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Found 1 result

  1. It would really help to have an outside view to what I am trying to do. I have 1 users table. 1 posts table and 1 favorites table. Basically what I am trying to do is give a user an option to add other users' posts to their favorites folder. Say these are the options for each table in mysql. users:: - id - username posts:: - post_id - user_id - title - post favorites:: - favorite_id - user_id - post_id Now I know I can use joins to join these tables together. I have tried them for other things and they work. It's just that with this particular case, I am having some issues getting the query right. This is my query. Please point out what's wrong with it and how to do it correctly. $stmt = $dbh->prepare("SELECT users.*, posts.*, favorites.* FROM posts LEFT JOIN users ON records.user_id = users.id LEFT JOIN favorites ON posts.user_id = favorites.id WHERE posts.user_id = {$userid} ORDER BY posted DESC LIMIT 4"); ps. $userid is definied outside of this query, so don't worry about it.
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