=133" COORDS="1102,772,1111,782" ALT="Sakura" title="Sakura"> <AREA SHAPE="rect" HREF="town.php?town=134" COORDS="1014,697,1023,706" ALT="Sano" title="Sano"> <AREA SHAPE="rect" HREF="town.php?town=135" COORDS="1057,720,1066,729" ALT="Sekiyado" title="Sekiyado"> <AREA SHAPE="rect" HREF="town.php?town=136" COORDS="719,891,728,900" ALT="Sekigahara" title="Sekigahara"> <AREA SHAPE="rect" HREF="town.php?town=137" COORDS="1094,393,1103,402" ALT="Sendai" title="Sendai"> <AREA SHAPE="rect" HREF="town.php?town=138" COORDS="134,1372,142,1381" ALT="Shimabara" title="Shimabara"> <AREA SHAPE="rect" HREF="town.php?town=139" COORDS="1000,933,1009,942" ALT="Shimoda" title="Shimoda"> <AREA SHAPE="rect" HREF="town.php?town=140" COORDS="166,1191,175,1201" ALT="Shimonoseki" title="Shimonoseki"> <AREA SHAPE="rect" HREF="town.php?town=141" COORDS="914,807,923,816" ALT="Shinpu" title="Shinpu"> <AREA SHAPE="rect" HREF="town.php?town=142" COORDS="437,1064,446,1073" ALT="Soja" title="Soja"> <AREA SHAPE="rect" HREF="town.php?town=143" COORDS="706,674,715,683" ALT="Suemon" title="Suemon"> <AREA SHAPE="rect" HREF="town.php?town=144" COORDS="941,902,950,911" ALT="Sumpu" title="Sumpu"> <AREA SHAPE="rect" HREF="town.php?town=145" COORDS="750,973,759,983" ALT="Suzuka" title="Suzuka"> <AREA SHAPE="rect" HREF="town.php?town=146" COORDS="132,1232,142,1242" ALT="Tachibana" title="Tachibana"> <AREA SHAPE="rect" HREF="town.php?town=147" COORDS="836,657,845,666" ALT="Takada" title="Takada"> <AREA SHAPE="rect" HREF="town.php?town=148" COORDS="503,1091,513,1101" ALT="Takamatsu" title="Takamatsu"> <AREA SHAPE="rect" HREF="town.php?town=149" COORDS="737,709,746,718" ALT="Takaoka" title="Takaoka"> <AREA SHAPE="rect" HREF="town.php?town=150" COORDS="956,710,965,719" ALT="Takasaki" title="Takasaki"> <AREA SHAPE="rect" HREF="town.php?town=151" COORDS="77,1286,88,1296" ALT="Takashima" title="Takashima"> <AREA SHAPE="rect" HREF="town.php?town=152" COORDS="928,956,937,965" ALT="Takatenjin" title="Takatenjin"> <AREA SHAPE="rect" HREF="town.php?town=153" COORDS="857,816,866,825" ALT="Takato" title="Takato"> <AREA SHAPE="rect" HREF="town.php?town=154" COORDS="792,772,802,782" ALT="Takayama" title="Takayama"> <AREA SHAPE="rect" HREF="town.php?town=155" COORDS="820,972,829,981" ALT="Takenoya" title="Takenoya"> <AREA SHAPE="rect" HREF="town.php?town=156" COORDS="1013,788,1022,797" ALT="Takiyama" title="Takiyama"> <AREA SHAPE="rect" HREF="town.php?town=157" COORDS="409,1104,418,1113" ALT="Takiyama" title="Takiyama"> <AREA SHAPE="rect" HREF="town.php?town=158" COORDS="649,1140,658,1150" ALT="Tanabe" title="Tanabe"> <AREA SHAPE="rect" HREF="town.php?town=159" COORDS="933,919,942,928" ALT="Tanaka" title="Tanaka"> <AREA SHAPE="rect" HREF="town.php?town=160" COORDS="990,713,999,722" ALT="Tatebayashi" title="Tatebayashi"> <AREA SHAPE="rect" HREF="town.php?town=161" COORDS="1093,867,1102,876" ALT="Tateyama" title="Tateyama"> <AREA