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Found 2 results

  1. Hello All, Have a GoDaddy MySQL PHP:PDO hosting questions. Using a database class to make script queries. Unfortunately, I'm required to use GoDaddy Windows hosting. However, I'm a Linux kind of guy. Here's the issue. The viewer script includes database credentials defined as constants, in a file outside the root directory. Typically, these constants are available to all sub processes including class objects. Everything works as expected on development server. The error message I get with version using constants: L226: projectGallery_class datapull Caught Exception --- invalid data source name with host string userDBName.db.6482519.hostedresource.com;dbname=userDBName However when I deploy to GoDaddy's production server, the constants are defined - but empty. Here is the example code. /* works on Linux */ class datapull { var $host; // not assigned here var $userName; // not assigned here var $userPass; // not assigned here protected function conn() { try { $DB = new PDO(DB_HOST,DB_UNAME,DB_PASS); $DB->setAttribute(PDO::ATTR_ERRMODE, PDO::ERRMODE_EXCEPTION); return $DB; } catch( Exception $e ) { $mes = "L226: datapull::conn() Caught Exception --- "; $mes .= $e->getMessage(); error_log($mes); } } public function dbquery($qqueue) { $DB = (!isset($DB)) ? $this->conn() : $DB; /* some query stuff here */ return $result } The modified class for GoDaddy Windows class datapull { var $host = “mysql:host=userDBName.db.1234567.hostedresource.com;dbname=userDBName”; var $userName = “userDBName”; //godaddy user and database naming convention var $userPass = “userPWDString”; //user password protected function conn() { try { $DB = new PDO($this->host,$this->userName,$this->userPass); $DB->setAttribute(PDO::ATTR_ERRMODE, PDO::ERRMODE_EXCEPTION); return $DB; } catch( Exception $e ) { $mes = "L226: datapull::conn() Caught Exception --- "; $mes .= $e->getMessage(); error_log($mes); } } public function dbquery($qqueue) { $DB = (!isset($DB)) ? $this->conn() : $DB; /* some query stuff here */ return $result }
  2. Hi, I am trying to connect to a database using mysqli from a web developing software package called Sellerdeck. This software is purely windows based, it has PHP configured to a certain extent it seems. I ran the phpinfo(); command and can't find anything to do with MYSQL in the settings of the version. So i tried to download the php_mysql.dll and libmysql.dll files, I have referenced them in the php.ini file by using extension_dir="./" extension=php_mysql.dll extension=libmysql.dll (Also best to mention that " extension_dir="./" " was the only line of text in the php.ini file by default) This didn't seem to make a difference at all, still get the same error. Is there anything I can try to do? I really can't understand it as php 5 comes with mysql built in, but it seems that Sellerdeck have stripped that usability from the php version! Any advice appreciated
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