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  1. So I'm playing around with Regex : here's a working example


    as you can see, in the second capture group, specifically here


    As you can see, it's capturing everything that comes after the first , I've been working on trying to have it stop once it finds the first rather than the last instance of  /url] so that it will be able to capture links on the same line, rather than having to put them on different lines.

    How would I change this properly?

  2. We used phpBB once, and were hacked.  It definitely didn't leave us with a good impression.  Even if it has been improved...IMO phpBB would be worse than sticking with SMF.


    You must have been using phpbb2...which is very outdated and well, very exploitable.


    I would definitely suggest giving it another try, phpbb3 has been almost completely rewritten and has an amazing admin panel for easy configuration and I'm sure it has an integration from SMF to phpbb mod. It has a very very wide following now and is very popular. I'm sure it will fit your needs perfectly.


    Again, just a suggestion :)

    Though I guarantee you will find it more to your liking then IPB.

  3. Hey guys, I have a question that you can hopefully help me with, I'm writing a simple forum, and I'm wondering how I would go by handling a thread that has been 'stuck' so that it isn't moved when more threads are made. I could use some a push in the right direction thanks.

  4. document.getElementById("reg_name").innerHTML=reg_n;
        document.getElementById("reg_email").innerHTML="reg_email + reg_p_m";


    What are you doing here..? There is no element with the id = to "reg_name"  I'm getting a null error.

    I think you should re-write this function.

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