SHAPE="rect" HREF="town.php?town=162" COORDS="791,1015,800,1025" ALT="Toba" title="Toba"> <AREA SHAPE="rect" HREF="town.php?town=163" COORDS="340,994,349,1004" ALT="Toda" title="Toda"> <AREA SHAPE="rect" HREF="town.php?town=164" COORDS="562,1120,571,1130" ALT="Tokushima" title="Tokushima"> <AREA SHAPE="rect" HREF="town.php?town=165" COORDS="538,933,548,943" ALT="Tottori" title="Tottori"> <AREA SHAPE="rect" HREF="town.php?town=166" COORDS="760,728,769,737" ALT="Toyama" title="Toyama"> <AREA SHAPE="rect" HREF="town.php?town=167" COORDS="757,1003,766,1012" ALT="Tsu" title="Tsu"> <AREA SHAPE="rect" HREF="town.php?town=168" COORDS="1106,734,1115,743" ALT="Tsuchiura" title="Tsuchiura"> <AREA SHAPE="rect" HREF="town.php?town=169" COORDS="658,888,667,897" ALT="Tsuruga" title="Tsuruga"> <AREA SHAPE="rect" HREF="town.php?town=170" COORDS="451,996,460,1005" ALT="Tsuyama" title="Tsuyama"> <AREA SHAPE="rect" HREF="town.php?town=171" COORDS="908,760,916,769" ALT="Ueda" title="Ueda"> <AREA SHAPE="rect" HREF="town.php?town=172" COORDS="894,732,902,741" ALT="Uedahara" title="Uedahara"> <AREA SHAPE="rect" HREF="town.php?town=173" COORDS="887,792,897,802" ALT="Uehara" title="Uehara"> <AREA SHAPE="rect" HREF="town.php?town=174" COORDS="709,991,718,1001" ALT="Ueno" title="Ueno"> <AREA SHAPE="rect" HREF="town.php?town=175" COORDS="672,995,681,1005" ALT="Uji" title="Uji"> <AREA SHAPE="rect" HREF="town.php?town=176" COORDS="449,1214,458,1223" ALT="Urado" title="Urado"> <AREA SHAPE="rect" HREF="town.php?town=177" COORDS="284,1289,293,1297" ALT="Usuki" title="Usuki"> <AREA SHAPE="rect" HREF="town.php?town=178" COORDS="1048,670,1057,679" ALT="Utsunomiya" title="Utsunomiya"> <AREA SHAPE="rect" HREF="town.php?town=179" COORDS="359,1270,369,1279" ALT="Uwajima" title="Uwajima"> <AREA SHAPE="rect" HREF="town.php?town=180" COORDS="1029,549,1038,558" ALT="Wakamatsu" title="Wakamatsu"> <AREA SHAPE="rect" HREF="town.php?town=181" COORDS="625,1086,634,1095" ALT="Wakayama" title="Wakayama"> <AREA SHAPE="rect" HREF="town.php?town=182" COORDS="620,960,629,969" ALT="Yagami" title="Yagami"> <AREA SHAPE="rect" HREF="town.php?town=183" COORDS="1016,437,1026,446" ALT="Yamagata" title="Yamagata"> <AREA SHAPE="rect" HREF="town.php?town=184" COORDS="241,1156,250,1166" ALT="Yamaguchi" title="Yamaguchi"> <AREA SHAPE="rect" HREF="town.php?town=185" COORDS="131,1311,141,1321" ALT="Yanagawa" title="Yanagawa"> <AREA SHAPE="rect" HREF="town.php?town=186" COORDS="172,1391,182,1401" ALT="Yatsushiro" title="Yatsushiro"> <AREA SHAPE="rect" HREF="town.php?town=187" COORDS="1056,823,1064,832" ALT="Yokohama" title="Yokohama"> <AREA SHAPE="rect" HREF="town.php?town=188" COORDS="1023,496,1033,506" ALT="Yonezawa" title="Yonezawa"> <AREA SHAPE="rect" HREF="town.php?town=189" COORDS="807,960,816,969" ALT="Yoshida" title="Yoshida"> <AREA SHAPE="rect" HREF="town.php?town=190" COORDS="850,851,859,860" ALT="Yoshioka" title="Yoshioka"> <AREA