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Found 2 results

  1. Hey Everyone, In one of my design classes I am doing some research for something I am designing. I was wondering if some people in the forum could take it to get a broader perspective on it. More than just people at my school. I am just using the information for class, none of your names or other information will be used. The survey just asks about your preferences when it comes to grocery shopping. The link is below. Please, only users who are between the ages of 18-24. Thanks guys, Survey!
  2. Hey Everyone, I have been dying to tell someone about this, but I feel that since my friends are not coders they wouldn't fully get how much my teacher aggravates me. So, my minor is college is interactive digital design which is graphic and web design. This semester, my fall senior semester, I decided to take the "Advanced Web Design Class." I took the basic web design class my previous year, which was a breeze because I have been self taught in HTML and CSS for about four years and PHP and MYSQL for about a year. I have this teacher who teaches "Advanced Web Design" and claims to have cooperate clients for web site development. I keep putting "Advanced Web Design" in quotes because this class is a JOKE! My so called teacher has said the following, which has had me banging my head on my keyboard during class: "I don't like to code because I don't like to type." "I don't like to code because I am a bad speller." "Dreamweaver is better than coding." :'( "I buy all of my form validation code." "Spry bars are better." "You shouldn't be using PHP in my class." I asked her to show me some of her work and she showed me this stupid website she made about some female bulldog. I have no idea, Mrs. Something. I started to laugh and she was serious. She used like 20 JPEGS like puzzles pieces, so the site took a solid 5 minutes to load. Here I was thinking I was going to get a class where I could practice PHP and javascript, but instead we are going over the basics of HTML and CSS. Today she taught us how to attach style sheets to our web pages, using Dreamweaver of course. I tried to explain to her that she needs to at least teach her students the basics of coding, so they can debug their Dreamweaver code when it goes wrong. She told me to let her do her job. Then she spent the rest of the class helping everyone debug their Dreamweaver mistakes. Glad I got that out!
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