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  1. The selected username/display name has already been taken.
  2. I had to change mine to Zane0 for that same reason. .. because this guy registered in Feb 04 and last logged in on Apr 05.
  3. I have changed my display name from Zanus to Zane
  4. I don't even want to think about what that would look like. *Trying not to think*
  5. I was introduced to vi(m) a few years ago when I took Linux Admin and Linux Advanced Admin at my community college. Like every other *nix head the teacher was completely bonkers over it and preached to us all that it was the greatest thing since sliced bread. But he made a horrible impression of it to us when he actually got around to showing us. Although, we weren't using the GUI version (if there is one) it was the CLI based version. The one in which the only thing I can remember is that in order to exit the program I had to type q and s and number sign and exclamation mark, etc, etc.. more unexplained commands. I'm sure it's a great editor but I didn't learn a damned thing in those classes.. other than what an rpm was.. and yum, etc. Oh. and how to install it with apt-get/install (assuming that was installed). Off Topic
  6. Personally, I like anything from regular Notepad to Zend Studio. I haven't been able to try Eclipse yet but I'm eager to since they've integrated the PHP libraries into it.. much like Dreamweaver and Zend Studio. That key feature is what sells me on an editor. That fact that the editor can tell me which function I'm about to type and which parameters that I NEED is awesome. I can't stand having to go back and forth from the editor to the manual. Especially when I'm working with those functions I don't normally use. What I really want to use is an editor with File Management capabilties, PHP function recognition, Regex Search and Replace and FTP access, then I believe I'd be a happy camper/coder. Too bad that editor has to be Dreamweaver. Perhaps there is another one out there that I don't know about?
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