SHAPE="circle" HREF="harbor.php?harbor=1" COORDS="187,1517,5" ALT="Kagoshima harbor" title="Kagoshima harbor"> <AREA SHAPE="circle" HREF="harbor.php?harbor=2" COORDS="64,1379,5" ALT="Nagasaki harbor" title="Nagasaki harbor"> <AREA SHAPE="circle" HREF="harbor.php?harbor=3" COORDS="37,1299,4" ALT="Hirado harbor" title="Hirado harbor"> <AREA SHAPE="circle" HREF="harbor.php?harbor=4" COORDS="291,1404,4" ALT="Nobeoka harbor" title="Nobeoka harbor"> <AREA SHAPE="circle" HREF="harbor.php?harbor=5" COORDS="147,1371,4" ALT="Shimabara harbor" title="Shimabara harbor"> <AREA SHAPE="circle" HREF="harbor.php?harbor=6" COORDS="193,1214,4" ALT="Fukuoka harbor" title="Fukuoka harbor"> <AREA SHAPE="circle" HREF="harbor.php?harbor=7" COORDS="159,1194,6" ALT="Shimonoseki harbor" title="Shimonoseki harbor"> <AREA SHAPE="circle" HREF="harbor.php?harbor=8" COORDS="332,1130,4" ALT="Hiroshima harbor" title="Hiroshima harbor"> <AREA SHAPE="circle" HREF="harbor.php?harbor=9" COORDS="499,1072,4" ALT="Okayama harbor" title="Okayama harbor"> <AREA SHAPE="circle" HREF="harbor.php?harbor=10" COORDS="351,1272,4" ALT="Uwajima harbor" title="Uwajima harbor"> <AREA SHAPE="circle" HREF="harbor.php?harbor=11" COORDS="492,1216,4" ALT="Nankoku harbor" title="Nankoku harbor"> <AREA SHAPE="circle" HREF="harbor.php?harbor=12" COORDS="615,1093,4" ALT="Wakayama harbor" title="Wakayama harbor"> <AREA SHAPE="circle" HREF="harbor.php?harbor=13" COORDS="627,1052,4" ALT="Sakai harbor" title="Sakai harbor"> <AREA SHAPE="circle" HREF="harbor.php?harbor=14" COORDS="624,1025,5" ALT="Osaka harbor" title="Osaka harbor"> <AREA SHAPE="circle" HREF="harbor.php?harbor=15" COORDS="770,998,4" ALT="Tsu harbor" title="Tsu harbor"> <AREA SHAPE="circle" HREF="harbor.php?harbor=16" COORDS="772,949,5" ALT="Nagoya harbor" title="Nagoya harbor"> <AREA SHAPE="circle" HREF="harbor.php?harbor=17" COORDS="868,971,5" ALT="Hamamatsu harbor" title="Hamamatsu harbor"> <AREA SHAPE="circle" HREF="harbor.php?harbor=18" COORDS="1071,825,5" ALT="Yokohama harbor" title="Yokohama harbor"> <AREA SHAPE="circle" HREF="harbor.php?harbor=19" COORDS="1079,794,4" ALT="Edo harbor" title="Edo harbor"> </MAP> <!--copyright 2008 Wiebe de Boer--> </BODY> </HTML>
  23. oh and I just got word that the map doesn't display layer 0 and layer 1 if you use IE with a Mac computer. So it doesn't appear to be just an FF issue, but more a Mac issue
  24. axiea it doesn't matter what markup you use (valid or invalid, loose or strict), it won't work in FF. Even if I did have the right markup for FF (which there isn't), I'd still need to write a script were the browser is detected and I doubt i can make that work, because the javascript is already causing problems with Opera. thefilmgod I only use absolute positioning on that page, because fixed and relative won't work its like the faster the browser, the less accurate the page is displayed
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