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Found 8 results

  1. Hi, I have a question is this situation possible below? sample database table Information ID, Username,Password,level 1 user1 Pass1 1 2 user2 Pass2 2 I want a php code i which when I login my username and password it will check 3 fields in the table, the username and password if it matches from the database and the it will check what level is the user. So if ever username and password is correct it will check if what level is the user, so if the users level is 1 it will go to level1.php page and if 2 it will go to level2.php Hope you can help me with this problem of mine.
  2. I am trying to connect to my database on xammp, Im trying to find info how to connect and set up for people that sign in to my website they can regsiter for it.
  3. So I've followed this code, corrected about 12 error, talked to my hosting and I am so done. I have tried everything but the error won't go away. The code is pasted below. As it's really late any help would be appreciated that would make my day the next day... <?PHP //connect to server $connect = mysql_connect("localhost","cello10_import","brigite27"); //connection to database mysql_select_db("cello10_import"); //query the database $query = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM users WHERE cover_image = 'http://d1w7fb2mkkr3kw.cloudfront.net/assets/images/book/small/9781/2500/9781250038821.jpg' "); //fetch the results / convert into array WHILE($rows = mysql_fetch_array(query)): $cover_image = $rows['cover_image']; $title = $rows['title']; $author = $rows['author']; echo "$cover_image<br>$title<br>$author<br><br><br>"; endwhile; ?> The error experienced is: Warning: mysql_fetch_array() expects parameter 1 to be resource, string given in /home/cello10/public_html/display.php on line 10 Thanks for your help
  4. Hi there. I have a small problem, i want to use strrpos and i dont want to make a textbox in the browser so i can write what ever word i want to search for and enter it. here is the code. $string = "Dette er en dummy tekst. Den kan bruges til mange forskellige ting.<p> Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Aliquam pellentesque faucibus pretium. Duis vehicula lacus vitae lacus adipiscing dignissim. Suspendisse mauris nulla, vehicula id orci semper, iaculis tincidunt nisl. Quisque congue magna eu elit posuere lacinia eu eget neque. Vivamus est sapien, porta at lacinia eget, commodo vitae lectus. Donec non velit at justo viverra suscipit eu quis purus. Integer tempor lacinia turpis, et aliquet est dignissim non. Aenean euismod dignissim turpis id sollicitudin. Phasellus vitae iaculis orci. Phasellus luctus faucibus tortor vitae porta. Proin semper tristique erat. Suspendisse ac fringilla elit, iaculis condimentum leo. Aliquam sit amet massa non dui congue laoreet eget et libero. Integer viverra nisi a justo tempor sollicitudin. Etiam volutpat aliquet malesuada. Ut erat neque, adipiscing sed dictum ut, commodo vel lacus.</p>"; echo '<h1>Strpos test</h1>'; echo ' <form> <input type="text" placeholder="Search" name="textbox" /> <input type="submit" name="searchButton" value="search" /> </form> '; if(isset($_POST['searchButton'])){ $textbox = $_POST['textbox']; }else{ echo 'type word to search '; } echo '<br />Your result is number '; echo strrpos($string, "word"); But i get the error that i have a Undefined variable: textbox in line 29 How can i make it so that what ever i enter in the textbox form will be the word that is searches for heres a link if you don't know what strrpos is. http://www.w3schools.com/php/func_string_strrpos.asp
  5. I'm trying to connect to Sybase IQ and just display two columns of a table. When I try to view the html page it shows some of the php code (attached). The code is below. I'm still a noob, especially to the sybase iq part . I have also verified that the dll exists in the php/ext directory and that it is uncommented in the php.ini . I have stopped and started Apache as well after I uncommented the dll from php.ini. <html> <body> <?php $con = sybase_connect("X","X","X"); if (!$con) { die('Could not connect: ' . sybase_set_message_handler()); } sybase_select_db("X", $con); $query = sybase_query("SELECT provider_full_name, provider_id FROM crr.provider_dim"); echo '<center>'; echo '<table border="1" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="10">'; echo "\n<tr><td bgcolor='#CCCCCC'>Full Name</td><td>Provider_ID</td></tr>\n"; while($row = sybase_fetch_array($query)) { echo "\n<tr><td bgcolor='#CCCCCC'>".$row['provider_full_name']."</td><td>".$row['provider_id']."</td></tr>\n"; echo "<br />"; } sybase_close($con); ?> </body> </html>
  6. Hello, I´m trying to insert data from a form into a mysql table using mysqli and php. I use the code below to connect to the database: $host = "myhost"; $db = "a5066994_tutors"; $user = "a5066994_tutors"; $pass = "mypassword"; $connection = mysqli_connect("$host", "$user", "$pass", "$db"); if ($connection->errno) { printf("Connect failed: %s\n", $connection->error); exit(); and the code below to insert: $stmt = $connection->prepare("INSERT INTO tutorials (Author, Website, Title, Body1, Body2, Body3, Body4, Subtitle1, Subtitle2, Subtitle3, Subtitle4, Category, WTitle, Userid) VALUES ('$author','$website', '$title', '$text1', '$text2', '$text3', '$text4', '$s1', '$s2', '$s3', '$s4', '$cat', '$wtitle', '$userid') "); And it results in this error: Call to a member function execute() on a non-object I have also tried doing a var dump of the connection, which results in: object(mysqli)#1 (0) { } and a var dump of the statement, which results in: bool(false) Any help would be great, thank you!
  7. Hello All, I haven't been here in a while. It has been a busy semester. Haven't gotten a lot of time to practice coding in a while, but this question did cross my mind this morning for a project I am working on. Is there a way to connect to a database that is not the host. For example, say I was to create a blog with PHP and I gave that system to multiple users, but I wanted to collect all of the posts from all of the blogs in my database. So each blog has it's own database and different hosts, but I have my own that collects all of the posts and content. Any ideas?? Thanks!
  8. Here is my code, I am trying to create a function that connects to my local SQL DB using PDO instead of mysqli It looks like I can connect, the issue is that...I can't get my error message to show. "Could not connect to the database" will not come up, when I know that my user name and password are incorrect. I try changing the root name to test to get the error but it doesn't show up ....I can't see my mistake <?php //load test ...un comment exit test db con //exit ('test db con'); } class DB { protected static $con; private function _construct() { try{ self::$con = new PDO( 'mysql: host= localhost; dbname=testdb', 'root', 'password'); self::$con->setAttribute( PDO::ATTR_ERRMODE, PDO::ERRMODE_EXCEPTION); self::$con->setAttribute( PDO::ATTR_PERSISTENT, false ); } catch (PDOException $e) { echo "Could not connect to database."; exit; } } public static function getConnection(){ //If this instance was not beem started, start it. if(!self::$con){ new DB(); } //Returns Writeable db connection return self::$con; } } ?>
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