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Found 3 results

  1. This is what I have originally, any help to get this translated to preg_replace_callback will be so much appreciated! function addtemplateslashes($template) { return "?".">".$template."<?php"; } $template = preg_replace("/\?".">(\r*\n*.*)(<\?php|<\?)/esiU","addtemplateslashes('\\1')",$template); And this is what I have so far with no luck. if (!function_exists('parseTagsRecursive')) { function parseTagsRecursive($template) { $regex = '#\/\?".">(\r*\n*.*)(<\?php|<\?)#'; if (is_array($template)) { $template = $template[1]; } return preg_replace_callback($regex, 'parseTagsRecursive', $template); } } $template = parseTagsRecursive($template);
  2. i am using gwallet on my site from http://radiumone.com/ one step is to add a callback url that can p[erform We will send the following parameters to your Postback URL every time a user completes an offer or payment:• appId is Application ID of your application on RadiumOne Social• userId is the user ID value you've passed to us on iFrame call• amount is the transaction amount of your virtual currency• hash is MD5 hash you can use to verify the postback, calculated as md5([uSER_ID]+":"+[APP_ID]+":"+[sECRET_KEY]), where "+" is string concatenation and [sECRET_KEY] is the secret key of your application• trackId is the tracking value you passed to us on iFrame callNote: Your reply must be a single character 1 on success or 0 otherwise anyone know how to make a php file do this?
  3. Hi Guys, I have a set of script to send data via checkbox toggle. After a checkbox is checked. A value is sent from PHP as 1. So I test the value within success callback. Everythings works fine but I can't make the background color change according to the given value from php. Please have give me a hand. <script type="text/javascript"> jQuery(function($){ $('input[name=alm]').click(function(){ var id=$(this).attr('id'); var alm=$(this).val(); $.ajax({ type:'GET', url:'inc/villas_allotment_ajax_update.php', data:'id='+id+'&alm='+alm, /*success: function (result) {$('#bg').css("background-color", "#66cc00");alert(data);}, error: function (result) {$('#bg').css("background-color", "#ff8080");},*/ success: function(html) { if(html=="1"){//change td bg to green if succeed $('#bg').css("background-color", "#66cc00"); alert(html); }else{ $('#bg').css("background-color", "#ff8080"); alert(html); } } }); }); }); </script> Here's my html: <table> [indent=1]<tr>[/indent] [indent=2]<td id="2012-11-01-001" align="center"><input type="checkbox" id="2012-11-01-001" name="alm" value="1" checked /></td>[/indent] [indent=2]<td id="2012-11-02-001" align="center"><input type="checkbox" id="2012-11-02-001" name="alm" value="1" checked /></td>[/indent] [indent=2]<td id="2012-11-03-001" align="center"><input type="checkbox" id="2012-11-03-001" name="alm" value="1" checked /></td>[/indent] [indent=2]...[/indent] [indent=2]<td id="2012-11-30-001" align="center"><input type="checkbox" id="2012-11-30-001" name="alm" value="1" checked /></td>[/indent] [indent=1]</tr>[/indent] </table> The questions is: How can I change the td background-color after a callback is proved (html=="1") according to its td.id (not #bg as I wrote) Please help me out, I've spent many hours to solve this including some samples from this website.
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