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  1. Sorry, I don't use much pure javascript, but this doesn't look right.


    if(reg_n!==null|| reg_p!==null || reg_email!==null || reg_p_m!==null || reg_n!=="" || reg_p!=="" || reg_email!=="" || reg_p_m!=="")


    Should you be using Logical AND and also being using '!=' not '!=='


    Hopefully, I helped.  :shrug:



    if(reg_n != null && reg_p != null && reg_email != null && reg_p_m != null && reg_n != "" && reg_p != "" && reg_email != "" && reg_p_m != "")

  2. Hi.  I'd suggest changing your code to what Mj mentioned.




    use isset


    Um, let's not, since that won't work. A field that a users does not fill in a value for is still set - it just happens to have a value of an empty string. And, you should always use trim() on user input. Otherwise, a value of only spaces will appear as having a non-empty value.


    $first    = trim($_POST['First']);
    $middle   = trim($_POST['Middle']);
    $last     = trim($_POST['Last']);
    $personal = trim($_POST['Persona1']);
    if(!empty($middle)) { $middle = $middle.'.'; }
    echo "{$first}.{$middle}{$last}.{$personal}.<br>\n";


    Although you should really think about using htmlentities() on the values to prevent any values that might be interpreted as HTML code from screwing up the page.

  3. <?php
    $pathexpress = "email/message/to/toFirstName";
    $childLabelPath = "email/message/to/toFirstName /#text"; //space
    $curChildLabelPath = rtrim($childLabelPath, "/#text");
    echo $curChildLabelPath;


    I'm not sure if this helps you at all, but this worked for me.

  4. Use jquery to hide the two drops downs.


    Onclick show the first one, on another click show the second one.


    I don't know if there's a tut on what you're looking for, but you can use Jquerys documentation to look through the functions.




    Ill link the one's I think you'll be using.






    Just use a small amount of logic and tada.


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